We was alerted to Clayton Smith a few months ago after his antics on the Brad Pitt film Fury raised quite a few eyebrows amongst both cast and crew members including the main players of the film set, including the Director. We call them Bloaters, the Irish call them Bubblers and the yanks, Posers.

Clayton Smith was telling anyone who would listen about his war stories of special forces heroics and claiming to be a fully qualified Drill Sgt instructor in order to secure an advantage on the film set of Fury.
So we teamed up with our brothers from Stolen Valor to get his official records checked out and find out the myth that is Clayton Thomas Smith.

First the Drill Sergeant Claim


A spot in Drill Sergeant School. It’s one of the highest honors the U.S. Army can bestow a Non-Commissioned Officer (NCO). Only the most qualified NCO’s are chosen to attend Drill Sergeant School, where they are trained to fulfill a role of utmost importance—the role of a Drill Sergeant. After all, Drill Sergeants teach new recruits every aspect of Basic Combat Training—which means they have the great responsibility of shaping recruits into the best Soldiers in the world.

Claimed by Clayton on his own profile on IMDB
“U.S.Army Drill Sergeant Training School, 104th Training Facility Ft. Jackson, Drill Sergeant/Weapons Training, Msgt Daniel Steele, 1994 Certified Drill Instructor US Army”

No records of a Clayton Thomas Smith being qualified as a Drill Sergeant. They would have been on his official records!

It became obvious Clayton was trying to emulate the Famous Drill Sgt from Full Metal Jacket, even claiming he was known when serving by a code word when in the special Forces as “rafter” Which again turned out to be a character from Full Metal Jacket.

Clayton was even trying to convince the Director of the film David Ayer into penning a film about his “deniable” operations into Mexico.

It soon became apparent Clayton was not all that he claimed, his weapon handling skills amongst other things on set were said to be not that of someone who had served in the way he wanted people to think but his baggage handling skills were up there with the best of the Bell boys at the Ritz Read on to find out why.

His antics and claims became more outrageous as time went on and he would be heard frequently telling people about his deniable operations on the orders of Bill Clinton to rescue an undercover unit taken prisoner in Mexico and Bill personally telling our new expendable “leave no witness’s Sarge”

According to Clayton he finally decided to hang up his guns due to President George W Bush sending him on far to many secret missions.

After 9/11 Hannibal Smith oops sorry Clayton Smith was brought out of retirement due to his extensive combat experience so he could put together and lead a special 12 man team into Afghanistan.

We sent in our honey trap to see what Clayton had to say on this issue. Please read the screen shots and try not to vomit

Claims 1

Started his career in the Army as a recruit of the 102 Special forces in 1983 at Fort Lewis. He then claimed to another he was a recruit at Fort Brag and was a jump master. He later claimed his first posting was to Geissen from 84 to 88 to the 32 air con inf attached to the artillery as a Drill Sgt. Then went back to Fort Lewis 94 98 with his old unit the 102 special forces.
Other claims. 2 tours of Iraq and 2 tours of Afghanistan. Assisted Secret operations in Korea and deniable operations in Mexico on the orders of President Bill Clinton. He conducted “secret” agent exchanges with the Secret Service in Berlin between 88 and 94 making several such exchanges at “Check-Point-Charlie”

Claims 2:
US Army and Air Force Member: Basic Training 1990 Ft Jackson S. Carolina. 1st Duty Station Ft. Lewis Wash. State: Communications Platoon 31st Bde. Air Defense. Attached 1st Sp. Group 1995 Msn’s include Mexico, 1996-Southwest Asia, Afghanistan X2 in 2002. 2 tours in South Korea. 1x K-2 Karshi Kaninbad Uzbekistan. Trained as a Drill Sergeant with 104TH Training Division returned to Ft. Jackson in that capacity. Special Duty Assignments included: Associate to Secret Service Gov. of Texas 1997 and Presidential Support 2004; Ensured proper and safe transport of Pacific Rim Air defenseto white sand New Mexico:n Interim assignments included, RAF Mildenhall 3 years, and five years in Italy. Retired with 21 years 9 Months and 16 Days as a Senior Non-Commissioned Officer

Claims to his own member of family who assisted us.

March /Sept 1983 B 42 Tank Hill Ft Jackson S.C. (Boot Camp) Sept 83-March 85 104th Training Div. (Drill Sergeant)// March 85-Feb 87 32 ADCOM/ADA Giessen W. Germany// Feb 87-April 88 4th ID Ft. Carson Colo.// 88-89 Civ in Germany wooing my Bride to be:O)// April 1989-March 1994 104th Training Div. Drill Sergeant// March 1994-July 1998 35TH ADA Air Defense Brigade Ft Lewis/Ft Bliss TX Satellite Communications Platoon (Attached to 1st Special Forces Group Ft Lewis Wa. 6 months 1996 after KOHBAR TOWERS Terrorist attack)//July 1998-July 2000 Portland Ore. Air Force Reserves NCO Cargo Specialist//ACTIVE DUTY AIR FORCE From..July 2000-Dec 2003 62nd APS(Aerial Port Sq.) McChord Wa. NCOIC Special Handling//Dec 2003-Jan 2004 731st AMC (Air Mobility Command) S. Korea //Jan 2004-Jan 2007 727 AMC RAF Mildenhall England…Attached to JOINT TASK FORCE ARMED FORCES INAUGURAL TEAM PRES. G.W. BUSH//Jan 2007-Jan 2008 731st AMC (Air Mobility Command) S. Korea//Jan 2008-March 2013 724 AMS Aviano Italy//March 2013 Retired…. Many interim Leadership Academies and special ops missions, to many to list sis. I hope this helps. I have been trained in Special Services for our nations Pres. Secret Missions in Mexico…Chemical Warfare NCO…Air Defense Security…2 tours in Afghanistan and K-2 Karshi Kahninibad…South West Asia Saudi Arabia etc.

Clayton had served in the Signals and should have been proud of that however, he decided to bloat that service to impress and gain advantage.

Sergeant Clayton Thomas Smith
Home of Record at time of enlistment: Corvallis, Oregon
MOS: Signal Corps, Multi-channel Transmission Systems Operator (31M) Enlisted in April 1985.
A multichannel transmission systems operator-maintainer works directly on equipment that communicates through more than one channel. They are responsible for the maintenance check of these devices, antennae and associated equipment.
Active Army 1985-1988
Army Reserve 1988-1991,
Inactive Army Reserve 1991-1994,
Active Army 1994-1998.
He was discharged from the Army in June 1998 having completed his military service obligation.

The records shows service in Southwest Asia from July 1997 to January 1998. The only unit shown in the records is his last assignment, 35th Air Defense Artillery Brigade, Fort Bliss, Texas.

Clayton then Joined the US Air force for a few years as a Technical Sgt working at the Air-Termainal operations center RAF Mildernhall. Ding Dong your flight has arrived.


Link to this chap and his fantasy



Twitter where he frequently stalks the stars like Avid Merrion.



He took his facebook profile down once he knew he had been exposed.

Fact His offical records would have shown service with Special Forces, secret service or of being a Drill Sgt. but NADA shown. Oh dear!92220_4637340