Meet Tim Wade…Wanabe Para Bloater

Like all Walt’s outed we expect the usual excuses once caught out and we have seen them all.
They range from the Cumper “it’s an ex-partner who posted a fake CV” to “It was just for a fancy Dress party”. We then have the Mark Allen’s of this world who would have you believe the MOD police told us he is really SF or the some other BS in the hope people will believe we got it all so wrong.
Then there is Tim Wade, or Wadey.
Wade was once one of the admin of the original WMHC before more stringent checks were made he manged to get his feet under the Cyber table and relished in exposed Walts and Bloaters. We then found out he was a bloater himself and we binned him.
Wade was in the RAMC for 10 1/2 years and made Lance jack after passing a PTI course. . Yes Wadey had served. BUT…………………….
He liked to make a big deal about his time in 5 AB brigade’s 23 Parachute Field Ambulance. He was a member just not Airborne! Yet this did not stop wade attempting to suggest he were, without fully saying so.
Timo Nomadico is one of Wades many fake profiles.
Wade in his endless pursuit for Airborne association joined nearly every Airborne based face book page he could join, and even helpped setup a Bloody Sunday page where he was witnessed making his first bloating claim  in a dispute with a real vet from the Parachute Regiment (this was only divulged to us after we booted him out)
Questions were asked and Timmy attempted to use some of the real members of the pathfinders in the hope they would validate him.
When challenged he claims that he had attempted P Coy when with 23 PFA but failed it twice on the 10 Miler due to a bad knee. However, two very well respected P Coy RSM’s who were running the course at the time Wade was with 23 PFA made some back ground checks and could not find him anywhere on the system, that  system had every swinging dick who passed or failed. One of those RSMs being the poster who asked Timmy questions in Depot Friends.

outed 1

outed 2

This fell on death eyes and one by one the Admin of the airborne pages banned him! As he was being banned from every page he had sneaked into he would insult real vets.
outed 3
outed 6
walt wade
Denzil Connick who also sussed on to him and being a very prominent member of the 3 Battalion the Parachute Regiment was to then receive a barrage of insults for outing him.
A link was found on the Airborne Para data with Wades details as having served with 23 Parachute Field Ambulance and the Pathfinder Platoon.
Why Wade would need to submit such details on a page that was for Airborne trained troops is anyone’s guess. Wade claimed (as they all do) that it was all lies and photo shopped by members of ARRSE just to discredit him, Another group he fell out with. Yep, that old chest nut.
However, as we do, we set Timmy a classic Jenny G, Honey trap and like them all he fell for it. Hook Line and Sinker.

The Email Dated 7 April 2010

From: Tim Wade <> To: J***** G******/ Sent: Saturday, 7 April 2010, 15:02 Subject:Re: photo
Hi ya just got your email & no I didn’t jump through windows dressed in black well not in the army anyway lol & we use to act as support for the special forces sometimes etc etc.xxxx – In for 10 1/2 years and was best time in my life but got out after taking a few injurys along the way that got the better of me

From: J***** G******/ To: Tim Wade <> Sent: Saturday, 7 April 2010, 15:30 Subject: Re: photo
Hay you You managed to work out your computer!! How was your night?
lol I was only joking about the milktray man:) happy So what was it like making a parachute jump. I realy want do it sometime and it would be good to know from an expert on it. I have seen it loads of times on the TV and it just frightens the life out of me. What is the worst bit when you jump and the feeling of falling, when you shoot up after your parachute opens or when you land?. Its the one thing I want to do but all those things just play on my mind.
You like?
From: Tim Wade <> To: J***** G******/ Sent: Saturday, 7 April 2010, 16:23 Subject: Re: photo
I made one jump into combat in Rwanda in an operation called Gabrial but no not being shot at but I was in a place called Sipovo were things got mental for me there but any of the jumps i did all had a large amount of danger & could go wrong. I like the pic & would nice to see the front view. plus it don’t hurt to ask questions babe. how wet are you then???xxxxx
From: Tim Wade <> To: J***** G******/ Sent: Saturday, 7 April 2010, 15:36 Subject:Re: photo
The free fall part of the jump is great & a massive adrenaline rush & the only shock to the system is the jolt of when the rig opens. Nice pic babe & what are you doing tonight then???xxxxx
From: J***** G******/ To: Tim Wade <> Sent: Saturday, 7 April 2010, 16:27 Subject: Re: photo
Oh babe the more you tell me about your army life the wetter I get!! You sound like a man who has seen a lot. What was the worst and best time for you in the army? My work can be very dull and boring so you must have some great storys to tell
From: Tim Wade <> To: J***** G******/ Sent: Saturday, 7 April 2010, 16:41 Subject:Re: photo
oh i’ve seen plenty of things in my time & some things i can’t & won’t talk about as the offical secrets act stops me from doing so. I bet your jobs not that boring & i bet your good at it. so how am i doing on the interview stakes then lol????xxxxx
From: J***** G******/ To: Tim Wade<> Sent: Saturday, 7 April 2010, 16:45 Subject: Re: photo
Not bad for now. I take it you lost a lot of mates to that type of work?sho what part of the army parachute was you with?

From: Tim Wade<> To: J***** G******/ Sent: Saturday, 7 April 2010, 16:47 Subject:Re: photo

yeah i’ve lost a few mates over the years. Bosnia/Croatia where I lost the most, Iraq was bad as well. The first war that is, I was a medic for most part so saw a lot of fucked up stuff. My last posting was a medic with the Pathfinders. They are an elite within 5 airborne. I was asked to join them from 23 Parachute field Amb, mega times.
From: J***** G******/ To: Tim Wade <> Sent: Saturday, 7 April 2010, 16:54 Subject:Re: photo
Sounds cool, So what made you join, I hear you guys like to drink but get in trouble for drinking to much. When did you learn the bodyguard stuff ?

From: Tim Wade<>   To: J***** G******/ Sent: Saturday, 7 April 2010, 18:04 Subject: Re: photo

The army gave me the discipline & a bit of know how and I made some mega friends along the way. I did a close protection course near the end which you’ve got to pass every part of it & if you fail any part of it your binned there & then no second chance. Its a big bluff about the ban I did get a lot of drinking bans for busting the two can rule when I was on operations but even then I pissed every night and played cards. lol The monkey’s. Waht we used to call the military police, stopped us to try and catch us out but we would always blag our way out of it. lol
From: J***** G******/ To: Tim Wade<> Sent: Sunday, 8 April 2010, 10:51 Subject: Re: photo
Oh dear, being a bad boy, a relly bad boy!!:) happy So what did you do once you left?
From: Tim Wade <> To: J***** G******/ Sent: Sunday, 8 April 2010, 10:56 Subject:Re: photo
I’ve had my very bad boy moments which ain’t a bad thing .   I did a bit of naked car surfing and had a fight with about 27 police officers but I am not bad bad. Not muchI used to own a pub & club security company after I got out but got fed up of paying the hypocrisy of the system just to keep my head above water to moved here and things just got better. I run an internet company now and live the easy life, you should cum over.
From: J***** G******/ To: Tim Wade <> Sent: Sunday, 8 April 2010, 11:02 Subject:Re: photo
Impressed, So you are your own man with a bussiness. I was talking about you last night with the girl who came over last night, said one of her boyfriends used to be in the army and he had to know his army number off the top of his head and that he was known by that number in the army. Is that true as it sounds very cold to be known as just a number!
From: Tim Wade <> To: J***** G******/ Sent: Sunday, 8 April 2010, 11:04 Subject:Re: photo
yeah in the army your just a number which is a bit like the dark ages but yes you needed to know it, even when pissed up.
After we fully exposed him, Timmy  ran off to set his own page up in the vain hope to clone what we do. (Hes not the only one to do that ) Only problem was and is he keeps exposing innocent vets and TWMHCHQ were getting tarred with the same brush. Which then has an impact on what we do!

airsfot pady

Wade in his desperate attempts to exposed people would at times make up evidence in order to make it stick. Most times just post a picture and Name up and hope for the best The screen shots below  were sent by an ex admin on his now defunct web page who was less than impressed with his methods.
stich 2
stich 1
Another Historical example where Wade accused another innocence Vet without evidence. Wade would then try to accuse these people of being much worse in order to detract from his cock up!
walter wade5

Here is example only recently. This sad event was witnessed by the Sky News reporter while we were assisting him.


Here is Wade setting up a vet who called him out.

plan 1



plan 3

We then found out after it was exposed by ARRSE members He has an Adsense account with Google. Basically it means he allows 3rd parties ads to appear on his websites and he gets paid for every click from any of his websites. One of the reasons gets people to go in his page.

We later found out what he does with email addresses and other information when people sign up to his site’s
Read this link
This Bloater is a particularly nasty one as you can see from the various screen shots provided.
He had served, but he was Bloating and its as simple as that.

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