Ok Pete O’dell Came on the radar and soon as people started to ask questions he began deleting posts from several Parachute Regiment pages like shit off stick.


The tip off

I am not military and not do I pretend to be, I have great respect for the people who defend our country, this man has lied to me and others, he did some service but came out as he hurt his knee playing football then said he’d been shot in the knee, he has been commenting on sites and told me he is para 2 and 22 special air service. Then has warned me I’d made a mistake because I involved him in an argument, my arguments are something you guys wouldn’t give a monkeys about but being a Walt i imagine you would be quite interested in. Here is what I have…

A bit of a low cumper down in the walting stakes when compared to our new MI5 walt (watch this space), but a walt all the same when claiming to be ex 2 Para an 22 SAS during a private convo last year. This is Cumpery by stealth where the art of suggestion to the unknowing raises its walting head.

He then made his 22 connection suggestion in a post about an SAS soldier on another forum and other such references about Blue on Blue with yanks.

The art of suggestion is strong with this one. A cunning trick used by bloaters but social media has its tricks too!

For example hits of being involved in a Blue on Blue with the yanks and comments on Parachute regiment web pages

His mate ran to his aid and pleaded his innocence claiming we could not prove he were never Para reg or even suggested he could have changed his name. We have not heard that one before 😉

However, Pete was not as keen to put his side forward, but would just hide behind his mate and attempt to get his walting taken down via the report button. Past walts know, you end up here if you try that! 😉

We will let the screen shots do the rest, other then to say

No Pre Para course History
No Parachute course recorded history
No service with 2 Para
Not service with 22 SAS