Well after all that, he finally confessed to having never been awarded any medals……well sort of a confession. Will let you decide😉

Catch up if you don’t know about Starks 



Say hi to Ian Starks the latest in a never ending void of tragic walts and bloaters to grace our page. 

On a recent advert for a Veterans Charity the cover photo was of Sgt Ian Starks ex RAF Medic, wearing a RAFMS jacket. 

An eagle eyed WO currently serving noticed this advert and posted it on the RAF Medics group. Simply asking if anyone knew who this ‘War Hero’ was. The write up on the Veterans charity claimed he’d been captured and tortured. 
After we were all certain that this chimp had never been captured and tortured as there was no such record of this ever happening. (Think John Nickol’s the tornado pilot) We called him out on it. His response ..Oh it was a mistake from the charity. 

Yes he did enlist into the RAF in 1986 and was discharged in 1994. Yet claims to have served in Kosovo ummm Kosovo was in 1999 Ian.

(Note he changed the medal on the end) 

Next we turned to the rank issue, having joined in 1986 and discharged in 1994 as an SAC how the he’ll was he claiming to be a Sgt. Wait for it….That was a mistake by Facebook. Although he claimed to have been a Sgt in the Knights Templar. (Is that something from the game of thrones?).

We then asked Starks to explain the situation he finds himself in.

And here it is. 

We tried to speak to Andrew Maule who could back him up, but he became surprisingly quiet once members asked him questions about his service history (more to follow😉)

Soon after Ian blocked us and started upping his FB security settings (original) but even more original he sent his partner to defend his corner and make his position much worse.

We then spoke to someone who was able to add meat to the bone 

It gets worse 

He thanked Gary from Corrie for highlighting PTSD and asked Trump to visit him.

Then we have this little Gem

The NBU lists its Birmingham Divisional Officer as former RAF Gulf and Kosovo war veteran Ian Starks, who was the unsuccessful BNP candidate for Sheldon Heath in last year’s local elections.

Once exposed by the paper Ian attempted to suggest he never knew and had been fooled into joining ( that old chest nut)

 “Ian Starks said he had contacted the group for more details and wasn’t even aware that he had been listed as its Birmingham Divisional Officer.

Mr Starks, a former RAF Kosovo and Gulf War veteran, said: “I never asked to join the NBU and I am not a racist.”

He likes to blames others doesn’t he! 

Ian Balla 

No record of the following:-

No NI GSM being awarded

No Op Gramby being awarded

No Kosovo deployment as he was not serving. 

No record of being captured.

Never made SGT but admin discharged as an SAC.

Never a combat Medic, he was however a medical assistant at a basic level. 

Utter bloater 

You just can’t make it up. His fragrant wife sharing one of our outings who was using the same claims as her partner 

Eye captain and say Ho ho to Graeme (harry) Monk. The latest in our endless list of walts and bloaters who think they can pull the wool, but then take it a step to far. 

A walt too far to be exact.

Monk has popped up on our radar a fair few times, at the time it was felt he should be left alone due to the amount of suicide threats he would make on social media. 
One such threat after he found out we were asking questions. Monk posted a video on his old Facebook account sobbing and saying good bye to everyone, then disappeared. 

Naturally people were worried and went looking for him as he was quite convincing, even to us. The police were called and he was eventually found. He just went for a walk near Blue Water shopping centre.  

We pulled away but always kept one eye on him…. get it! 

We later found out his suicide threats and theatrics are part of how well rehearsed defence against being exposed or if not getting what he wanted. 

In short Monk would tell people how he lost his leg, the use of his arm and eye to an IED in Afghan while serving as a Captin in Royal Marines, he would use this to gain advantage both in financial and welfare support from several charities, eventually these charities would see through his bullshit.

 Once they told him to do one he would trot out the waltericide line.

On his twitter account he can be clearly seen using the same tricks in an attempt to gain advantage by deception from celebs.

We would later find out he was targeting vulnerable veterans and even giving talks on his experience 


Prince Harry



So according to the link above in 2009 he lost his eye parts of his left leg which was so bad it needed to be amputated and the use of his left arm to an IED in Afghan , it must be a miracle as in 2011 his leg so he could be shaved for some charity event, oh and his eye and hand got better

Video evidence Turn up the volume 


He wants to be famous well you are now😉

Spunk music 


 The original tip off

Hello! I’m really sorry to disturb you, but I don’t feel like anyone else would be able to handle this guy. I’ve recently seen a “forces tv” video featuring a gentleman called Graeme monk, he’s an utter fantasist and a dangerous liar. He was in the navy, but medically discharged because a hatch fell on his shoulder. Since then he’s been a marine, and been shot in Afghanistan, has one eye and a false leg. He also wears uni from that he is not entitled to wear and he has been removed from the sea cadets twice for impersonation of an RN officer. He’s still wearing the uniform to charity events and out and about ( I’ve attached a picture below) I can’t help but feel enraged he’s taking money from the British legion, as that could be going to vets that genuinely need it. Is there anything that you can do to help? I’m so sorry to have to ask you but I don’t know who else to turn to

He would put a plate on his leg to knock, you can see it in the vid. He got in trouble many times for wearing RN officers uniform without entitlement, he’d just buy it and then wear it and claim he was in the navy. He was reprimanded BADLY for forging a signature in the RNR. I think he was dismissed over it!

God there are so many things. He used to walk with a cane with a sword in it. He’s claimed to be SAS, SBS, PARA, RN, Bootie, you name it, he’s been it. It all started when he was 17 at the sea cadets.

There’s nothing wrong with his eye, he had a bad bout of conjunctivitis and just started wearing it.

He’s got a job with TFL because of the lies. There are GENUINE vets that would kill for that job!!!

He’s getting constant help from the RBL, again money that should be going to genuine vets who need help and support. That’s what sickens me
Obviously as per our Part Ones we carry out a full investigation and gain witness and visual evidence first.

Witnes 1

I met him in 2015, he’d gained somebody’s trust and managed to not only come as a guest to a blesma event, but was taken there in a gazelle helicopter. Within 15 minutes of arriving he’d taken the piss out of a blesma member for having a non combat injury. He was wearing his eye patch, and his arm in a sling claiming it was paralysed. He would also bang on his right thigh, where we now know he had a piece of plastic secured to make a sound like a prosthetic under his trousers. That evening he turned up for the evening gala dinner. On arrival a blesma member (double amputee) complimented him on his appearance, and his dinner suit combined with eye patch made him look like a bond villain. Monk instantly responded with “you could have made an effort with your shoes”

He had told us he was ex captain RM, hit by ied and weapons fire in Afghan. 

So I did get a little suspicious when he lit a smoke a and showed a lighter with “LT RN” scratched onto it and said “my boys gave me this”, he said he was RN before RM, so I brushed it off, as he was here, so must be gen, right?

At various points he made massive scenes of being in pain, even interrupting a members seminar in the morning.

He was well researched, knew his stuff and had everyone fooled. 

He was claiming the MOD had deliberately lost all his docs and denying his service.

Thankfully the military charities have banded together making him known, so he is now blacklisted.

Witnes 2

I first met Graeme in 2010. I am from his home town of dartford. I saw him in a pub with just the sling and walking stick. He had a veterans badge on so I approached him as at the time I was in the Royal Navy and was home on leave for a few days. He told me he was an ex matelot. The story went that he was on a ship ( Cant remember if it was a frigate or destroyer ) and he was going down a stairwell and the hatch dropped into his shoulder. Don’t know if your ex Navy or not but some hatched weigh about 75kg. He said that he had broken his shoulder, caused severe nerve damage and had broken his leg in so many places it would never be fixed correctly. 

We chatted throughout the night and it turned out we had a mutual friend in the Navy. 

When I returned to culdrose in Cornwall where I was based I asked this bloke if he knew him and he said yes and told me he was on the ship when the latch on the hatch wasn’t secured to hold it in the upright position had given way as he was walking down the ladder. 

There were no witnesses to the accident. Just people hearing the hatch drop then him screaming. He was taken off ship and that was the last he heard of him. 

So having got the info from my ex colleague Daz O Connell we as a charity offered Graeme help with medical appointments, as he was complaining that NHS waiting times were awful. We paid a lot of money for pain management. Even got him hypnotherapy for pain management. 

He said he was interested in birds of prey and I know he did own an owl. So I made contact with a guy c allied Alan Ames who ran a bird sanctuary in Sevenoaks called eagle heights seeing if he could offer Graeme some work with the birds. Alan jumped at the chance as he was Ex Bootie. I didn’t tell him Graeme’s story or his service career. I just said he was a veteran and was injured and could do with some therapy and maybe the working with birds would help. 

After a couple of weeks Alan said it’s great having another ex bootie working with me. Shame about the explosion in Afghanistan and him losing his leg. At that point alarm bells started to ring. 

When I caught up with Graeme a week or so later he had the eye patch on. He said he had an eye infection and would need to wear it for a week or so. Many years later it’s still on. He craves the attention that it brought. 

When we started hearing many other stories we backed off from him. I guess as a charity we spent about 5 grand on various treatments for him. None of which he said had worked. 

Unfortunately the charity closed in 2013 as I myself was injured in an accident whilst in the navy and I was medically discharged in 2012. Because of the nature of my injuries and my court case I had against the MOD I didn’t have time to do all the fund raising and day to day running. We never took a penny in expenses or wages. 

Everything we raised we gave to injured vets for their treatment. If I remember correctly we even paid for Graeme to do some kind of computer engineering course as well as we used to pay for retraining. 

I have not heard from him for a while. It was my mum I tagged into the post as she used to help run the charity and would spend hours on the phone to him when he said he was going to kill himself etc. 
I’m glad it had finallly caught up with him. Been a long time coming. 

My mother used to help with the charity and would spend hours on the phone to Graeme because he was threatening to jump into the lakes at dartford or off a motorway bridge onto the M25. We had the police out looking for him so often.

Witnes 2

I met Graeme a few years ago at help for heroes when I was there as I had no were else to go. Graeme appeared to be confident and was always in the main seating area and seemed to know quite a lot of people. I had a brief conversation with him and kept contact from there. 
He explained to me that he was a marine officer and was injured on tour. 
I asked what year and he said something like 2010 I remember as it was a tour or so prior to mine and I did not recall that being a marine commitment. I didn’t think anything more of it. I was at very vulnerable stage in my life and for some reason believed what he was saying. I don’t remember exactly when but things started to not add up with what he was saying and dates, injuries and when he was supposed to have gone into the marines from the navy and then the special boat service. I found I odd that he had been driving a manual car and knowing people with one functioning arm it seemed bizarre how he was able to drive a manual car from dartford to tidworth. 

I remember calling him shipwreck and he didn’t have a clue what that meant. There were a few times when he would appear to be in lots of pain and be taking medication from what appeared to be the same small bottle for months. I knew in my gut that things were not as they seemed! Below is just some of what I discovered. 

How he obtained his injuries – port hatch on his back which has caused him chronic pain illness! It’s written by himself in his Facebook page (about me) 
Graham was in the navy originally and had been a cadet and then injured himself with a hatch. 
Graham has both legs, functioning eyes and arms! I visited him when he was in hospital and guess what no prosthetic limbs! I have seen him with his eye patch off when I was at his parents house! As to his arm, he was previously driving a manual car and shaved at the same time as driving! There are photographs on his Facebook page showing him have his legs shaved for charity funnily enough both of them!! 
Graham also plays the guitar at home in his parents house! 
Graham previously told me that he was an officer in the marines; however, the dates of his injury and following this graham would have been unable to undertake any form of training! Oh and he said he was in the sbs!!!! 
Graham provided service numbers, one of which was no record and the other pertained to a male in the engineers!?! 
Graham would go and do singing and when it came to anyone asking about his injuries he would say “injured in service” he pulled out of X factor/the voice auditions when it came to getting close to producing! 
Graham has never deployed to any operational theatres and his service was short! 
Graham has been removed from locations of other charities due to his bullshit! 
Graham did not have a disabled badge for his car!? He has no pension and doesn’t get disability benefits I knew him for about a year and he still had none of these benefits at all! 
I was furious when I had established facts and that he had been lying to me and everyone! I sent him a long few messages on WhatsApp and received no explanation or anything, next thing I new he had made a suicide video on Facebook which I remember seeing lots of people calling him a liar and he was full of shit!

The suicide thing is 100% true. His antics involved the police services in two counties at one point because People got worried about him, only to find out that he was with some bird, absolutely fine and had pulled the same stunt before. 

Witness 3

I knew him for a few months and I’ve seen him with out his eye patch on he has a perfectly good working eye underneath there. I’ve seen him lift a mini coal steam engine out of his car so I know there is Nothing wrong with his arm that’s in a sling or his back.

Witnes 4

it was common knowledge that he was turning up in RN officers rig, both at cadets and public engagements ( though not representing the SCC) initially as you will have seen from photos he was without the eye patch and dodgy leg. These were later additions. The claim re the hatch falling on his shoulder causing his injury is also common knowledge. The eye patch and leg thing came later.

Witnes 5 

 I remember him from about 2009, when he used to work at HMS Nelson, he was in the RN as an Able Seaman who was downgraded due to health reasons (no idea what) he worked as a sort or runner/driver for the Navy Police and would tell people he would get pains in his stomach from scarring where someone had ND’d and shot him at a military range, he claimed to have been given a huge payout by the MOD for this. He also told stories of a robbery gone wrong whilst he was in London and was shot or stabbed so would call himself “Bulletproof Monk”. TBH he was quite convincing. So anyway I can 100% confirm he served in the RN. He also never had an eye patch or problems with his arm back then.

Witnes 6

Graeme ‘Harry’ Monk

I first met ‘Harry’ a few years ago at a rehabilitation centre; I was on course with him. Initially there didn’t seem to be anything off with him but over the next few days myself and a few others started to notice abnormalities. 

He told me he was an ex Captain in the Royal Marines but when he added me as a friend on Facebook, there was a picture of him wearing a Rifles uniform. There was also a huge lack of military pictures. If this guy was in the military his OPSEC was on point! As he was on the course and staying at the rehab centre I dint think too much about it.
He claimed to have a below knee amputation but was always wearing jeans or trousers so this was never confirmed. 

He had his left arm in a sling as he said it was paralysed in Afghanistan and he wore an eye patch on his left eye stating that he lost his eye in the same incident. He was always very vague when it came to talking about how he was injured.

A few months passed after the course finished and I was met with a post on Facebook of Harry crying, saying that all the military charities had abandoned him and he was threatening suicide. Obviously all of the soldiers who had met him at the rehab centre (a lot of whom have serious psychological injuries themselves) were trying to talk him out of it. One of our mutual friends drove halfway across the country to see Harry and keep him company.
It transpired that the reason the military charities had dropped Harry is because he had NEVER served in any branch of the military. He was taking money that was for wounded, Injured and sick soldiers and using it for himself. Whenever he felt a little down he would then say he was going to commit suicide and put extra pressure on soldiers who already had their own problems.
This guy is the worst kind of Walt, he takes out of the hands of wounded, injured and sick service men and women and doesn’t care who he hurts in the process.

Witnes 7

I encountered the fall out from Graeme “Harry” Monk when I visited Tedworth House. Several of my friends were sat in the library and the atmosphere you could cut with a knife. One of the blokes was visibly upset, he had friended Graeme, and helped him out with his issues extensively. It came out that several times Graeme would call him and threaten suicide, my mate would sit on the phone with him and help him out. This turned out to be a pack of lies, as my mate invested his time, energy and even money into Graeme often neglecting himself in the selfless way service people do. Others in the room were angry and this would be normal for healthy people, but injured and mentally ill servicemen this set them back in their recovery. I was warned off the books by a member of staff not to speak, or allow Graeme to approach me. He was found out by a Doctor who attended to Graeme after he “had a funny turn” whilst at Tedworth House, it was found out that he had both functioning eyes, and a arm, and the supposed prosthetic was a plate hidden in his trousers for added effect. As far as I know this person also attended BLESMA members weekend 2015 and walted it up there. He has also attended a Lifeworks Course at Royal British Legion denying funds, and a space for a serviceman to attend. He is also on the RBL facebook page and several people that have seen his antics see the same pattern repeat. When he is outed he will pretend to go suicidal and often rant, well meaning people then say he has a mental problem and then quietly let it be. Sorry this walt has really affected people like myself who are vulnerable and genuinely in need, also bed blocking and taking up valuable funds that well meaning people have raised.

Also to add, the atmosphere at Tedworth House amongst veterans was to be suspicious about newcomers and existing benefactors. This atmosphere of suspicion and paranoia affects those who were at Tedworth at the time.

Whilst he was at help for heroes he milked the system, and the good nature of real injured veterans, my mate spent hours on the phone with him, giving him money, and he threatened to commit suicide on multiple occaisions

Witnes 8

Presumably it’s this scrote?
This was taken when he managed to blag himself a ride on a helicopter to the blesma members weekend, where he enjoyed a night in a hotel and gala dinner. Telling everyone he was an above knee amputee, and playing the “MOD deny my existence” card. 

Graeme “Harry” monk.

Prize fucking cunt.

After all that there is not much we can add other than he is an utter spunktrumpet, cockwomble of a man who’s been milking sympathy and attention using the guise of a wounded hero in order to sucker people in. 

Mr monk. Pretending to be an officer at a charity dinner. 2012.

We have since learned Monk has been self harming his leg so he can have it amputated. 

Yes he does have mental health issues, but his antics need to be address and not ignored. 

He’s is clever and manipulating. His deception has effected vulnerable REAL veterans and manipulated genuine forces charities for his own personal gain and for these reasons he is being fully exposed. 

Other than a very short spell in the RN he had never served in the Royal Marines or served anywhere on operations. 

What a CUMPER 

Just when You thought The Websters had gone. The gift who can’t help themselves. 

More to follow 

Attested for criminal activity and under investigation by th charity commission. 
Sex pest 

It’s a puppet 

Welcome to Mark Smith of Blue Apple.

Space soon to be filled 

Just about mark smith and blue Apple how can 2 difference company own the same coffee shop ??????????

Here is a strange one. Meet Tim Halliday MBE 

Who popped up on our radar after being challenged by a club hunter over his airborne status and bragging on Facebook. Soon after being questioned he responded by calling the hunter a walt then closed his page down. 
However, he was kind enough to leave a huge waltin footprint in the form of his self awarded MBE can’t find you Tim. 

There there are these.

Not even mounted and most definitely in the wrong order. 
His LinkedIn account makes no mention of service, yet claims to be Parachute Regiment.

Checking the records via our contacts show no Basic Parachute qualification 
The London Gazette shows nada 

No MID either 

How strange!! 

What a CUMPER 

Meet Dave Goldsmith 

Dave came to our attention after he was spotted by a club member when he displayed a banner on his company vehicle dash ‘’Once a Marine always a Marine’’ along with the All Arms Commando Course Qualification vehicle decal above his windscreen.
On querying a college of his it was mentioned that Dave Goldsmith claimed to be a Falklands veteran but had been in the company during the occupation.

Mr Goldsmith loves to talk to customers and our club member was surprised on how open he was when questioned about his service.

On the first day of meeting Mr Goldsmith within minutes he presented our club member with pictures from the Falklands and his service achievements which included the Military Cross. Mr Goldsmith continued to flick through his mobile presenting evidence of his service which included his alleged time in the Special Boat Service.

Most recently another college of Mr Goldsmith and during  questioning of the rumours of his service it came to light that he had apparently served overseas with the U.S. Navy Seals.

After an extensive search via our contacts no one had ever heard of which is strange considering the rank and places he claimed he served.  


He’s latest offence was attending the Alexander Blackman’s protest wearing the Green Beret with Globe and Laurel. 

Once he knew we were on to him his walting pictures came down along with his bio about being. Ex RM officer…how strange! 

A few examples from over 100 responses to our CC1

From that picture and his name my old man said he is full of shit. The cap badge didnt come into service until well after 82. Back then they would have wore the globe and laurel and wear the SC (Swimmer Canoist) badge on right lower arm.



I can’t recall coming across this guy. Senior officer ranks you tend to remember because there’s not many of them. He’s not wearing a bootneck officers cap badge. If he’s claiming to be SBS, they were still wearing the globe and laurel badge back then. You might want to narrow your scope of enquiries to any bubble heads from that time.


 Re Goldsmith, had several responses from SNCOs and SD majors from that era and no one knows him so far. Also, that picture of him in a DPM jacket going paintballing,


Not one person claimed to know him from RN, or SBS. 
No AACC records 

No Parachute course history found 

No SAM82 records found. 

No MC records found


What a CUMPER 

Over to you Club members
Then this