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Like Lord Lucan , it’s something of a mystery as to how this individual has avoided the Walt detector but meet Mark Wells-Pestell AKA Chef

… Chef started his career in the 1985 claiming to have joined junior para; injured in training he then joined the queens regiment now PWRR, from there he claims he passed the “all arms UKSF Hereford selection course” at the young age of 19.

1989 Chef was volunteered by his CO to work with the FRU, he did one year at the Queens University of Belfast doing a farming degree, this meant he could spy on the IRA, after 12 months he was compromised and was told to leave by a well-known player. This was Chef’s first introduction to the special world.

After his near death experience, and as previously mention he went onto pass “all arms UKSF Hereford selection course” seeing active service with FRU and 14 INT, whilst on service with these units he claims to have been “round the corner when the two signallers were KIA, but not allowed to respond whilst it was taking place due to zero knowing it would have been a blood bath”.

Also in Northern Ireland on a border patrol he had yet another near death encounter, this time with the “border fox”, Chef was shot, the round penetrating his body armour, hitting a rib, he rolled himself onto his injured side saving his own life.

He was also attached to the 5th Special Forces (American) during the gulf, specialising as a medic.

1993 on the ground Chef was again with the American special forces, he was again attached as an LO, when the shit hit the fan Chef asked zero (obviously the same guy from northern Ireland) if they could react, however this time after being told “no” Chef decided to turn his radio off and go in, I must of missed that but in the film. Whilst on the ground after turning his comms off he was hit in the head by an RPG, then managed to pick himself up return fire and kill his assailant, subsequently he was awarded the PURPLE HEART. This guy is truly nails.

When asked if the Purple Heart could be seen he replied “oh I lost it”. He also claims to have been awarded an MID and QGM.

It can be confirmed the only honors he has been awarded are the GSM with a Northern Ireland clasp and the first gulf war medal.

Extract from a Letter after disclosure request

I have checked records held by this office and can confirm that we have no record of Mr Mark Lorne Wells-Pestell having ever been awarded a Mention in Despatches (MID) or a Queen’s Commendation for Bravery (QCB). According to his Record of Service he has only been awarded the Gulf Medal 1990-1991 in January 1992 and a Clasp Northern Ireland in July 1988. Also there is no mention in his Record of Service of his having served with Special Forces.

Kind Regards.

MOD (MS Hons)
Level 6, Zone C
Main Building
London SW1A 2HB

Further checks show no records of Mark Lorne Wells-Pestell having ever completed a Basic Military Parachute course at RAF Brize Norton. Funny that as he self awarded a set saber wings, tattooed on him via a tattoo shop and not the RAF as you can see by the captured screen shot.

Regards the purple heart he is on no role of honour to having ever been awarded it.

A few link peruse He told the Mail he was SF and someone trying to big time it wrote a rather charming wiki about themselves.




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