A quick search of the Internet will show many videos and books by Stirling who actually on screen makes firm and clear claims that he is ex Para and Ex SAS. As a result of several serious concerns voiced by both Para and SF guys they asked us to look into this guy and his claims on their behalf. The name Stirling was adopted by him as a mark of respect for the founder of the SAS and is not his real name.

Information from former Para’s that were in service at the times and places indicated by Stirling have proved negative this includes ranks from Private up to and including a Lt. Col. Para Data shows nothing either. In total over 30 sources have been checked in respect of the Parachute Regiment and also includes people coming forward who served in the very platoon that Stirling claims to have been in. Moving onto Special Forces. In excess of 14 independent and verified sources have been checked from the rank of Tpr to Major and all ranks in between and no one knows of him, recalls him or served with him. Both these checks date back to over a 20 year period. Offers have been made to Stirling to set the record straight of his own accord but have been refused in public. However one last attempt did provoke a response, which can be seen below. This response has been analysed and subjected to very detailed scrutiny by many people from both the Parachute Regiment and SF, all enquiries were not carried out by name alone and was accompanied by a photograph so there is no confusion at all as to who the subject of the enquiry was.

There are many holes in the account provided by Stirling, who incidentally asked that the below account be made public. To name a few :

He cannot be certain as to the recruit platoon he served with which in itself is strange. The gap between the recruit platoons he says it may have been is too wide apart both by years and by platoon number.

No Record at PRA or SAS Association

He also shows a photo of range drills and indicates that he is at the very end of the firing point but is too far away to see the face, every member is wearing a red beret with a para cap badge. The only time he would have been wearing the beret and cap badge would have been immediately post P Coy as for the Jnr Leaders Bn they did not wear the red beret at the time frame he alleges and the photo is not of recruit coy Browning barracks as that was operative at least in 1974. Also the Jnr’s were based at Oswestry until 1975 and only then did they relocate to Shorncliff

He states that he completed P Coy and then left the Parachute Regiment without serving in a Battalion, which again is rather odd as he was not an attached arm. This means and is confirmed that he did not attend the jump school to gain his basic wings. The question has to be asked as to why after completing P Coy he did not stay within the regiment and immediately transferred out to another unit.
He further lays claim to have served within a secret unit in Northern Ireland clearly meaning 14 Int Company and before the SRR, again there is no trace of this to support his claim.

He states that he passed SAS selection and was injured before completing the continuation phase, which in real terms means he did not complete selection in essence. He states that was not badged and due to injury was transferred to the Demo Platoon at Hereford, again no trace by those who were there at the time.

The list of discrepancies goes on and on and will be seen in the response below.
In an effort for the enquiry to be balanced I approached him directly and asked him if he would like me to put him in contact with two SF sources with a view to resolving this problem, quietly and in private, this was not accepted and ignored in his letter of response.

This whole exposure is based on credible sources covering every stage of his alleged service. No documentary evidence has been produced by Stirling and no offers of avenues to confirm his account that has been put forward by him that will allow us to arrive at a sensible conclusion as to his service.

Sterling has done work for certain charities and to this end we do not involve this area or the charities themselves and we do not believe that there is cause to mention the organizations by name for any reason on the grounds that they are reputable and beyond reproach. Any work done for charity by anyone is a good thing I might add.
It is not understood also as to why he has to wear a red beret when teaching kids or why there are photos of SAS wing (Regular) and mugs with the SAS poem on.
What is clear is that he had some type of military background but not as claimed. In fact he could have just bigged up his time in Rhodesia. So why make up or attempt to suggest he was SAS like so many before him, Bob Spour, CUMPER and James shortt to name but a few  

A second further opportunity was given to him to discuss the matter just hours before this release and up until publishing no response has been made by Sterling.

Here are just some links that he used to verify his claims :

Quotes “Robert Stirling These were taken for the ID card so you can understand why I look crazy.
June 30, 2010 at 11:18am See pic attached.

Photos : Alleged ID card photo
Regular Service SAS wings
Photo showing the wearing of the red beret

After we exposed him he tried to worm his way out with every excuse in the book

Here it is
Yes I am the guy. If you are talking about the still from that early video. There are two issues here which are only partially related. My service record and what I am doing all this for. Let me explain:

I am no hero and have never won any medals bar the GSM.

I don’t call myself a Paratrooper though I passed P company I never served in a battalion; and I don’t call myself an SAS man as I was not there long enough – but I did pass selection.

I did join the Jldr Para at Shorncliffe aged 16, then to Depot Para – Browning barracks where I passed P company aged 17 at the end of 1975. I thought it might be 318 platoon but it could be 418. Don’t remember. Then I transferred to the Royal Hussars and worked on Tanks then N Ireland. I passed selection at Hereford at the second attempt either just before or after my 20th birthday. Then I was smashed up quite badly but kept on in Demo Troop. Run at that time by Lofty Wiseman. Before the next continuation training I moved to another unit – now disbanded – which had something to do with NI. Then I left the British Army and went to Rhodesia -then South Africa etc. All this is public information put up by my publicity people and in my books so no one can say I pretend anything. Check page 7 of my first book where I make all this plain. Of course, people do talk about me and exaggerate which can make it look like I am saying things.

About 8 years ago I was hearing about our young lads being killed in Iraq and I got the idea of writing a book to try to stop a few getting shot or blown up. You might think that an egotistic thing to do but that is your choice and I am sure of my motives,. It has taken me 8 years to get the three books written and sold which I wanted to write. During this time I have put aside my business efforts and made less than £20,000 from the books. This is normal as anyone who has published will be able to confirm. I would have made more stacking shelves at Tescos.

As I have gone along through the publishing process I have learned that to get a book to sell, first to a publisher, then to the reader, it has to be written pretty “gung ho”. That is a simple fact. And people care about the image of the author too: They don’t want to buy a book from a fat, bald old guy like me – who does nothing – they want a dream. So the publicity people at the publishers have worked to make me look that way to sell books. They have advised me who to talk to in the media and newspapers and to make videos and things like that. Even the catchy name.

Which is why I have said all along that people will believe what they want to believe. Anyone could have messaged me or checked out my web site or FB site before writing about me. But, by and large, people don’t want the truth, they want their prejudices confirmed. Isn’t that a truth Issy?

Along the way I have been invited to help with several charities such as Soldiers Off The Streets and Pilgrim Bandits. Because I have struggled with PTSD myself I studied for many years all manner of ways of helping relieve the symptoms. The latest and best is a simple Tapping process based on Chinese Acupuncture. I help guys in all these charities and with their PTSD for no charge. I have not taken a penny from charity or veteran anywhere.

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