his is Sparta you Cumper, King Leonidas shouted as he volleyed Keith Miles in the Chops and into a well. Yes even back then the Spartans had their own Cumpers. Giving it Large in the local vineyard that they were in 300. Talking of Walting Spartans lets turn our attention to a Mr Richard Lee of the Royal Marines….or was he?

First the tip off

I have a local hero that I know is a blagger. He keeps making claims of being a royal marine but in sort, he never made the grade and was booted out. He is using fake military history to build a stronger business acumen to base his business on. He is insulting those who worked blood sweat and tiers to become a Royal Marine,

After a few calls and a tap on the computer we got our man

Lt Lee, Richard 30029737. Joined CTCRM 03-sep-2007 “phase 1/2 TRG” (so basically started YO training I’d imagine since no records on JPA prior to this date). Records run up until 01-jul-2008 and then just stop. How strange!

Since YO training takes over a year to complete and his perm. Assignment location never changed during this period the records show he never even made it out of YO training let alone being a mountain leader.which makes no sense as only captains are loaded to ML courses. MLO/Recce troop boss is a second tour job. Not a sprog Lt’s.

His claims of 3 years Don’t really fit either as If he did 2 years as a post grad he would have made captain.
Was Richard binned or sacked it off? Who knows and we are sure someone who served with him will know 😉

Richard knew we were onto him and attempted to give us the old legal threat chest-nut ploy. Read the screen shots. Just before he did an internet runner.

Richard Lee wearing a Royal Marine Commando T-shirt. Which is strange as he never made it to Commando Training.





Four days before the race, 2nd Lt. Richard Lee of the Royal Marines arrived in town. Discharged last November 2008 on account of a broken leg, Lee had been hiking the mountainous former colonies as a means of rehabilitation. At 27, he cut the dashing figure of a gentleman explorer, girlfriend in tow. He weighed in at 65 kilograms .


Richard Lee, a 27-year-old ex-Royal Marine, was walking the Appalachian Trail with his girlfriend when they arrived in Pittsfield,
How did your Marine training help?

The Death Race was very tough but if you have done a couple of years of training similar to the Marines you will be surprised by what you can actually do. Most people at the point of exhaustion go: “This is my limit.” It may be your mental limit but it’s definitely not your physical limit. You can keep going.


EX-Royal Marine commando Richard Lee has new premises in Ely for his multi-million pound business Spartan Race, which organises endurance events world wide


Richard’s military background was perfect. As an officer in the Royal Marines, he had completed assault courses on a daily basis – so his experience and expertise made him perfectly qualified to design Spartan Race courses that would put others through their paces. He jumped at the chance to make the transition from ‘poacher’ to ‘gamekeeper’ and went about the design of the Spartan courses with relish.



Former Royal Marine Commando Richard Lee is the softly-spoken tough guy who’s the brains behind the
runaway success of Spartan Race in Britain.
Lee, 30, spent years undergoing gruelling exercises at the Commando Training Centre for the Royal Marines at
Lympstone, between Exeter and Exmouth in Devon


From my research it says you have a military background?

When I was at University I was in the University Training Corp and that put me through University. After this I went into the mountain troops in the Royal Marines for about three years but I broke my leg which meant I left. I’ve also been a Mountain guide and climbing instructor. But i’ve also done marathons, Iron Man, Triathlons and always been fascinated in different sports.


Since then the press have reported on Teggers and calls for his sacking from Spantan Race.





Now changed his name to Richard Thomas. https://www.eastlife.co.uk/article/hockwold-hall/