Are you sitting comfortably? Popcorn just out of the microwave and the beer nicely cooled? Are you wearing extra absorbent pants just in case? Well gather thee round and hear a tale of much “Cumpfuckery” and “Waltdolangdiggerydoda” the tale that is Antony Cumper Two the return.

A quick read for all who have not heard about Tony Cumper


A few weeks back we received a PM from a concerned individual about the antics of a Close protection firm called Thor Risk management where an individual called Tony Cumper was offering free jap slapping classes and close protection for venerable females again making claims of his Military skills, only to then insist on a charge for those services, So not free, and that there was hints of intimidation towards these females.

Now this is not walting, but scratch beneath the surface and a can of worms opened.

We took a look at Company’s house listings for Thor Risk Management and noted the director was called Jonathan Renner with no mention of Tony or Antony Cumper, but the address 46 Grafton Street is not far from 49 Grafton Street where Mr Cumper had changed address of Sneaky Beaky Adventures before like most of Cumpers business had been dissolved along with several Country Court Judgments!


Even more intriguing is that the domain for Thor risk management is registered at 49 Grafton Street Cumpers Address but the company registered address is 46 Grafton street. Odd!!!


Registry Registrant ID: Registrant Name: Jonathan Renner

Registrant Organization:

Registrant Street: 49 Grafton Street

Registrant City: Wakefieild Registrant State/Province: West Yorkshire

Registrant Postal Code: WF10 4NX

Registrant Country: United Kingdom

Registrant Phone: +

Registrant Email: rennerriskman@outlook.com

We then noted the other directors who were all linked via Facebook to a Tom Hadley, all were friends linked to each other and yep, Jonathan Renner. Again, could this just be a coincidence? So we looked a bit deeper.

Renner and Hadley had the same profile pictures and style of writing from Linkedin and facebook. Renner has a valid in date front line Close Protection SIA licence as has Cumper.


cumps sia

No Tom Hadley could be found on the SIA database which is strange as Bodyguard to the stars Peter Kumar who we will add we could not find on the SIA database either, praised Tom Hadley as a great operator and instructor and also bigging up Thor Risk Management at the same time.


Please note, we knew Cumper and Hadley were one and the same as he had posted under Tom Hadley on several security forums highlighting that fact. See link posting under  tom hadley 1972, 29 January 2013



We then noted a picture of the Thor TEAM along with Ebay SAS issue Black n nasty to hide their identity’s, but there is not enough Harry maskers in the world to mask that fat Sweeeeeeeeed and Cumper could be easily identified Third from the right.


We than sent out some bait on the Cumper HQ page to see if anyone would take a nibble and soon Tom Hadley and Thor Risk management posted comments offering free Jap Slapping lessons and claiming they were all above board.

Soon the mocking began and Cumper, sorry Hadley dropped his guard and snapped like a kit Kat and openly admitted he was using a fake profile and then changing his profile picture to that of ours, hoping to confuse. We managed to screen shot before the change ;).

cumps sia



Then a member of a Security related forum recalls the Profile of Tom Hadley requesting to join a secure page, but using the SIA number of Jonathan Renner and claiming to the Admin he used Tom Hadley as a cover name. Nothing odd about that? Take a look!


But wait, Someone gets into a conversation with Jonathan Renners FB profile and again like Tom Hadley, Cumper Snaps again and reveals himself as using yet another the fake profile, but of Jonathan Renner.


Soon both Hadley and Renners profile pictures change. Renners Profile then deactivates.

So the big question is who is Jonathan Renner? A check could not find a Jonathan Renner residing in that part of the country.

Thor Risk Management were called by a club member and the other director claimed over the phone that Jonathan Renner was only employed a

Helen Wilson 13:06 (48 minutes ago) to me  Mr Club Member Thank you for your email, I can confirm that Mr Renner does work for us on a self employed bases. I can also assure you that all certifications have been checked and clarified and appropriate insurance is valid. This is the case with all our trainers and instructors, as I will not jeopardise my company or the safety of our clients and staff. I do hope that this has answered your question. Regards

April 8 at 1:55pm

Club member comments after

“He’s their director and secretary too…. She doesn’t mention that.

when asked in messages to confirm who he is etc he told me he is am an instructor employed on a self employed basis with Thor Risk so as far as i am concerned now, he has outright lied and this company smells rotten

ONE WAY or the other by him stating he is a self employed trainer with thor risk he lied, and by thor stating the same thing, they lied”.

Has Tony Cumper been made subject to the Company Directors Disqualification Act 1986 and now using a fake name to set up another company. Whatever the Case If Cumpers behind it then it’s a sure bet something is not right! Close Protection Officers and the Industry have come under the microscope in the last few years along the BBC highlighting the abuse of the SIA licencing system. There are plenty of Cowboys operating taking much needed work form those who follow the rules. Cumper is not one of them!

What a cumper!!










hhjkTony showing how big his medal rack is 😉