Here we go again. Meet James Parkin.

First the Tip off

hi, so I have been trying my best to do some research so I have some evidence to expose a bloke I know is lieing about being in the army and serving in Afghanistan, he’s even went as far to tell me storys over messanger on how his mate died in his arms after them being pined down by insurgents and his friend being shot in the neck, the bloke doest know I am on to him as I need evidence first,

my partner actually found this group and I was wounding if u guys can help? it makes me sick hearing this it’s like a spit on the grave to all are real falling soldiers, please help me expose and name and shame this vile human,

Never served plus The durham artillery disbanded in the 50’s oops!

and once the truth was posted on his page for all his friends to see. He went dark.

In over words. He did a runner!

Club members on several occasions we have come across bloaters who get their friends to claim he or she is are still serving in some capacity in the Armed Forces and that we should not expose them for this reason.

Today after our latest Bloater

Read all about it

Here is an exact of posts from someone trying to defend our latest Bloater where the profile claims he is still serving as a Drill Instructor at RAF Cranwell.

Please note we will not name the individual who tried to defend him as he as with others effected are just as much a victim of Liam John Houghton web of lies.

We then posted a CC1 to see if our Bloater was still a serving DI at Cranwell. Within one hour it was confirmed by several serving Cranwell members. Not there. He’s not a DI at Cranwell

Turns out he had been lied to by Houghton who allowed his “mate” to make a fool of himself on social media.

Walts and bloaters do not care who they embarrass or throw under a buss to protect their lies and will even use and abuse the police and harassment laws if possible.

250ft nose up, flaps down and prepare for a crash landing at RAF Waltington by the station spunkpuffin Liam John Houghton.

Several people from the RAF side of life contacted TWMHCHQ after several pictures surfaced of a chap who they knew that left the RAF as an SAC in 2017 due to a back injury sustained in 2014.

The Tip off

His name is Liam Houghton ex RAF Supplier, he was medically discharged from the RAF in 2017 as an SAC. Now either he was moonlighting as a super special under the radar secret hero pilot or he’s walting to his wife and family.

We were passed photos from his wedding which show him in No1 uniform now promoted to Sgt with para wings, a DI pace stick and sash, his medals take some believing! A DFC (but no pilot wings??!) and Air Force cross and what we can make out in the pic looks like an OSM Afghanistan with oak leaf! This could all be a mistake and I hope for his sake it is, but I suspect he’s a Walt!

Even the wedding cake Walted it!

The images in question were taken in 2018 during his wedding and Liam can be clearly seen wearing reported medals, Para wings and SNCO rank which was replicated in the form of icing figures on a wedding cake, so that rules out fancy dress party or borrowed me mates uniform. Com book of excuses.

He was at RAF Waddington from 2014 to 2017 as an SAC Supplier where he was medically discharged. His records show he never made it past SAC.


His records show no medals issued or awarded

DFC no London Gazette entry and more importantly no pilot wings which sort of gives his medal walting away.

DFC citation

DFC – Can only be awarded to aircrew, mainly pilots for acts of valour whilst flying in active operations against the enemy.

Reasons he couldn’t be awarded it – Only officers are pilots in the RAF, he’s a ‘Sgt’.

He definitely isn’t aircrew, they have a gold albatross above their rank and are Sgt and above.

AFC is the same as the above but for not on active operations against the enemy.

It would be an outrageous claim for him to have both of these medals.

Both would be gazetted and I would have thought he’d be the RAF poster boy!

The fact he’s never deployed rules out the DFC anyway plus he’s not listed.

No OSM’s listed

Nothing is listed.


unless he was strapped to an MSP for Heavy lift platform Parachute trails then the wings are most definitely out of the question, considering he was discharged in 2017 with a bad Back and the weight restrictions for student military Parachutists .

However to be 100% we asked those who hold the records. He’s not listed!

So who did he embellish his career for his wedding snaps.

Only liam could tell us but once he knew we were keen to talk he took all his walting pictures down and nose dived into the Facebook clouds.

He then used the SOP’s from the Walts get out of the mess I created for myself handbook by claiming our low level investigation had put his family at risk and that he was calling the police and reporting us for Harassment………that old chest nut.

TWMHCHQ have been going since 2010 and we have never that line trotted out before.

Total Bloater

Yet another security walt who graces our path in the form of Ry Vickers. (Facebook name)

Vickers will tell you about his many roles within the Armed Forces including stints with 9 Para RE, 216 Para Sigs. 14 intelligence, SRR and finally, yes you guessed it 22 SAS.

SAC Ryan Vickers was at RAF Coningsby. IHe was a Gen Tech However Vickers had never been involved with any of the units he had claimed as confirmed by several contacts within those units who he was silly enough to walt it up to….until they tackled him on the finer details.

Vickers had managed to get himself established within the private security sector using several bloated CV’s to which he would change his units each time along with his Bloated security tasks and roles.

However when one makes claim to being ex 22 SAS on a Hostile environment task there is always going to be a few well established ex 22 to talk and chew the fat with.

Several members all had the same to say.

Not surprisingly once he knew we were on to him his claims and ally pictures started disappearing along with his keenness to talk about his extensive and varied specialist military career.

EI = Edinburgh International

Vickers had also managed to bluff his way in on as a representative / trustee of respected forces charity.

(in order to protect the good name of that charity we will not name them. ) but they know now!

Vickers had once worked as a “journey man” for an estate in Oxfordshire owned by a member of the Saudi Royal Family.

His role was very minor and he simply walked the grounds and sat in a shed near the main gate.

The main security or RST and CPOs are made up of ex 22, Para and RM.

It’s believed he gained many a gen dit when mixing with them over a brew and used them for his own shit dits in later life.

When there he had never mentioned once any of the units he had since been witnessed claiming to be with to bag jobs and credibility ….how strange!

Further checks established

No records of the following:-

No pre Para course


No specials communicators Course

No Camp one or Two attendance

No UKSF selection

In fact the only selection he’s been involved with was called bournville selection and even that is debatable!

We approached Vickers for comment but he was not keen!

Yet again scam Magazine Awareness News plunges to new depths by now getting their sellers to use crutches to give the impression of being wounded veterans on hard times.

Both sellers who are yet to be identified claim to be ex members of the Armed Forces. Yet very shy about their service details other than claiming to have a red book.

Both were spotted at separate times and locations on crutches while selling, yet make a surprising recovery once spotted days apart

Note both don’t look to be using the sticks for what they are interested for. Holding his Costa in one hand and clearly holding onto the scam magazines in the other.

Magazine scammers sported in Doncaster city

In other news

Known Forces charity scammer Micheal Figg – Companies House. Awareness News has now been struck from the Companies Register by CH so no accounts to cover Figgs collecting from April 2017 to date.

This period covers when he said he was collecting for the children’s charity “Our Children’s Welfare” (the Mirror article with Kirtley) which is 312 days overdue with providing financial information on the Charity Commission website.

Also, the first three issues of Awareness News magazine (presuming everything run through Sandbach’s company from issue 4 when he said he was now the owner).

Here is FIGG and Wayne Kirtley working together. Both have appeared in the Daily Mirror for scamming the public under several forces related scams where one opens the business

And then there is Sandbach

Sandbach who claims to now own Awareness News after taking it over from his old TVT Funding LTD partner Micheal Figg.

More to come

From another veteran who was threatened for simply asking questions

Hi wanted to let you know just confronted Awareness News or Wayne kirtley and one other scamming people in Hereford town centre I was met with threats of violence when I wanted answers about them Wayne (scum) decided he would follow me home police called but he ran off, council informed police aware stop these scum I’m ill with cancer and chemotherapy but could not just walk past sent you a few pics hope this speeds the word

Awareness News selling scam magazines in Stratford upon Avon yesterday. Got very grumpy when Member of the public enquired as to who they were. Total bluffers who manipulates lax laws in street peddling. These people do not represent veterans.

Meet Luke Blake pretending to be ex marine. Going Door to Door asking for charity handouts. He is from Middesbrough TS3 area.

He left school in 2014. A known drug addict who sells domestic stuff to houses.

He has never been in the military and has been to jail a fair few times for minor robberies etc

Not a Royal Marine

Not a member of the Armed Forces.

Total Walt

Lukey Blake up to his old tricks again in Newcastle.

Meet Army Pilot and holder of the converted Five Mile of Death trophy Paddy Patrick Mcneesh or in his case Cheese pilot.

Paddy has a love of all things RAF Regiment which he lovingly presents on his several Facebook accounts. As you can see he’s been in a few units and flew several “Air…….Craft”

Mercians, QLR, Gren Gds, Paras Scots, RAF Regt, and even NHS staff…

After checking the “five mile of death” data base and sending his details around the bazaars it became apparent Paddy was a full on walt. Who would also get his Units and ranks mixed up.

Members of the RAF Regiment can now sleep easy at night as for the first time in recorded history a WALT is now amongst you!

Apache pilots can also jump for joy

Colour Sgt as well

We approached Paddy for comment but he was busy flying his apache.


No five mile of death records.

No service history

This classic picture was taken during Op bread bin as you can clearly see in the background. His mother will be proud for paddy used his loaf that day and saved his chums from being toast.

Gangster bruv in it