Where to start?  Early August we were alerted to a chap called Adam Hogden from the Norfolk area. He had just been appointed as Britain’s First Armed Forces Officer and his on line CV did not add up to those who were in the units and operations he claimed to have served in. Read link


Soon after  Hodgen Stepped down in what was a humiliating turn of events, we was warned the Head of Britain First was not to impressed with us for exposing “their man”, but was more or less powerless to openly oppose the club on his various support pages due to our heavy Armed Forces Following.  Please note we do not expose and individual for political reasons!  The head of BF even liked our page in order to keep tabs on our page!

Within days the first signs of an attempt to discredit the club were witness by a club member on a support page for Britain First called “Sack Ben Duncan”, where it was suggested the WMHC-HQ had pro IRA links. (see exhibit A) This was an attempt to get the outrage bus rolling a mass report of the page!

August 8 near Walton le Dale

There is a page on here that is exposing walts, and fair play to them because walts are complete thunder cunts, however here’s where the plot thickens.
The page in question is being egged on to expose political type walts by ira supporting types. We are watching you and we are disgusted that a page ran by men who should know better are being taken for a ride.”


where it started ben dunken

This was the first attempt of claims the club had political driven aims and should not be trusted. Most people who visited the page could see there were BF links and where its main drive was from the off set.

A few days after this, a page called the Walter Mitty Hunters Club HQ “exposed” emerged on the 11 Aug. This time a new tac. Claiming we had bullied innocent individuals, boys and disabled people and had got it terribly wrong on several occasions. Again attempts to discredit the club and its members and as the saying goes, if you throw enough mud some will eventually stick. (Even if you have to make it up)  Mostly of this was in the form of pathetic posters making the same statements, the sort of things we see with nearly every Walt we have caught out.  Think Ken Raymond for a second and keep him there as we will return to him and his antics quite soon! The very first like on the new page was Sack Ben Duncen

first like dunken

A little about our admin set up.

Each day we get around 40 to 50 PM’s from people wanting us to investigate their suspected Walter Mitty, this can be quite time consuming in itself as we all have day jobs (some night shifts) and we are not glued to the computer, contrary  to popular belief. It is not a paid service and we don’t charge people, and some of the Admin have family’s and other outside commitment’s.

We are not all in the same area or country for that matter and our only means of a chin wag is via a pre-set time once a week on a secret admin only page were we can discuss tips offs and leads. Not all can always make the time!

We have a filter system quite and a few PMs we receive are in the form of second hand information, No names, no Photos or links. Just – “he said he was a Para to me down the pub and he has a belly I think he is walt” or a photo of some bloke with a DPM daysack, go get him”.  We always we ask those to send more substantive information before we can invest our time in looking closer.

We also have to filter out the repetitive PMs Where another military based Facebook page gets drawn into an on-line argument after a fake profile is deliberately set up acting like a walt to stir trouble. (Not Dirk Steel) These profiler’s then get report to us hundreds of times, requesting we expose it. We then have to inform those people for what it is and to ignore it and that they are time wasting for attention. Regardless of this, we still get the same ones like the Raf Reg/SFSG bloke to this day.

Those we can see have been walting for gain we put our efforts into digging a little deeper to see what surfaces.  This while the others PMs keep flooding in and at times some do get lost in the pile (so to those we have not answered please don’t take offence, it’s nothing personal)

Now with the smallest violin put firmly back in its box let’s get back to the script.


Early September a few military themed Facebook pages posted up a picture of an individual with SAS Beret, “Oxford Blue” Stable belt and normal Issue MTP.  Our PM system was flooded with PMs of the very same picture. With “have you seen this”. On the majority of them and normally we ask for more details as we have outlined above, but this is where things took a wrong turn.

7th September,  was received from a Steven Talbot giving details of the Chap in question and a Brief account of who he was. On the 8th Sept at 10:43 a Joey Mcswiggen sent an email, again giving a description of the individual as to having prior knowledge of him. Normal SOP should have been to discuss at an appropriate RV on the secret page. However, in Haste and in complete disregard for our well established protocols he posted the picture up soon after with the caption (Oh Dear) He did not name him but that is still not an excuse!

tip 1tip 3 (2)tip 3 (2)

We are not going to make excuses for that huge screw up, end of the day he should have waited, it’s not a race or a competition. The days of Tim wade and his reckless behaviour we had thought was long gone. Yet all the same, not only did he post it, but when the proverbial hit the fan, He did not act and left the picture up for quite some time, By that time the damage was done!

We all take full responsibility and are profoundly sorry to the individual we wrongly posted up and for our lack of prompt action in removing after posters rightly were defending him. We  are profoundly sorry any hurt and distress we caused that individual his family and his muckers, He is a well respected Ex member of the Royal Navy and a valued supporter of  Ex Servicemen’s support groups! We will leave it to the group to decide if this page stays up!

The new page set up by the Anti walt group was extremely quick to screen shot the posts and comments, then post them on their page crowing about how we got it so wrong, which means we must have got it wrong with all the rest. They posted on several of thier like pages, requesting a mass report of the page. The sort of thing Mark Allen, Tony Cumper, Ken Rayborne to name a few had been trying to do for years. (if they got it wrong with him, they got it wrong with me) If mass reported the page along with their lies go with it.

Obviously we needed to get to the bottom of what went wrong and after hearing the explanations the admin responsible was struck off for (A) not following procedure and (B) not acting when it became apparent he had Screwed up.

We then needed to conduct out own internal investigation and go through the entire tip offs over that period. Over 600 posts.

After closer inspection of the profiles sending these tip offs we noticed Steven Talbot who was also from the same area as Hogden who during the outing of Adam Hogden was attempting  to detract the club towards other people. He was doing this on the open and not via PM, (see images)

steve talbot detract from BFsteve talb 2steve talb from the same area as adam hodgen

We then started to look at Talbot and his friends and found Joey Mcswiggen, both had the same mutual friends. Mcswiggen had also sent a tip off claiming to know the individual. We then looked back at the Comments on the post about the individual we had got wrong and noticed Joey Mcswiggen was extremely vocal on how we had got it wrong! Strange considering he tipped us off about him.

We noticed the heavy Britain First influence on his page and links to some of the lead members of BF.

member with bf links

Digging further, Bobby Faye was friends with Monster Skyline Eddy (Walt Para) and Craig Palmer (walt submariner)  James Faye was mutual with Ken Rayborne (Walt everything ) along with the likes from a few other walts we had come across before, and one we have only just noticed (more about that chap very soon 😉 )!

main admin friends

The dots were starting to line up and due to over complacency we realised we had been caught with our pants down and our arse in the wind!

So in order for us to concentrate on digging further we decided to hatch a little sting ourselves.

Strike Back!

Like the legend of the Trojan Horse We used one of our old honey trap profiles to get behind the wire. Changed her into a bloke and started setting the wheels in motion for a perfect short sting operation. Liking several of their favourite pages while making the odd aggrieved comment and same noises about the WMHC-HQ , plus other subjects along the way, and Soon it was not long before our transsexual had started to get on side with the admin and within a few days, we was in!

Soon the fake profiles wanted to friend our transsexual Honey trap and so we were able to gain extra intelligence on the admin and its real aims. The main page set up was by Steven Talbot which was ironic as the same profile was attempting to get us to expose others (see above). Some of the Admin claimed to have been victims yet would not go into detail. It became evident there was also a heavy EDL whiff to the page.

first like dunken 2admin on secret groupEDL LIKESclimes of being exposed in the past

The admin kept to their respective fake names throughout and was only content with using their ace card as a talking point. Ken Rayborne then requested to tell his story…well his version. Eddie Monster Skyline via his wife complained of the same treatment. The page was like a magnet to other exposed walts all claiming bullying, along with a hint about “Teggers” Richard Lees antics not being something he should not have lost his job for. So  its allright to lie to people for bussiness gain?

ray whineray 2mudchallange fake profile

The page had got to over 200 likes, only problem around 187 where on the banned list. 😉  We decided to pull our page for a while to see how they would react and much glee was had when they thought we had been taken down.

joy at page coming down

They then turned to our sister page The Cumper HQ and again started to make spurious claims and along with that several fake profiles started to post to the Cumper page requesting we expose a fake profile’s, Confused? We are too!

Other prominent members of our club could also see the dots lining up and questioned their admin and their manipulation of events with other Poor Cumpers we had exposed in the past. Some with hint about Criag Palmer, Allistair Macnab and Teggers about them!

members asking questionsmembers question 2members question 3 question 4questions 5questions 6

gary 2

Soon it was time to pull the rug from under them as they attempted to cover their tracks after several people were hitting the nail on the head.

after questions being asked

We closed down our remaining page and again we watched as they started to cheer and claim they had got the remaining page taken down, Their guard was down!.

gloting after last page down

Our transsexual Honey trap then said good night during the back slapping knees up on their “secret closed page” as she needed to get up early. About 0300 to be exact 😉

And that is where we are now. Their page was pissed on at 0300, Name changed from the Walter Mitty Hunter Club Exposed to the Thunder Twats Exposed and changed a few profile pics 🙂 ,  they invited us in and the walts who they were connected with were then posted on their very own outing pages from our page links after we re-opened our Main page from its controlled Hibernation.

Becoming fully aware of what had hit them in teh Morning, their fake profiles were de-activated and the original page deactivated too.

endgame 2end game

They have set up another page and the very first page like, As before “Sack Ben Duncen”  They soon hit the unlike button last night after we made that point. So somthing to hide!

new walt page with sack ben

Point to note James Faye profile then changed to


As you can see Ken Rayborne and the two remaining profiles from the Admin are all muckers.



Feel free to mass report!


new faye prof

Job Done!