Welcome to the Walter Cumpers Hunters club.

Why Walter Cumper?

Walter Mitty is so old and we feel we need to create a new name for people who pose as something they are not!

We are the true Walter Mitty Hunters club! Dedicated to exposing the truth behind those who pose as soldiers and steal the valor of our men and women in the Armed Forces.

We have had a several Face book pages taken down for one reason. The people we have exposed who fraudulently posed as members of the SAS, Parachute Regiment SBS and Royal Marines mainly in order to set up scam charity’s and or scam charity money claiming PTSD once caught, go on to cry foul and claim they are being bullied.

This is not case.

Their actions are insulting to those who have strived and worked hard to earn the right to be members of such units.

Their actions undermine the good work by genuine charity’s and those soldiers who really do suffer PTSD

Their actions tarnish the good name of the Armed forces by giving a false impression of real soldiers to those who have never served.

Their actions insult our service people who have paid the ultimate sacrifice and those who fighting back from injury.

A. What we do.

1. We investigate,
2. We expose,
3. We move on.

What we don’t do.

1. We don’t pick on Airsofters or 16 years old kids just to get a rise. Its not Big or hard so We will leave that to the Medic Bloater.
2. We do not sell your email address to spam sites in order to make money.
3. We do not post adsense in order to maximize revenue from their online content.
4. We do not tolerate offensive and threatening behavior.