Here at TWMHCHQ we see plenty of dating scammers using stolen images of military personnel in order to fleece money from lonely lady’s hoping to get their new found love some much needed leave, but they have to pay for it first.

The scammers take time building up profiles and then patrol internetshire looking for the vulnerable. However, in this latest instalment the tabes were tuned.

please read

The wheels came flying off and Benson few off once it was pointed out he was being played like a fiddle .

Keep them peeled 😉


Another day and yet another bluffing walt darkens the doors of the WMHCHQ. Say hi to Mark Robson

Ex 2 Para and a member of the Pathfinders or by the looks of him The Piefinders platoon.

We were alerted to Robson some time ago and decided to keep tabs on him for a few months before unlocking the confession box

The very large Para Reg tattoo on his back and large selection of brand spanking new Para Reg and PF T-shirts may have had the untrained eye convinced. However, most definitely missing were those photographic memories of his days in the Reg or any hint of mutual friends with all those who served in 2 Para and PF invited to check him out after our CC1 a few months ago.

Robson knew back then that something was up and sanitised his Para Reg obsession, but like all walts the lure for belonging, like the catchy new phrase in the new army adds was to hard to resist and he was soon back to his old tricks and we were waiting.

After our CC1 came back nill return we consulted our contacts and surprise surprise no Para history what so ever. Yep and you guessed yet another Walter Mitty who claims to have PTSD

We then attempted to make contact but Robson was not keen to talk and once our come on down was posted last night ……

His page vanished. What a shock!

Yet another total wankspangle creating a reputation within his community of being a member of the Parachute regiment and pathfinder platoon when in reality he was neither.

In fact no service could be found.


Down the Walter Mitty hole for you Robson.

Update and a sort of apology

The WMHCHQ have helped expose quite a few dating walt romeos and one of the regular offenders are the dating scams where a serviceman serving over seas makes an online pass to a lady looking for love on POF plenty of fish.

The message exchange starts of with bags of enthusiasm from the lonely soldier and his undying love follows within a few days of chatting.

After a week he wants to be with his new found Love,……….she needs to pay for his leave pass and for some reason his commander is based in Nigeria.


Dating scam

Yep it’s a scam ladies, the photos sent are stolen and your 6ft 3 hunk called Colin is really Solomon Abaeze from Nigeria living in a small Back room having the same conversation with women a over the world.

Here we expose yet another of these dating scams using stolen photos of armed forces personnel. However the TWMHC were playing them at their own game.

This scammer also made the mistake of using a picture we posted up a few years back of a Walts ID card (note the finger nails) plus all the basic mistakes of using a US serviceman on a British army ID card.

The tip off

I met john on pof end noveber last year said he was in iraq bomb disposal.

After a few weeks he was wanting an itune card saying his friend eric corrupted his ipd ,he emailed me m pictures to prove who he was.

He then said his commander needed £900 for a leave pass before he could get a plane home, then commander frank started to text asking what was going on between John and myself,

sending pictures of him on his texted. When question he said no time for civilians roger out.

Then john asked for another £1200 because he couldn’t fly home as he needed liberty passas and the powers that be said had to pay for passes to get leave as in a war zone. He sent halifax bank details to pay money into and i said i only had £800 and couldnt get rest of money as hadnt gone into my bank.

He then said he raised money from his friends out of their food allowence then sent me a picture saying love you and with friends saying he was real with date on it his name is sgt john walker smith. name johnwalkersmith04


John gave his background and sob story as follows

Claimed his regiment was 11 EOD Regiment RLC sent fake army mod90 gives details of london barracks. Claimed he had son who died at 6 with leukaemia, son called dalton and had a wifed who died after they were divorced after he found her cheating twice.

His dad a londoner his mum swedish brought up in america both parents dead so no one in his life but got money and wants to open a restaurant wants you to trust him.

We who would not, so we carried on milking John for a few weeks to see how far he would go.

Try not to be sick at the following text messages and please remember John was being played throughout 😉

honking finger nails of Duane Chapman <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

+447441392493 says is his commanders number commander just in case you missed it.

Commander Frank, if you believe his word had convinced our girl.


< img src=”; class=”wp-image-5419 size-full” height=”1280″ width=”720″><<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
er waste the scammers time.

ing our girl hoping she break and the bank account grow

er further moist by making out our girl had won the lottery.

here was only so much honey pie and sweet nothings we could take.

< img src=”; class=”size-full wp-image-5506″ height=”1280″ width=”720″><<<<<<<<<<<
py and reluctant to communicate via a simple email

they were getting more persistent even getting his mate from Barnstable apparently, to message our girl.

these internet dating scammers are rife. They take a considerable amount of time to set up fake profiles stealing images to sucker in the unsuspecting.

if anyone you meet on line who's claiming to be a member of the armed forces serving on operations and asks you to send money to get them home it's a scam!

Stay safe!

Say hi to Jacob Kennedy

claiming to be in the Royal Marines, and like all the planks we have outed they have the photos and eBay bling to prove it.

However, some take it a little to far and take the image from a member of the armed forces and photoshop their Grid on in order to convince they are the real deal.

Who remembers when we exposed

Dave Harper

We this chodling took it a notch up and stole the image of a Royal Marine KIA Just so he could walt it up to his friends

This is about as disrespectful as you can get, not just stealing valour, but stealing the image and badly photoshopping your face on to a Royal Marine who died for country


The WMHCHQ has seen its fair share of forces scams in its short life span. Mostly originating from Blackpool and this latest scam designed to play on the generosity of the British public towards the serving armed forces and Veterans is no different!

Back in November our members began reporting suspicions activity sounding a group of people selling a magazine called the Veterans Journey.

Members were concerned about the aggressive nature in which the three individuals were targeting main old people in the streets yelling support our troops and asking people to buy their magazine. If people passed them they would attempt to shame them by shouting “don’t you support our armed forces”

Taking a closer look

In the introduction Wayne claims some of the sellers are ex members of the Armed Forces and reports received claim the three individuals witnessed them selling the magazine and had all made this claim to them.

However, this is a total lie. Not one of the sellers identified, and there are only three had ever served in the armed forces.

The owner of the magazine is none other than known charity fraud and beater of heavily pregnant women Wayne Kirtley.

Known for being involved with several charity scams to gain financial advantage at the detriment of genuine forces charities.

Link to one such failed charity which we exposed last year.

Link to Wayne Kirtley at companies House.

Hercules WB LTD

When questioned Kirtley attempted to deny he owned or produced the magazine and claimed he was only on the pay roll.

When spotted Kirtley would run away and try and hide his face, one such incident was when he ran and hid in Greggs!

Kirtley also lied and claimed the work was all his until we proved otherwise

However you will note the email address supplied where to send details for the prize draw as being connected to the very same company connected to Wayne Kirtley who is the director…. the only one!

yet before he clearly admitted the company is his.

Please note. No one has made any threats to anyone. A common tactic used by guilty people!

Kirtley then attempts to blame others he’s been in business with, hoping we will divert our attention.

Now onto the meat of this blog.

During PM,s with Kirtley and Pele Duncan, attempts were made to view a copy of their published magazine in order to allow them the chance to prove they were not up to no good and being genuine in their claim.

Each attempt failed as they were reluctant to show the content of the magazine, and for very good reason.

They stole it from the website of the Royal British Legion. Information about homeless veterans freely supplied by a charity.

The original

RBL web page

The copy contained in Kirtleys magazine copied word for word.

The information was never published by the RBL to be sold on the streets by Kirtley , but this did not stop Kirtley, Duncan and Neilson who copied the information so they could sell to the unsuspecting public while suggesting it was all their own work and have helped homeless veterans.

Yet again these parasites are taking advantage of the general public and their genuine sympathy for veterans welfare and for their own personal gain.

They are stealing the work of others and passing it off as theirs and charging £3 for it for their own personal gain.

At no point do they or the magazine mention or point out the marital contained in the magazine originated from the Royal British Legion.

At no point have they helped veterans or helped Home homeless veterans despite what they claim in their magazine or what they tell members of the public. They have never been able to prove evidence when asked.

No donations to the RBl for using their work and selling it for profit have ever been sent by Wayne Kirtley or his company.

The RBL has never given permission to Wayne Kirtley to use their material or sell it for commercial use.

The subjects

Ben Neilson

Ben Neilson charity Scammer

Wayne Kirtley

Wayne Kirtley charity scam

Pele Duncan

All are known by the police and courts.

They deliberately target old people as they are less likely to view our pages and are easily intimidated in to buying their magazine when their path is blocked.

The magazine

The prize draw is also another scam and solely a tactic used to entice people to buy the magazine. There is no prize. It’s yet another false claim.

If you see them in your town, report them to the police and the local council as they are acting fraudulently and deceiving the public by selling this magazine under false pretences.

They are thieves! Taking much needed money from the genuine causes who genuinely support veterans.

These parasites only hamper the real good causes.

You can also make a report to these links

Action Fraud

Report tax evasion

Trading standards

Because you can bet not one of them will file their takings to the HMRC

More to come

Scam exposed in the press

Update as the magazine scammers try to recruit more would be scammers to harass and con the public.

then seconds after we posted his scamming link he took it down

Yet another walting Bloater who refused to give up the lie and take up our kind offer for redemption.

Meet Mick Greenwood. Aka Michael Greenwood

He claims to have served with 3 Para during the Falklands in 1982 , served in NI and awarded the LS&GC.

Micky surfaced after a few veterans noticed he was taking credit for the actions of 3 Para after he were tagged in a post on the Ex British Forces page.

Soon after a few guys started asking questions

Greenwood had also claimed to have served with the pathfinder plt and 16 Air Assault.

After some time Green replied

When asked to show the side of the medals he went silent.

He then gave his army number and how he earned his yank jump wings.

However. The number he gave did not stack up as 2452 was not issued until from March 1979 to Aug 1980. How strange. Even stranger he claims to have joined as a boy soldier, but his dob does not match up.

At first he came out fighting

However, Soon the wheels started coming off Greenwood’s walting trolly and like all walts before him, began to Back peddle on the claims and facts……a little.

There are no records of Greenwood under his full name and the number he provided passing a TA or Regular Basic Parachute Course. No Records of him passing P Company.

The truth.

He did attend the TA for a very short period of time at the 2nd Battalion Wessex Regiment. That’s it.

No NI service

No Falklands service

And definitely no LS&GC which should have been a VRSM had he served that long.

During the Falklands he was busy selling sausages and pork chops at the local butchers on Ascot High street.

Pork pies anyone!

Greenwood was fully aware of our kind offer to repent his sins, but choose to claim he was in hospital with a Hart condition (another walt ploy used and abused) just like imagined PTSD from a war he was never in.

Never a Para

Never a Pathfinder

Never served on any operations


What a skinfluting CUMPER

From the annals of the Walter Mitty Hunters Club many outing have there been. One figure of fun always emerges from the pack of walts and bloaters, Tony Cumper crowned Walter Mitty of the year twice and always the gift that kept giving. However, a new scalp is on the horizon that has possibly overtaken Cumpers crown.

Meet Will McManus. In the world of Anti-Piracy he is the UK’s very own Jason Bourne.

The Tip off

Hi how do i send you info about a person i know, claiming to be a former S.A.S captain, para captain to name but a few!! hes a compulsive liar, goes around borrowing money from people by duping them into bogus business deals, when he is in fact  bankrupt. Refusing to pay money back.

He is supposedly working for mI6,

They have been sent his details along with his photo, where he is standing at a remembrance parade with as S.A.S tie, and a chest full of medals,9 in total. This man has never been in the Armed Forces! I have info that he lasted a few weeks in the TA before dropping out. he has previously had a maritime security company, which went bust.

He owed hundreds of thousands of pounds in unpaid wages whilst living a champagne lifestyle himself, before going bankrupt to get out of paying. check out comments on Red Four on close protection world.

At the moment he is working for the EU in the Mogadishu field office, Somalia. He obtained this job by using fake documents, his SIA number doesn’t exist. He also claims to have a masters degree in law.

Goes by the name of Captain McManus! is a member of numerous officers clubs in London.

His full name is Anthony William McManus, known as Tony to his family and top secret MI6 agent, or will/mac to his few friends.

His Instagram name is Herrick0123. He has also climbed Everest, sailed around the world, been to St Martins college London, the usual elaborate stories to make him sound like a macho captain which is clearly what he aspires to.

There is nothing this man hasn’t done! He has also been in the foreign legion; these are the few photos of him that don’t appear to be photo shopped. Its rumoured that he was kicked out as he couldn’t hack the training.

Long term legionnaires have questioned whether he was in the legion as he couldn’t speak French to them and nobody had heard of him. None of his other Legion pictures actually have him in them.

I have also obtained one of his pictures of ballykinler where he has added his name to a man who clearly looks nothing like him, to dupe people into believing he was in 14 INT, which is more insulting than anything!

I can send you all of the pictures i have got, the corker being the one of him looking like a sad bastard on Remembrance Day.

Also a screenshot from an unsuspecting girlfriend who writes under said picture that he is her real life war hero, remembering all his men who didn’t come home!

Here is his CV which he sent to several high profile company’s


   Will McManus

Fluent French Speaking, HSSE, Security/Risk Management/supply logistics Consultant

As a professional Security Risk/Logistics manager in the International and Domestic Security/HSE, Petrochemical, Oil & Gas and Mining sectors, Will has highly developed interpersonal skills, excellent communication and conflict management capabilities and shows an organised and methodical approach to dealing with situations that arise in often hostile environments. Will has excellent organisational flair and administrative proficiency and was self-employed with Control Risks Group as a security consultant for an oil exploration company in Erbil, Iraq and more recently on similar roles in the Democratic Republic of the Congo and Puntland SOMALIA, undertaking Business development and continuity and offering clients a package incorporating Maritime security and supply co-ordination on behalf of Malabar Logistics sprl and Africa Oil Corporation.

Employment History.

March 2008-Jan 2009

Africa Oil Corporation, Canada and IMC Geophysics International

Will was recently employed on a Risk Consultancy/Close protection & HSE contract based in the Dharoor Valley, Darin Province, Puntland State, Somalia. He was responsible for all security related matters undertaking Journey Management Plans, Supply logistics, Risk assessments and the overall security for the camp, assets and personnel.  He was also responsible for the implementation of the HSE manual.

Control Risks Group

Malabar Logistics sprl

December 2006 – March 2008.

Will has completed a contract in The Democratic Republic of the Congo as the country manager responsible for all financial issues and developing ongoing business. He was responsible for the writing of risk assessments by consultants placed with a major mining company. His duties consisted of managing risk registers, developing a risk management structure on behalf of international oil companies. His main role was that of business continuity, compliance (HSE) implementing security structures and undertaking training of key staff in risk management and awareness. He was later employed on another contract in Erbil, Kurdistan region of Iraq, where he undertook a role as a senior consultant for an Oil exploration company.



Madagascar Oil Ltd-

June 2006-Dec 2006.

He was employed to formulate & implement new company H&S systems & practice standards / strategies to full compliance with all current legislation & regional industry standards. The main role consisted of implementing a HSE manual for the whole of the company’s operations. Will visited each site in turn and put these new measures in place. He also had to update these procedures on a monthly basis.

Will’s other responsibilities was to up-date & manage health & safety training, upgrade emergency response practices & disaster recovery planning practices, the control of major accident hazards regulations (COMAH), completing of evacuation plans and would chair health and safety meetings with existing or potential clients.

On a short term contract Will was employed to write the security procedures manual for company operations. This included training packages for HSE international and local staff, Security awareness and medical issues.

Hart Security, Olive Group, Armorgroup

May 2004-Dec 2006.

Security Manager, close protection

Will was involved in all stages of the first Iraqi National Election, where every facet of covert and overt security was required to enable the successful completion of this high profile contract. Will spent the remainder of the year working as a team leader on various contracts in the Southern region of Iraq and subsequently was employed as a security manager based at Baghdad International Airport. Here he was overseeing the protection of Contractors and shortly after this he was involved covert reconnaissance of areas for the construction of potential US/UK/Iraqi Airports and bases. He also holds full MNFi/DoD (Multi-National Forces and US Dept of Defence) identity cards allowing him to work UK/US Government Contracts.

He acted as Team Leader to Project Manager for Hart Security and various project management roles for Olive Group and as an Operations manager for Armorgroup Iraq.


ITM Mining Ltd, Angola

Feb 2000-May 2004

Security manager, Close Protection, HSE Co-ordinator

Will worked on this project for four years, undertaking a wide variety of roles involving the protection of staff, movement of product and security of fixed sites in the mining area. He undertook the implementation and development of the local guard force liaising with government and law enforcement agencies, other commercial enterprises and local tribal leaders/elders.  The camp held a total of 130 expat employees and Will was responsible for all journey management, Intelligence reports, and Security detail organisation and gave morning situation reports to the staff working away from the camp.


Oct 1993-Jan 2000 TA Officer attached, 264 SAS Signal Squadron

Will served in 63(SAS) Signal Sqd and 21 SAS HQ Sqd. He was employed on various tasks both UK and Overseas in support of 21 and 23 SAS in operations/ exercises worldwide. He also served in 58 Signal Sqd (Ptarmigan), 216 Signal Sqd 16 Air Assault and 264 (SAS) Signal Squadron on Full Time Reserve Service.


Nov 1987 – Oct 1993       

Will also served in the French Foreign Legion. He spent 2 years in 2 REP, two years with 6 REG and his final two years in French Guyana with 3 REI where he spent one year in an infantry company as an ‘aide monitor foret’ at the jungle warfare training school in CEFE, Regina. He completed five operational tours to Africa with 2 REP, awarded the medaille de valor militaire & the medaille militaire for service in Chad in 1989.

Feb 1982 – Oct 1987

Will spent 5 years and 9 months in A Coy, 2rd Bn the Parachute Regiment. During his time with the Regiment he completed two tours of Northern Ireland. Will gained Qualifications in Signals, as a Combat Medical Technician, HGV 1, 2 & 3 and was an active member of the Regimental Rugby team.

Education 1998 – 2002 University of Staffordshire, Dept of Law

During this period Will studied for a Degree in Law and Business with French, earning a 2:1.  He studied the following subjects, Business Law, International Trade, Shipping Law, Evidence, Constitutional Law, Equity and Trusts, Contract Law, French Law, EU Law and Jurisprudence. First stages of this course were achieved as distance learning.

Currently undertaking a Masters Degree with the Open University in International maritime Law & Security Policy.

Will also has a Diploma in Advanced Project management from Lincoln College Oxford ODL, gained as Distance learning. This involved the following modules: Project Scheduling and Project Management. (PRINCE2).

Full Clean Driving Licence, Fluent French, ILEX qualified: Admiralty Law., Law Degree: 2:1

Member: Institute of Risk Management

ISO 28000 (Security Management Systems), a range of security systems and applications, and security planning and budgeting.  He has a Full Understanding and use of ISO 27001 and ISO 27002, Full Close Protection course, Ronin SA.

International Ship Security Officer (SSO) & International Company Security Officer (ISSO) PTR Training LLC.




General & International Certificates, Diploma.

Fire safety and Risk management Certificate.

COSHH Systems, certificate.

Two CMIOSH diplomas in Security compliance with add on courses in construction site safety. Computer literacy (Microsoft Office suit, Windows, Internet).


Hobbies and Interests

Will has sailed most of his life and has taken part in national and international sailing events over the years. He has completed 14 round the Island races and competed in 7 Fastnet races 2 of which were with the army yacht ‘KUKRI’ during which he skippered on one occasion. He is qualified up to Ocean Yacht master. He sails most weekends and he is planning a solo Transatlantic crossing in late 2009. He has played Rugby at a senior level for Swansea RFC, Neath RFC and now coaches his local Colts side in South West France on a part time basis. He is also in the final stages of obtaining his Commercial Pilots Licence. He lives with his wife and two children in the Charente region of France.


Address & Contact details:

Will McManus


This is an old Twitter Account….

This is RSG company info up to date, clearly claiming to be an officer…..

 Our part

As most will know we never jump the gun and cry walt until we have carried out our own checks. After a few calls, we send out a CC1 to the units he claims to have served with and we get the following.


He was in the legion, that’s true, no idea how long though. he claimed to be in the same regt as me at the same time but none of us knew him at that time. When he had his FB up and running he pertained to be a member of SAF or DINOPS at 6REG which he definitely wasn’t. There’s no way that he served his full contract as the only phots he has are as a 1’cl and not as a cpl.


Re: Will McManus.  I was at 264 1995 to 2000 and never served with him.  I also have friends that were PSI’s at 63 Sigs during that period who also confirm they have no knowledge of him.  Strange that he closed his Twitter account down recently which had all sorts of references to the ‘knacker cracker’ and ‘Long Drag’.  Not sure when No 1 PTS stopped doing the Knacker Cracker but it had gone by the time I did my jumps in ’95.


I sat in a meeting and listened to this fkr tell shipping companies and War Risk Insurance that he was captain 22 SAS I knew he was not and when I asked why his reply was it’s what they want and gets contracts.

He clearly had this little speech set and wasn’t going to change it.


I went to university as a mature student in 1999. He was in the same course. He told me he was ex para (17 years) and ex SAS.

Since then his exploits have been embellished even further.

14 int, 63 Sqn, Legion.


Don’t recognise the name from RMAS or 216. Didn’t pass through Trg Wing or reunions. I’ll ask at the Sqn, see if Our paths missed. Wait Out

Answer is a nil return from 216 from 1982 – 2000 and a nil from R Signals Commissioning Boards 1992 – 1994.

P coy records will probably show a nil as 216 also ran all arms P Coy .

Hope this helps


My Sqn photo is 1st April 1995, and he’s not in it.


Already chatted about this guy on a 264 site. Nobody had ever seen or heard of him. I am guessing one of the lads passed him over to you guys. Good luck. make his Christmas come true lol


He was in Guyane with me and a few years back he opened the security company REDFOUR. The last time I saw him 3/4 years ago at the légion open day 30th April Camerone

In Aubagne, France he drove down in a Maserati owes money to lots of ex British guys and people would pay to know where he is these days last I heard working in Algeria then Somalia…. Hope this helps

He was not a aide moniteur at the CEFE..

WITNESS  from 16 Air Assault brigade

Nope, never seen him, during my time i only met two guys who had done 216and 264 (and earned there berets) it was rare. And like i said the ptarmigan at 58 thing doesnt ring true at all but i dont know him.


A total Walt The man is a complete liar and has never jumped off the curb let alone out of a plane. He has been on various circuit jobs and owned red four a anti piracy gig. He owes quite a few lads money. He has made a lot of money with his lies

See his medals say he was on Barras, fucking liar and disrespectful too.

WITNESS 22 SAS & perm staff 23 SAS

Nill return on this facktard. Never in 23 or 21 and most defiantly never 22.

WITNESS 2 Para Signals plt

This cock womble has never served in an Airborne unit let alone 2 Para Sigs. No one from that era knows him.

WITNESS 14 Intelligence company

His details have done the round with members of North and South det. Not known, never  attached, Nil return! It’s a small world and he would have been claimed by at least a dozen people had he been with us.

The picture McManus used as his own on social media (note where he stuck his name WILL)

Reverse picture search it’s not McManus! 1

WITNESS Hart Security

I know Will McManus  when I worked with him in Basra with Hart Security 2004-2005 he led me to believe he was ex 3 Para 1980s and then French Foreign Legion. This could be right, although we had a few Walts in Iraq at that time.

The reason he’s been flagged up is he ran his own security company Redfour which specialised in maritime security and he failed to pay quite a number of his employees, mostly lads who’d worked with him at Hart. He has, however, ;borrowed’ a considerable amount of money from others

McManus is now claiming to be a former Captain in the SAS and/or SAS Signals Regt and in the past has claimed to be MI5. At one point the US Homeland Security were after him for some deal he made on some surface to air missiles, this info came from a friend of mine who was trying to trace him on behalf of USHS.

WITNESS ( Anti-Piracy industry)

My recollections of Will were him telling me he was an ex paratrooper in the British army with 17 years’ service and was also in the SAS for a short time. I have no corroborating evidence of these assentation’s, they are purely my recollections.

Extract clearly claiming to be a British army officer

After all that we looked for records such as.

P Company   NIL RETURN

Military Parachute Records. NIL RETURN on BPC, SFBPC A & B and no HAPC.

No records of having passed UKSF Selection (Hills Phase)

No records of having passed the specialist communicators course.

No Records of having Passed Camp One or Two) 14 Int.

The truth of the matter is he was never on the trained strength of 63 SF(R), 22 SAS, 2 Para or 14 INT, never a commissioned rank in HMF. However he had attempted the TA but was never on trained strength as, He failed TA basic”

From The Gazette, where if you type in a name, you can check anyone’s commission.. He is just not there. Strange…s-page-size=10


No sign of him on the ORBAT for Granby, Bos, Kos, Barras, Afghan or anywhere.

So where did that lot come from Will?

When approached.

When challenged about the medals in the photo his excuse was –  “I put someone else’s coat on by mistake and some waffle about a guy who tried to bribe him after”

Did he bribe you when you mistakenly put someone else’s SAS tie on as well😉

He said his Army number, was 24732130 and that he had joined in 1986 which is nothing like the CV he was sending out to more than a few well established companies.

I served only in the TA unit in Portsmouth. Will dig out my discharge papers”. (He never did managed to find them)

Will then stated the following:

I was in RAOC, then left to join Legion, came back after 7 years in the Legion and joined 63, then went to D Coy London Irish, PWRR and then Sigs in staffs. Not once did I claim to be an officer. I joined 58 when at staffs university. 58 Sigs. Transferred from 63.”  Ive never made out to SAS or Para.

So why use stolen photos to lay claim he was a member of the Det, Halo trained etc.

McManus became aware we were taking a keen interest and began the inevitable walt SOP of sanitation of online and social media claims. He has since suspended one of his twitter accounts where the more outrageous claims were made.

Further checks via other means<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
6 or 264. It is possible that he might have been on the books at 63 fAlthough no one I spoke to can recall him. However we would get guys put on the books by virtue of their proximity to one of our detachments that are scattered around the country. Once checking they had a pulse one of four things would happen.

1. Never heard from again.

2. Not suitable for service with SF(R) sent to another TA unit.

3. Suitable for service and begin the assessment course – very basic by Regular standards, just a wee bit more than ordinary TA.

4. At some point after a couple of years they may attempt SF Communicators course.

This is exactly the same as the regulars do and pretty testing. Very rare that a reservist could/would do this.

In my time there as permanent staff there were maybe 7 or 8 out of a couple of hundred, half of them ex regular. He is definitely not one of these.

We used to get quite a few reports of people claiming an SF background by virtue of a drill night attend once and a singular entry on a pay sheet. He may well be one of these


King of Bloating

Taking in each point from the final checks and after Mcmanus mug shot doing the rounds, its clear he was not known to members who served in those units at the time and was never an officer in the British Army.

He spend time in the FFL, but his claims while serving have been questioned

d visual evidence that Will McManus was passing himself off as a member of the Parachute Regiment and UK Special Forces to which he was not.

Not even 2 Para Rugby team!

is way into an industry where his. Lies, incompetence and lack of military qualifications could have put lives at risk.


ss statements

"I was the OC at 58 Staffs Sig Sqn when he tried tojoin. He claimed he came from 63 Sqn and had served in FFL. He had some docs including a copy of FFL Jumps cse. We checked with 63, thye chinned himoff as a wanker. His FFL docs were bad photo copies but falsification was evident. The PSAO investigated him as he was intimidating female members. We threw himout!"

"Hi concerning Will McManus and his cv I was the regional security manager for the AOC African oil corporation at the time Will mentions and he was aa guard and nothing more concerning his time in the Legion yes he served but never did anything operational or win the French military medal or anything else.

He is a knob.

If you want to check me out my legion number is 172698 I served from 1986 until 2001 in Calvi 2REP retiring as

I am a member of the Legion association of Great Britain"