As the nursery rhyme goes” Old MacDonald has some medals” ….just not his.

Say hello and a Big Mac and cheese to our latest offering of cumpfuckery Nick MacDonald.

Nick came to our attention after several members were concerned about the claims being made by MacDonald, not only on social media, but press reports and during public speaking and always with an impressive rack of medals including the MM with WO2 rank.

Questions were put to MacDonald about his service in the Parachute Regiment and Royal Military Police and on one veterans forces Facebook page those asking the questions were banned. Meanwhile MacDonald said nothing and carried on enjoying the likeminded pages knowing genuine veterans had been banned.

So we had a look as having searched the London gazette we could not find him….strange as all MM recipients would have been annotated on.

More began to bubble to the surface as google search history uncovered several interviews MacDonald had made.

Hit the link

Falklands tale

” Among those fighting on the frontline was Nick MacDonald, a Royal Military Policeman and member of the Parachute Regiment who now lives in Farnham Royal. Engaging in the battles of Goose Green and Wireless Ridge, Nick had been in the army for six years and was one of the older soldiers at 28.

“It happened a long time ago and it feels like somebody else’s life,” said Nick, now 57.

I can’t talk about things I saw because people don’t understand, and when I’m with the guys who do understand we don’t have to. I’ve seen some pretty nasty things and sometimes they wake me up at night.”

More than 900 people died during the war. By his own admission, Nick was one of the ‘lucky ones’ who survived despite once watching a mortar land within metres and ‘fizz’ without exploding.”

Nick does not want to talk about it for a very good reason…..He was never there in the first place.

More links with direct claims by MacDonald


Link 2

Photos then surfaced of MacDonald taking remembrance parades representing the Burnham Royal British Legion. Do you do any due diligence guys?

After our checks and CC1’s MacDonald became aware we were checking his story out.

This hum dinger of an excuse then made its way to HQ.

Have some tissues standing by!

Admin: Burnham RBL Fb page applied to join this page a few minutes ago, asking for urgent contact. We responded and were asked to phone the president of the branch, B………. (retired RAF), on his mobile, in relation to Nick MacDonald. I’ve no reason to doubt that B is who he says he is, and he invited me to phone the branch to confirm his bona fides.

Long story short, Nick has been in hospital for over 2wks with pneumonia (he is apparently monitoring this thread, hence B contacting us) and has, in the past day or so, been bombarded with allegations of being a Walt. B tells me that the pics that Nick has shown him (with the medals) bear no resemblance to how Nick presents himself at the Branch. He only wears a Veteran’s badge and a scarlet beret on Remembrance Sunday.

Nick was at Depot briefly in ’74 before suffering a serious leg injury and being discharged. He’s never put himself forward as a retired WO2 in the RMP.

He is a valuable member of the RBL and does a lot for community relationships. And here’s the rub. About six weeks ago the branch was approached by (believed to be) members of an extreme right-wing organisation. They asked for Nick’s address (this was refused). It seems that Nick has put his head above the parapet on occasion to counter anti-Islamic rhetoric.

So, it is being put forward that Nick is the victim of a smear campaign.

Now that is by far the best excuse we have heard to date, but hang on. Did these so called Right wing groups only start this smear campaign Six weeks ago. The first link was dated April 2012.

Plus if what the admin of the Burnham RBL claim is true in his defence about never witnessing MacDonald wearing medals, then what is this picture all about then.

The very same B from the RBL ostanding next to MacDonald

The facts are MacDonald is a full blown Walt having never passed basic training and putting himself across as a former Falklands vet and winner of the MM and MID on his GSM.

He had received none of them and had attended P Company or Basic Para.

He was not known by 2 Para or showed up on SAMA82

He was not known by former and serving members of the RMP. MacDonald claimed despite wearing WO2 to some to have have reached WO1 rank yet was not known for either.

He was however a joe bag who went on the Biff and got out soon after.



Welcome to strange world of serial dating fantasists Grant McNee. AKA Steve McIntosh

McNees first appearance for Bloating was in the Daily Record which he managed to get taken down when he complained to the press complaints commission.

The Daily Record took the article down due to a procedural error, but stood by the content of the article.

Read here for more

FIVE terrorised women from different sides of the world have revealed how they fell victim to a Scots internet sex cheat.

And they spoke of their fears that twisted charmer Grant McNee has used the web to prey on dozens more women worldwide.

Flabby, red-faced McNee is an unlikely Casanova. He’s unemployed and lives with his elderly mum in Larbert, Stirlingshire.

But he has used a dating website,, to snare lovers in South Africa, Canada and back home in Scotland.

McNee’s victims tell chillingly similar stories of how he quickly turns from a loving boyfriend into a snarling, money-grabbing, drunken control freak.

He told two lovers he was an expert in disposing of bodies, and bragged to another that he had been trained to kill in the SAS.

Further investigations revealed McNee likes to make bold claims of being 264 Signals (SAS) yet claims he’s never said such things .

However on his Steve McIntosh profile.

Using the Bloaters tried and tested nudge Nudge, wink wink no comment routine when posting a picture of a chap with some black & nasty on his face McNee clearly is still Bloating.

From someone who knows him.

I knew this bloke went round his flat, he tried to convince me he was SAS Sigs.

Even claimed to have been at the incedent where the SAS killed 8 man IRA ASU at the RUC station they hit with the bomb in the tractor and that he shot 2 of the ters.

He used to show me a picture of his girlfriend’s dad saying he’s was SAS.

He’d done hill phase HALO jumps the lot.

I was trying to help him with his alcoholism, had to call the ambulance and police twice on him.

I knew of the Grant McNee stuff as I told Andy McIntosh who wasn’t happy.

He tried telling me to choose between him or my fiancé.

The guy was a nightmare.

Obviously if McNee was the real deal then our contacts would be able to verify his SF credentials.

Nope. Not known

No record of UKSF Sigs selection attendance.

No military Parachute Record.

He was Royal Signals, just likes to roll the Turd in glitter a tad. You can’t polish it after all.


Say Hi to Gary Drayton. Likes knocking on old ladies doors saying he’s a homeless ex servicemen and asks for money. He just got caught and was filmed…

Another lady reported him claiming to be an ex Para hard on his luck and if he could spare some money.

He actively targets old ladies which indicates he’s watching his targets.

Watch him here

Turns out he’s a scabby little walting fibber.

If you see him in your area report him.

Here at TWMHCHQ we see plenty of dating scammers using stolen images of military personnel in order to fleece money from lonely lady’s hoping to get their new found love some much needed leave, but they have to pay for it first.

The scammers take time building up profiles and then patrol internetshire looking for the vulnerable. However, in this latest instalment the tabes were tuned.

please read

The wheels came flying off and Benson few off once it was pointed out he was being played like a fiddle .

Keep them peeled 😉

Another day and yet another bluffing walt darkens the doors of the WMHCHQ. Say hi to Mark Robson

Ex 2 Para and a member of the Pathfinders or by the looks of him The Piefinders platoon.

We were alerted to Robson some time ago and decided to keep tabs on him for a few months before unlocking the confession box

The very large Para Reg tattoo on his back and large selection of brand spanking new Para Reg and PF T-shirts may have had the untrained eye convinced. However, most definitely missing were those photographic memories of his days in the Reg or any hint of mutual friends with all those who served in 2 Para and PF invited to check him out after our CC1 a few months ago.

Robson knew back then that something was up and sanitised his Para Reg obsession, but like all walts the lure for belonging, like the catchy new phrase in the new army adds was to hard to resist and he was soon back to his old tricks and we were waiting.

After our CC1 came back nill return we consulted our contacts and surprise surprise no Para history what so ever. Yep and you guessed yet another Walter Mitty who claims to have PTSD

We then attempted to make contact but Robson was not keen to talk and once our come on down was posted last night ……

His page vanished. What a shock!

Yet another total wankspangle creating a reputation within his community of being a member of the Parachute regiment and pathfinder platoon when in reality he was neither.

In fact no service could be found.


Down the Walter Mitty hole for you Robson.

Update and a sort of apology

The WMHCHQ have helped expose quite a few dating walt romeos and one of the regular offenders are the dating scams where a serviceman serving over seas makes an online pass to a lady looking for love on POF plenty of fish.

The message exchange starts of with bags of enthusiasm from the lonely soldier and his undying love follows within a few days of chatting.

After a week he wants to be with his new found Love,……….she needs to pay for his leave pass and for some reason his commander is based in Nigeria.


Dating scam

Yep it’s a scam ladies, the photos sent are stolen and your 6ft 3 hunk called Colin is really Solomon Abaeze from Nigeria living in a small Back room having the same conversation with women a over the world.

Here we expose yet another of these dating scams using stolen photos of armed forces personnel. However the TWMHC were playing them at their own game.

This scammer also made the mistake of using a picture we posted up a few years back of a Walts ID card (note the finger nails) plus all the basic mistakes of using a US serviceman on a British army ID card.

The tip off

I met john on pof end noveber last year said he was in iraq bomb disposal.

After a few weeks he was wanting an itune card saying his friend eric corrupted his ipd ,he emailed me m pictures to prove who he was.

He then said his commander needed £900 for a leave pass before he could get a plane home, then commander frank started to text asking what was going on between John and myself,

sending pictures of him on his texted. When question he said no time for civilians roger out.

Then john asked for another £1200 because he couldn’t fly home as he needed liberty passas and the powers that be said had to pay for passes to get leave as in a war zone. He sent halifax bank details to pay money into and i said i only had £800 and couldnt get rest of money as hadnt gone into my bank.

He then said he raised money from his friends out of their food allowence then sent me a picture saying love you and with friends saying he was real with date on it his name is sgt john walker smith. name johnwalkersmith04


John gave his background and sob story as follows

Claimed his regiment was 11 EOD Regiment RLC sent fake army mod90 gives details of london barracks. Claimed he had son who died at 6 with leukaemia, son called dalton and had a wifed who died after they were divorced after he found her cheating twice.

His dad a londoner his mum swedish brought up in america both parents dead so no one in his life but got money and wants to open a restaurant wants you to trust him.

We who would not, so we carried on milking John for a few weeks to see how far he would go.

Try not to be sick at the following text messages and please remember John was being played throughout 😉

honking finger nails of Duane Chapman <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

+447441392493 says is his commanders number commander just in case you missed it.

Commander Frank, if you believe his word had convinced our girl.


< img src=”; class=”wp-image-5419 size-full” height=”1280″ width=”720″><<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
er waste the scammers time.

ing our girl hoping she break and the bank account grow

er further moist by making out our girl had won the lottery.

here was only so much honey pie and sweet nothings we could take.

< img src=”; class=”size-full wp-image-5506″ height=”1280″ width=”720″><<<<<<<<<<<
py and reluctant to communicate via a simple email

they were getting more persistent even getting his mate from Barnstable apparently, to message our girl.

these internet dating scammers are rife. They take a considerable amount of time to set up fake profiles stealing images to sucker in the unsuspecting.

if anyone you meet on line who's claiming to be a member of the armed forces serving on operations and asks you to send money to get them home it's a scam!

Stay safe!

Say hi to Jacob Kennedy

claiming to be in the Royal Marines, and like all the planks we have outed they have the photos and eBay bling to prove it.

However, some take it a little to far and take the image from a member of the armed forces and photoshop their Grid on in order to convince they are the real deal.

Who remembers when we exposed

Dave Harper

We this chodling took it a notch up and stole the image of a Royal Marine KIA Just so he could walt it up to his friends

This is about as disrespectful as you can get, not just stealing valour, but stealing the image and badly photoshopping your face on to a Royal Marine who died for country