Meet Shaun Williams, Shaun Tait, Shaun Warden, Steph Williams or whatever.
Claiming to be a member of the Parachute Regiment….Not on Record or known.
Claiming to be a member of the Special Air Service…..Not on record or known
Claiming service in the following :-  Iraq, Syria, Bosnia, Afghanistan, and Russia
Claiming UK disability benefits Yet Living abroad.
Claims he has connections with the mafia
Obviously we do not go by one source and Several people had approached us over this individual from both the UK and aboard. We then ran checks with our contacts using all the names he had given people over the years and not once was he flagged up during the time he claimed to have served or that he was known by time served members of both regiments when shown his mug shots.
This guy is a serial con man spread the word
Known as Shawn Williams, other names include: Shaun Tait Shaun Warden Steph Williams Steph Williams is the name he uses on his passport, medical records and car insurance.
He was registered on the electoral role as Shaun Warden.
His date of birth is believed to be 25th May 1970 Date of birth on his car insurance is 24th May 1970
He appears on these two websites as Shaun Warden
The photographs of him on the above websites is the man we know as Shaun Williams
He has website domain names registered with:
The names of the business are Safe Hands UK Both business are in registered as Steph Williams Coalville His car is insured as Steph Williams..Same address
One of his Face Book pages from younger days
Extract from a letter this persons girlfriend wrote to a neighbour they terrorised……2, Shaun is not a scrounger. He spent 7 years of his life in the parachute regiment where he risked every day of his working life to protect and serve his country and people like you. After leaving the paras he was assigned to the special forces, where again he risked his own life on a daily basis, in hellholes like Iraq, Syria, Bosnia, Afghanistan, and Russia, just so that people like you could sleep safely at night. He was discharged from the forces because he had a very serious bike accident which almost took his life and consequently he had to take sick pay. He may look fit and healthy to you but his head injury and the massive trauma to his bones took away any hope of ever going back into active service. This was 2 years ago and again, like myself, if he had any intention of scrounging then he wouldn’t be trying so hard to get a new business going.
5 years ago he was advertising himself on the Internet as a plumber
Prognosis.  Bluffing Walt of a Cumper