Very simple one just add your favourite walt in the poster. A bit of fun.


We get our fair share of trolls at TWMHCHQ who could forget Alan Wilcox with Tinklesplash angry at the club and its members for being exposed as a Walter Mitty

However every now and again we get the odd lonely type craving some attention hoping to get a rise. In most cases we tend to ignore, but because it’s Xmas and for comedy value we thought we would oblige. After all trolls need attention and as no one reacts to all his had work on his own page we thought we would give him this Xmas gift and guys something funny to read.

We were first contacted by Sheridan 12/122018 when he was posting enquiries as to why we had not exposed someone wearing a combat 95 shirt.

Obviously Sheridan wanted attention and it became obvious he trolls armed forces pages for that very reason

Other club members remembered Sheridan for trolling forces related pages and trolling for reaction anyone who reacted would have pictures of their children posted up with offensive comments made about them. As soon as the effected party retaliated he would shout bully and racist homophobe from the roof tops and claim he’s proved a point. What point that is no one really knows .

At first we thought about just ignoring him as the saying “Don’t feed the troll” should apply. However we thought we would suggest some stress relieving recipes,to waist his time 😉

Sheridan was not happy at our stress busting suggestions

For a little while Sheridan blocked us as quite possibly our suggestions about Flan were a tad wild and outrageous. But like all bad trolls they need to come back for more attention and he did not disappoint!

Not sure Sheridan was happy with our helpful hints at a stress free life.

He blocked us. We thought we were berry nice to him!

Then came back

After trying his best and failing miserably to get a raise he went silent. Quite possibly the 3 Para Mortars June hit close to home.

This was intriguing on how he came to this conclusion after our advice on cakes, flans and Berry tea advice.

sort that blood pressure out.

Say hi to our latest wankspangle to grace these hallowed walting grounds in the form of Brett (mad dog) Walvin.

Brett had a few profiles on Facebook with them all giving it big licks about being a member of the Parachute regiment and Pathfinder platoon. “Back in the Day” stolen stock photos etc, etc etc

As well as being a former head doorman, aren’t they all.

With pictures of Para Reg and claims of fighting PTSD it was plain to see this chap needed some WMHCHQ love.

And it did not take long to investigate him.

First we checked to see if he had a Parachute Course listing. You guessed it. None what so ever.

We checked via members of 3 Para and the Pathfinders and again not known by anyone.

Then we posted up our come one down and within the hour Brett had been in full walt backpedaling mode dewalting his profile pages. Epic CUMPER fail as those who frequently visit our pages know we always gain the evidence first.


Total walt

What a tangled web one leaves.

For the last eight months the Walter Mitty Hunters Club HQ have been relentlessly been turning every stone to uncover the truth behind Nick MacDonald.

Read this first link when we first exposed Ronnie

As readers to this blog know we allow these people a chance to own up to their lies, but in the case of Ronnie sorry Nick MacDonald he was not going to give up his walting claims that easily.

MacDonald attracted local press attention

Press link

Where he attempted to claim TWMHCHQ were a far right group targeting him. Not the first time as azi ahmed claimed we were part of a soviet propaganda organisation when we exposed her lies.

When the reporter interviewed MacDonald he claimed his name was changed when he left the army and presented a document to back up his claim

“Mr MacDonald showed the Advertiser a hard copy of his change of name deed and a record under his previous name can be found on the London Gazette website”

The document gave a name which the press would not divulge as Ronnie knew if he claimed data protection act to the press they would be duty bound to comply.

He also played on the naivety of the reporter as MacDonald falsified the document to give a name that matched a name on the London Gazette for an MM winner in Northern Ireland where MacDonald claimed he was awarded the gallantry medal. ( yet a post from MacDonald claimed he was awarded the MM for his actions during the Falklands war)

Had the reporter done his due diligence he would have worked out the same name should have appeared on the Gazette a second time for his mention in dispatches award for his Stirling work in Northern Ireland.

Obviously the reporter would not have known and since MacDonald played the data protection card he was unable to communicate to the TWMHCHQ the bluff name he gave.

MacDonald also presented a photograph which he copied from a Royal Military Police Facebook page and claimed it was him.

“Mr MacDonald provided a photograph to be used with this article and asked: “If I wasn’t in the military would I have staged this photograph?”

The photo however was the first mistake MacDonald, Playford or Crawley was to make in concealing his true identity

Press link two

The chairman of the Royal British Legion Bob Slater who used to work for the birth death and marriage register and the Secretary Jackie Slater who is also a councillor with the parish council backed MacDonald to the hilt and attempted to smear any veteran who asked simple questions over MacDonald.

Read the link

The Slaters

The Royal British Legion Headquarters claimed they had conducted an investigation and seen documents to support MacDonald. Despite the investigation of the Royal Military Police Associations own investigation and the weight of evidence TWMHCHQ supplied.

Letters of protest were sent to the Royal British Legion who basically did nothing and at times ignored veterans.

TWMHCHQ have been supporters of the RBL and have been proactive in exposing bogus forces charities who were taking donations away from the RBL MacDonald was happy for this to continue and had no concern about the charity or the people they represent being humiliated by defending him.

TWMHCHQ always knew MacDonald had a criminal past and it was only a matter of time before his true identity would come back to bite him in the arse.

The links started to connect after it was discovered that Ronnie was

So we set some bait. We deliberately posted a link about Ronnie when he was exposed and jailed as a fraud over his MacDonald clan claim when he falsified documents to stake his claim. We let the post run for just a few minutes then deleted it. Obviously we know MacDonald and his chums watch the page like hawk and new it would only be a matter of time.


We then posted our come on down

Only then did Ronnie want to spill his guts, but not completely at first.

Fill ya boots


what an utter wankspangle

Possibly the worst one yet

Come join the only true Walter Mitty Hunters club

Coming hot behind Brian Lineker we present yet another bluffing wankspangle in the form of David Stocks when captured at a Remembrance Sunday service with a full rack that would make Idi Amin blush. Oh and an SAS beret and badge

Obviously his attention to his medal count and choice of headdress made him the Center of attention, but not the kind he bargained for.

When the reporter spoke to him, he claimed he had served 40 years. Most of it in the Paras and served in the Falklands with 2 Para.

Having ran David Stocks through our contacts it was confirmed he has He has never been awarded the George Cross. Check the London Gazette ( catching them out all the time)

He never fought in the Falklands war. No SAMA record.

Never attempted P Coy or passed a basic Para course and the closest David got to selection was a bournville selection box.

Ok so from left to right

George Cross (Blue seems incorrect shade)

General Service Medal 1962-2007

South Atlantic Medal with Rosette Prior to 14 June 1982

Sierra Leone Medal 05 May 2000-31 July 2002

UN Service Medal UNFICYP (Cyprus) 27 Mar 1964-Present

UN Kosovo Medal 13 Oct 1998-31 Dec 2002

Unknown medal however ribbon seems to depict a UNITAS medal South Africa 27 Apr 1994-10 May 1994 awarded to British Advisors HOWEVER the connection of ribbon to medal seems the wrong type.

IRAQ Medal Jan 2003-22 May 2011

OSM Afghanistan from 11 September 2001

He has no Jubilee medals which isn’t unusual some don’t wear them, he has no ACSM or ACSM 2011 which doesn’t add up with his service plus No LSGC

Got ya walt.

More to come

So hi to Brian Lineker. He’s an all round super guy who likes horses and medals. He does not like to brag about his brave exploits in the SAS or 42 Cdo.

He would tell of his time crossing the line in the first gulf war and that feeling of not knowing if he had his L2 Fragmentation paper clips or five fully loaded staple guns for the use off, for Brian’s world in reality was that of the Alf Garnet Corps, yes the AGC.

As soon as we looked into Brian’s seedy Internet fibbery it was plain to see his basic CUMPEY school boy errors, even using US dog tags to convince family and friends he was a major.

The London Gazette is a wonderful thing and open to the public to view on line.

No Brian Lineker under MBE or QGM.

Our contacts are also wonderful human beings

No SF records

No Para records

No Cdo records

From people who knew him

“he was AGC at 26 Regt RA in Bosnia IFOR. He certainly didn’t have much decor when I met him.”

One of the clerks a Cpl at the time describes him as being ” unstable and talked a good war story” looking out of the window.


“I remember him very well. Shit clerk and was caught waffling war stories when we knew he never left his front desk.”

We are going to let the screenshots do most of the talking

What a Bloater

Even tried to walt as Superman

Meet David Stalder. At first glance you my be mistaken for thinking he’s a very keen airsoft type of guy,

But look deeper and he walting by the nature of his posts make it very clear what he wants people to think

Sorry David but you have no military Parachute record.


The HALO picture you claim is you was from Moody Air Force Base

Despite what the eBay certificate on your mantle might claim

No records from either units in fact

Must have been giving it large to end up like that. Or was this David suggesting he’s just back from ops

End of the day. Why do it?