Mick Green. Fake SBS, Royal Marine and GC winner. He claimed this for quite a few years and despite a come on down he refused to budge. Even calling out bluff.

He made a bigger fool of himself and showed a total lack of disrespect by attending a charity fund raiser in memory of Sgt Steven Darbyshire KIA in Afghan dressed in like a bag O shite.


His local RBL was a place were again he would be singing shit dits about his SBS missions to anyone who would listen. Normaly there would not get a choice.

He confessed over a year and a half  later

Mick N Kerry GreenSep 17th, 15.30
I dont go to eny more parades and i have got rid of all my stuff i am ill and cant do much of eny thing eny more i am sorry for eny hurt i my have caused eny one i dont go on your site so i say sorry to all i have hurt I would like to say sorry to all concerned including the family of the Royal Marine I disrespected with my actions. The wmhc-hq have shown me what I have done is wrong and i am sorry again i was stupid.

I was 2 royal irish ranges Asalalt pioneer for 6 year’s never been Rm or enything to do with it. I was never in the SBS or serving in the operations I had claimed so sorry was stupid of me i joined in 1977 /83 will never parade again will pay my respect in my own way so sorry.