Meet Adam Hodgen


Britain First appointed “Armed Forces Officer” wow impressed? Nope, he’s a fecking Walt! Mind you don’t most governments appoint complete clueless simpletons in charge of our defence? However, back to Adam

No service or known by the close family past or present of 39 Regiment RA


Adam Hodgen Never served with 39 Regt RA. His name is also not on the Op Granby scroll. Which was commissioned by WO1 A. Parvez. Unless he is on the Riffles scroll which only his name would be it as there is no such unit that we could find called the RIFFLES J (as he called them in his own Bio)


No service in the RGJ! He was kicked out of an RGJ “cadet” unit

His FP profile that he has since sanitised!

When challenged several times he would not give his army number which is strange for someone who was happy to talk about his service record on the open forum…up until the Walt finders smelt Cumper blood 😉

After a feeble attempt to defend himself, the wheels finally came off and due to a bad back he slipped and hit the delete button…repeatedly like a man possessed.

Major crime, Wearing an eBay medal on working dress as well as looking like a bag “O” shite in his living room.

Verdict………..what a Cumper!

His Bio. Warning. please wear a nappy (extra absorbent) and put triple twits on your trouser bottoms and eat at least four packs of Biscuit AB without water will crap yourself laughing and it will be messy, you may even get a bit of sick in your mouth!


Britain First

The Britain First leadership team is delighted to announce the appointment of ex-forces man Adam Hodgen as our official “Armed Forces Officer”.

The number of either serving or ex-forces on our internal group has surpassed the 250 mark and because of this we are now putting this department of the movement on a proper footing.

We wish Adam all the best in his new role!

Here is a short summary of Adam’s career sent in to us:


My interest for serving within our Armed Forces stems back as far as I can remember.

Most of my family have served in Her Majesty’s Forces and I am a squaddie brat (father was serving when I was born).

I went on to join the Army Cadets at the age of 12 (Sgt, 3 star rank gained) through to my joining the British Army in late 1988.

Upon leaving school in 1988, I joined up in to the Junior Leader Regiment – Infantry (JLR/ junior soldier) Full Corporal rank gained in this time.

Then once completed I transferred across to Adult Service.

I saw a brief combat service during Operation Granby (1991 Gulf conflict) attached to 39 Heavy Artillery Regiment (MLRS) as Command Post Guard for them.

Following the loss of my son from SIDS (cot death), I transferred to a T/A unit full time on compassionate grounds with The Royal Green Jackets (now known as The Rifles).

I had a fulfilling service with them the Rifles, gaining my NCO’s rank quickly due to my service within the JLR which helped to accelerate my promotions.

In 1995 I transferred internally to The Royal Artillery Regiment, due to rank opportunities and a deep interest for heavy weapon systems to which I remained with until leaving in 2000 due to spinal problems.

I’ve been involved with the Army Cadet Force (probationary instructor) until recently, but I have now left that position (regrettably) due to work and family commitments.

During my times within our great Armed Forces I have made great friends (for life), learnt so much and yes got to play with lots of great toys and gadgets.

Most of all I have great pride to have served for Queen and Country.

I’ve been happily married for over 12 years now, with two lovely children and I hope one of them will follow in my family’s long history with our Armed Forces.

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