Right club members pull up your feet, grab the popcorn and pour a glass or Port for this Xmas Tale is one to behold. We bet you thought we had gone. We know some whished we had 😉

How it all began


Cast your mind back to the year of our lord 2013, December 30th to be exact. Months previous The Walter Mitty Hunters club HQ became inundated with requests to look into the activities of a Mr Richard Lee of Spartan Race UK.

Please read their Wikipedia page. (If you feel there is something missing from the history section please feel free to highlight and amend) 😉  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Spartan_race

As most of you know, after an intense investigation. Richard got wind we were onto him and attempted to persuade us we had got it all wrong and it was simply down to business rivals. When that failed he attempted to use the old legal threat ploy and when that failed, He begged!

Not perturbed with such “Cumpfuckery” we exposed the Walt for what he is. A manipulative individual!  Who used the good name of the Armed Forces, for his own finical and personal advancement.

Please read links to Brush up on all that is Richard Lee. We ask you to read this as this next instalment of the festive saga becomes all too apparent when you look at his MO when attempted to subdue to the truth and bad press.



Even the Yanks heard about it


Not long after, Spartan Race HQ main man Joe De Sena, released this press statement in an attempt to quell the growing anger from UK and US veterans who were rightly angered a Richard Lee Stolen Valour plus the huge amount of press interest.

CEO Joe De Sena today said: ‘Richard and I spoke at length regarding the inaccuracies surrounding his status as a Royal Marine, and ultimately, Richard and I concluded the only honourable thing for him to do would be to resign his position.’

A statement from Spartan Race on its official Facebook added that the organisation does not condone ‘stolen valour’ however long somebody trained for. It read: ‘Spartan Race does not condone stolen valour in any form.

‘Whether someone trained with the military for one week or four years, they cannot be characterised as something they are not.

‘We wish to apologise again to all those around the world who worked so hard to earn proud distinction serving their countries.’
Richard Lee also made his own “hart felt” statement.

Red-faced Mr Lee offered his ‘deepest apologies’ to all those that have served for their country. ‘I have the upmost respect for members of the military, and even during my own time training, I felt a huge sense of accomplishment.’

He added: ‘To all those who served their countries, past and present, please accept my deepest apologies.’

The press links

The Mail


The Telegraph


The Mirror



Returns of the Teggers

Now, as you have just read Richard Lee was rightfully exposed for the fraud he is. He attempted to wang his way out of it and failed miserably. Joe De Sena and the Spartan Race franchise claimed they do not condone stolen valour in any form ! Richard Lee and Joe De Sena rightly concluded the only honourable thing for Richard Lee to do would be to resign his position. Or so we were all lead to believe.

The little tyke never really left Spartan race or his ill-gotten gains which by his own admission amounted to deception. Honourable actions indeed!

Smoke and Mirror

After Richard Lee made his dramatic and highly publicised exit from Spartan Race UK the licence was up for the highest bidder or so people were lead to think. Several people put their name and money in the hat, only for them all to be told week later they had been out bid by some chap called Danial Andresen Tuffnell!

Who He.

Daniel Tuffnell was a former member at the University of Chichester. Daniel was at the Uni around the same time as, you guessed it. Richard Lee, and both members of the same Officer Cadet Training Corps. (SUOTC)!

Not long after Lee’s high profile resignation from Spartan Race UK, and for reasons already stated. Daniel Tuffnell in a well-publicised barrage of interviews, was announced as the new UK licence holder for Spartan UK. Well blow me, Richards bezzy mate wins the licence, would you Adam and Eve it! But wait Dan is quoted below as saying it was Spartan Race who selected him! So how deep in the smoke and Mirrors act was Spartan Race?

. http://www.mudstacle.com/2014/05/spartan-race-uk-new-leader-interview-dan-tuffnell.html

“Following the high profile exit of Richard Lee from the role of UK Spartan Race Director four months ago, we’ve been anxiously waiting to find out what would become of the UK franchise. After such a turbulent year, getting somebody in the hot-seat to take control of the operation seems absolutely key to the future of the brand.

Thankfully Spartan have now appointed their new UK leader and, having bumped into him on a couple of occasions now, he seems like a jolly nice chap! Dan Tuffnell is 36 years old and is from Farnborough in Kent. According to the press release, he’s an“adventurer, in work and life, a communicator and a pioneer in alternative education, training and events”. Sounds like my kind of guy! I phoned him up to get the down low on his plans for developing Spartan in the Uk”

“UK Director Dan Tuffnell said today: “I am incredibly excited and proud to have been selected by Spartan Race to produce the series and thrill the UK Spartan community”

The Problem with these articles, and as you have now pieced together is it was a complete load of BS. Richard Lee was still the Director and actively pulling the strings from behind. In effect he and Joe De Sena, deliberately mislead the general public over Richard Lee and his resignation. It was a farce, A con job, call it what you may, but it all boils down to one thing. The claims by both Lee and De Sena about Stolen Valour not being tolerated and having the highest respect for the Armed Forces worldwide was not true and their supposed Honourable actions were a smoke and mirrors attempt to sweep the matter under the carpet so they could carry on.

Pictures which show both Lee and Tuffnel are quite close



How did we find out? Several “whistle-blowers” who were appalled at how Richard Lee, Joe De Sena,  and Spartan race brazenly attempted to fool public, contacted us and provided the electronic and Photo evidence that Richard Lee was indeed still in the seat and pulling the strings. In effect   Dan Tuffnell was just a puppet, directed by Lee!  Richard would normally attend race meeting in fancy dress in order to disguise the fact he was still running the show, but sometimes he slipped up as these pics show 😉 Its a bit like find willy

image1   image2

Eamils of Teggers issuing his orders


email2 (2)email3

Now even back in October things for the new “director” Dan looks rosy, However!!


The wheels just came off again for Teggers

Teggers or Total Lack of Integrity which he was nicknamed by Royal Marine Staff during his brief spell in the forces, became aware of our new interest and franticly started posting on our page this


Then Dec 4th, 9:35pm Richard Lee sent us a PM. An exchanged which lasted to Dec 5th, 3:44am. In the PM exchange Richard Lee part admits to have still had dealings with Spartan Race, but was selective as to in what capacity his involvement extended. Richard then attempted yet another runner in the same manner as he did last year, once we dropped the bomb shell over his mate Dan Tuffnell real purpose plus some other things we had seen which proved his and with others were complicit in the lies ;).



teg1  For some reason Richard did not want to explain about Dan 🙂

He chose to ignore the questions about Dan or the lies over his resignation and despite a barrage of requests for answers by others on their FB page about Spartan races UK & HQs attempt at misleading the readership, the general public and the national press.  Lee , and his muckers  did not feel very Spartan and the AROO had all gone out them completely.

Then, out of the blue of the 5 December 2014 a few hours after our bombshell news to Richard Lee. Richard..sorry, Spartan Race makes a surprise announcement of a new Director in the form Richard Pringle. A name we have seen before 😉  and in a blink of an eye at the bottom of the announcement  Richard…sorry Spartan Race UK cut the strings of Dan…….what a shock!


Spartan Race UKs facebook page were inundated after  with such questions as:-

. “What has happened to the funds from the parking fees that were supposed to be going to a charity H4H?”

.” How can your company have any credibility? When you continue to associate with a fraudster, who boasts of serving in HM Forces. Richard Lee’s credentials have been exposed to you as an outright lie, yet you continue to employ him????”

. “Hello Mr Lee. I take it that you already are aware that your false dismissal from Spartan Race has been proved to be a lie by now, so what do you have to say for yourself, now that everyone knows that you are a liar who made money from his lies, and should be prosecuted for the crime of fraud? Sounds like you are still committing said crime, if you are drawing money from the organisation.  I await your reply, but myself and my readers don’t hold out much hope. Shame really, as there are over 2500 of them and counting.”

Yet despite Rich Pringle on Dec 13 2014 claiming Hi everyone it’s UK Race Director Rich here. Just want to clear up a few things up and address some of the messages I have been receiving regarding venues.  Just to be completely upfront with everyone.  He was not playing!


In summeryWe could go on and on, but we will let the links and screen shots do the rest. We have more, but for now let’s see how this one pans out, but whatever the case. Lies are lies and deception of the public for profit is the worst kind. More so, when Stolen Valour was originally used in that deception. The reaction of Spartan Race by both Richard Lee and Joe De Sena was nothing more than sticking two fingers up to the very people they claimed to have respect for after their deception was exposed!

Who’s the Director Still???



Spartan Race,    a total lack of integrity and respect shown by Richard Lee and Joe De Sena of Spartan Race!  So whats the next “honourable” knee jerk reaction?

All press enquires please direct them via PM to The Walter Mitty Hunters Club HQ

Update still claiming he’s been wronged and has now changed his name to Richard Thomas