Richard Ingram….or Dickie if you like


As predicted Remembrance Sunday had it fair amount of Walt Sightings and as you have read 18 year old Carwyn Pollard bluffed his way in court. claiming he was only wearing the uniform on the day out of respect for a “mate” yet when asked outside court He flat out refused to name him. Not that proud of him then! Looking through Carwyns profile and it is clear he is not only wearing or posting suggestions of Royal Marine service for just one day.

Some may say he was only a kid, but our next one is far from it.

Meet Richard Ingram or Dickie as he likes to be called. We were first alerted to Dickie when a local news article surfaced of Richard paying his respects in the local town complete with DCM, Ni GSM, SAM and some Ebay medal. Oh and an oddly shaped beret of the Royal Marines. We soon went to work, as did you the members and it was not long before we had our man!

Once he knew the game was up Dickie used the very same line as Carwyn. We wonder if he was his Defence Lawyer as this excuse was used before Carwyn was in court 🙂

As you will read from the text below Dickie did try to cling on, be it for a short period until he knew the game was fully up. Was he sorry, was he heck, only sorry he got caught!!

Nov 23rd, 11:41am
I am ***** Ingram, son of Richard Ingram.
The DCM was awarded to his father, as his father told him, so he believes his own father, whom he lost sadly to throat cancer, and he wears his medal alongside his own personal medals with pride. After reading this he feels disgusted and hurt and wishes for any posts related to him to be taken down before causing any more grief to other family members or friends, my father is not sure of the authenticity of his fathers medal, and will not wear it again until he is sure that it was awarded to his father, as was explained to him by his own father.
****** Ingram, with my Father sat beside me.

The Walter Mitty Hunters Club HQ
Nov 23rd, 11:51am
***** . Your fathers name were checked out against the SAMA82 formation role and he is not known. His name and picture were also shown to RM’s who were serving at the time and again the same format. It’s a small club!

We would suggest your father contacts us direct to save further embarrassment as any real Bootneck would not use his son to do his talking for him.

If he feels he can prove us wrong get him to send his service number. We can get it checked via our contacts!

Nov 23rd, 11:53am
My father is sat beside me and would like a contact number to speak via telephone to you people.

The Walter Mitty Hunters Club HQ
Nov 23rd, 12:04pm
Sorry we don’t operate that way! It’s quite simple. Service number and what Cdo he served in. Any Royal would not hesitate

Nov 23rd, 12:13pm

Hello my name is richard ingram wore them medals from my father with pride and beret, he is now deceased and you have caused a lot orr upset. yes i was wrong to wear my fathers beret and medals but i was a service man in the royal artillery my service number was 2458****, now i know that my father was not exatly telling me the whole picture i will not wear them again as much as this hurts me to write this to you, i loved my father and you have left me feeling more distressed ihope this helps

The Walter Mitty Hunters Club HQ

Nov 23rd, 12:19pm
Ok fair one so you were not in the RM or the Falklands and you forgot that you wear your relatives medals on the other side to your own. But why in all the photos we have , have you never worn your own regimental beret!

Nov 23rd, 12:29pm
no never ,was hounering my father. i was very proud of my time in the artillery and will wear my own beret with pride.from now on i never knew this was going to cause any upset and have had my world turned upside down. please take this off and try and let me remember my father fuck knows how going to do that now

The Walter Mitty Hunters Club HQ
Nov 23rd, 12:29pm
Richard it will be hard to convince people that you were simply paying respect when you wear nothing that shows your real service.

The Walter Mitty Hunters Club HQ
Nov 23rd, 12:39pm
We only checked your name Richard. Not your fathers. He could be genuine why are you so quick to discredit him? What’s the name rank number on the medals that were his


Nov 23rd, 12:46pm
Good queston i have no idea only went on what he told me. sorry if you think i was quick to disscredit my father but this is a small comunity and my sons as well as me are upset. now i have told you that i wore them for the reasons stated and have assured you from now on i will wear my own beret. please acept this as i want no more upset not for me but my children

The Walter Mitty Hunters Club HQ
Nov 23rd, 12:49pm
So what medals are your own and when were you in the RA

The Walter Mitty Hunters Club HQ
Nov 23rd, 12:53pm
Also we can help that upset by validating your fathers service. It won’t be hard for us and it will help with closure. So please send the name rank and number that is on your fathers medals

Nov 23rd, 1:01pm
checked there is no number sorry. his rank was sgt if it helps now can you please delete me from facebook

The Walter Mitty Hunters Club HQ
Nov 23rd, 1:09pm
We are happy to but you will need to help us, otherwise we would be accused of getting it wrong for not providing an explanation, So a few very simple questions to help us to help you!

1. What medals are yours and what are his?

2. When did you join the RA and what unit within the RA?

3. Your fathers name?

Nov 23rd, 1:15pm
there all my fathers. joined ra 78 was with 26 feild regiment HQ battery. fathers name was Alan Ingram.

The Walter Mitty Hunters Club HQ
Nov 23rd, 1:22pm
Right so when your son first posted that your fathers DCM was worn “alongside your own personal medals with pride” he was mistaken?

The Walter Mitty Hunters Club HQ
Nov 23rd, 1:32pm
So he was wrong in his opening post?

Nov 23rd, 1:34pm
yes he was probably and didn.t realise sorry now again i know now that it was wrong off me but did it for my reasons to remember the man i loved now please no more if i hear anything about the para i will let you know but i know he works on the oil rigs in Aberdeen if that helps

The Walter Mitty Hunters Club HQ
Nov 23rd, 1:39pm
How long were you in the RA for? also why were you not wearing your fathers DCM back in 2011, if the other medals were his as well and why have we had reports you were telling people in your local about your time in the Royal Marines, Falklands war and other places?

Nov 23rd, 2:26pm
i have told you that i was sorry and yes i did say stupid things as the beer gets hold off you just wanted to be like my dad! it wont happen again!!

{Convo ends}

Sadly yet again only when cornered does the truth spill out.

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