Since The first prosecutions of veterans hit the headlines several veteran support pages have sprung up to show solidarity. However, like flys to shit such causes bring out walts and bloaters who see such like minded pages as an excuse to establish themselves as being genuine to others and drawing in genuine veterans. The Rolling Thunder Page is no exception.

Say hi to Dave Tanner. Claims to be

2 Para and Pathfinder platoon.

They also always claim to be from the school of hard knocks!

We have been watching Dave for quite some time and a few of our mole profiles had infiltrated his friends list as Dave was very keen to make his mark in Bloating history.

Firstly we wanted to make sure Dave was not suffering any mental health issues.

We wanted to test how he reacted to simple questions and he was very cleaver but simple in evading directly answering, but would spout a few names out and redirect the conversation.

Others began to ask questions and Dave soon found himself trying to dig himself out of the hole he had placed himself in.

Now here is the problem 360 platoon would have been around late 1960’s. As one respected member of the Parachute regiment rightly commented “I was 374, 1971 and I’m 66 now”

He claimed to have known several members and would name drop when questions were asked. One of those he would claim to know had this to say.

I haven’t got a fucking clue who this wanker is dropping my name in”

The evading continued after more people approached him. He sent several documents but was crafty not to send the pages in his red book which gave the Queens regulations reasons for discharge.

Then when passed he sent his discharge notes. He was unfit and did not meet the medical standards.

We at the WMHCHQ already knew he had never attempted P Coy or passed his basic Parachute Course at RAF Brize Norton as had run his name via our contacts.

We also knew he had never served in 2 Para or the Pathfinder platoon to which he had claimed to have served in.

As expected Dave started reverting to having a brain injury which stopped him remembering stuff.

As more people started asking questions Dave would give the same excuse then block them.

We asked some of Dave’s friends and our own moles to get him to contact us and come clean. He refused and just gave the same feeble excuse.

Tanner spent a rather short period in Depot Para but was back squadded to the HQ platoon where he stayed until discharged. He never attempted P company.

Th beret he wears is the one he was issued at the stores at Browning Bks. HQ platoon joes at the time were permitted to wear the issued beret when on duties such as camp guarding.

Sadly some would feel the need to make out they had earned the maroon machine once in civ div.

we will leave you with this ironic post from Dave who wanted to expose someone he claims is a walt. A practice used by walts to distract people from their own walting past that we have observed over the years.

Pity dave Tanner did not have the balls to follow his own advice

Bloating turd!

Meet bloater Paul Harding.

We knew of Paul a few months a go as suspicious were raised after hearing numerous bloating stories.

We did extensive background on Paul and found so much information and Walting stories from over the years.

He served in the Royal signals for a few years but it seems he can’t remember his own lies and tells differing times from 8 years up to 14 years,

also claiming to have achieved the rank of Sgt.

He also claims to have been in 216 Signals (Para) and was a member of Newport PRA until questions were asked and he was booted out.

One of his other bloating stories is how he served in the Falklands conflict as Col H Jones Signaller.

We spoke to one of the. Genuine sigs who were there at the time and confirmed it wasn’t him.

He also claims to have been seriously injured in 1982 in the Droppin Well disco in NI.

He says he escaped by crawling over dead bodies to get out in one newspaper.

He was involved in the Invictus games representing the U.K. in Canada. Not the first time we have exposed a Bloater getting a place at the games.

The latest picture is of him on Remembrance Day now wearing a 264 Beret and a self awarded MM and MID for NI. We contacted 264 and again he’s not known.

Not Para trained as no records on the database held at Brize.

Never served in 216

Never in 14 Int

Never 23 SAS

Never 264

Not awarded the MM as no mention on the last London Gazette

Not awarded a MID same as above

Operational tours are questionable as he starts to have memory loss when questioned.

Verdict: Bloater

A few weeks ago we highlighted the growing number of Facebook pages and websites selling poppy jewellery in the run up to Remembrance Sunday.

Many people posted massages to these groups asking how much goes to armed forces charities.

Most would never be answered or the individuals asking questions would find their questions deleted and they would be banned, despite the bold advertising claiming each sale generates money for such charities as the Royal British Legion.

For the record the RBL have never heard off or received a penny from such companies selling these items!

So a few weeks after we generated the wrong interest towards the Never Forget FB page and their website In Flounders Fields asking the simple question

What % goes to the Royal British Legion?

A strange thing happened.

The Website now gone and FB page now inactive.

However this new advert came up on FB tonight.


So now the Never Forget FB page is running another ad with the same pin which the previous pages claimed was unique.

Now a very slightly different website address.but selling the same tat.

The same scam also have Heroes in Flanders Fields, running the same scam but have halved the price tag as more people have become aware of them.

Again when asked how much goes to charity………silence

Like the fake armed forces magazine sellers of awareness News and Nation News their profits are rapidly declining the more we expose them to the wider audience so look at other ways to sell their tat. However, we are watching😉

Every now and again we get the odd duty strange bloke / attention seeker sending us a cryptic PM on how we are terrible people and how he’s going to get us.

Once we have searched the BATCO wallet for the relevant serials we set out why we do what we do.

Once they run out of excuses they claim bully and we are bullying them, c u in court bla bla bla.

This normally occurs before, during or directly after we have exposed a Bloater, Walter Mitty or charity scammer.

This one is particularly funny so thought we would share.

Can I say.

Normally I’d start a letter with a dear, but you are a bunch of cunts

Before you start demoralising me I’ve NO HIDDENTRUTHS but you lot have. So here goes.

Destroy a man or destroy your group? You like honesty I believe fair enough.

1 man to go off sick for pretending to be someone he wished he could be, or some one you lied to your wife you was.

Well Walter Mitty let me say this😁 now it’s time for you fat cunts to shine. Let’s trek 53k followers let’s see. I challenge the admin to a 56hr course point A to point B. Before you destroy a man, find your own weakness.

You trolls destroy a lot of lads!!! Well watch this space you keyboard warrior. You don’t scare me, Infact your a prime example on how social media shouldn’t work. It’s tine you were taught a lesson you counts”

We tried to understand why he needed to have such an outburst

And there you have it. Brent Huntington

And then the inevitable

Pull in to a roadside cafe, open a yorkie bar and read up on yet another bluffing Para wannabe in the form of long distance lorry driver Brent Huntington.

Huntington was flagged up to us over six months ago when a few people suspected he was telling a few pork pies over his airborne claims.

After our normal due diligence checks confirmed he had never passed P company or basic Para at Brize we let things settle so we could monitor his bloating behaviour.

See the following screenshots which we lifted months in advance of Brent making them disappear yesterday.

We then decided it was time to approach Brent and get his take on his bloating antics.

See the following screenshots of our conversation.

Obviously Brent deleted all the evidence of his bloating not realising how we operate and we allowed him the chance to come clean of his own free will, but like loads we have outed before him he thought he could play the hacked old chestnut.

Once he thought he was in the clear he ignored us.

He had served in the RLC but was obviously not proud of his unit as no Pictures from his RLC days were visible on his albums, only Parachute Regiment posts with claims of working hard to earn his eBay purchased maroon machine.

What a bloating spunk soaked bluffer.

All hands to the poop deck as we introduce our latest walt to grace our pages in the form of double Parachute wings self awardee Gary Cooper.

One of several tip offs

SBS Sf wings on both arms, high top combat boots with blues, no rank, RM pin badges on both shoulders above RM badges, no medals at his age? The list goes on. If he is legit walt he needs outing as this highly disrespectful. Especially the post where he makes reference to a dead sbs rank.

So we looked a bit deeper

Gary likes to give it big licks about his time in the Royal Marines and SBS.

NI training ??????

He even posts the typical not forgotten brother. Using the usual Walt MO of suggestion.

Names were checked and Terry Evens could not be found. Once confronted his excuses was thus..

Obviously Gary knew he had been found wanting but then still attempts to bluff his way out of the situation he put himself in.

Before the normal sanitation of his profile a few incriminating pictures were lifted

again claiming it was him back in the day…. however

Later he would claim one of Tony Cumpers Howling excuses…. it was fancy dress.

He then tried to blame his wife. She wanted it guv, but if you never passed out or jumped from a C130……ever! Why would you wear SBS wings?

He then claims he got the green kit and a green beret for a fancy dress party, but then claims he earned his beret but never passed out…

What a screaming Heraldo. Go ashore and drop anchor in poo harbour.

Oh dear not another RAF Walt to add to our growing list and from Darby as well. Meet Tim Old AKA Thomas Latimer old

His name badge says his name is Tom Old, and he is apparently from Derby. But he’s not. He’s from …..

He claims to be an RAF Policeman, apparently a Gp Capt undercover, with a VC he won from action in Afghan.

Not only does he wear an RAF Airman’s Number 1 uniform bought of eBay,

he has the brass neck to stand wearing it for photos infant of a war memorial

. He has a stab vest and patrols the town with cuff and a Russian made baton (See video clips )!! The video has him bugging out once he realises he’s been caught.

His uniform is wrong, his ribbons are wrong, his equipment is wrong and his back story is very wrong,

A total bullshitter. He was checked and he is not serving, nor has he ever been,

he’s not a reservist and he certainly not undercover.

he prays on vulnerable ladies to live off their income.

Check out the socks!!! You can see on his jacket over the back of the chair he has Gp Capt rank slides n it. Must be standard issue.

Total Walt

He likes being a traffic warden as well

Oh dear