Meet a right  SAS Bloater Howard Varney


, Last three 148, The Ex Guardsman who served three years in the Coldstream Guards after being kicked out under QR 9.414 service no longer required. He did one tour of NI and served his time in TAC HQ. No problems with that, But……

Now there are Re-enactors who dress up for Re-enactor shows like War and Peace and we here at the WMHC-HQ get that! However, when someone has served and should know better Dressing up at official parades, Funerals and even their own wedding, wearing medals and rank of a WO to which they know their not entitled to wear having not earned it, is an insult to those who have strived through hard work, years of dedicated service and in a very small minority “Bum licking” 😉 Joke 🙂 to get to the lofty heights of WO, its going a Pace Stick to far and deserved of the award Bloating Cumper and something his fellow Coldstreamers are not happy about! To the point of even removing him from their own clan. He is seen wearing a sword which is by appointment only after reaching the required rank, which Howard never reached!

We asked Varney several times about this aspect and his excuse, after several attempts to avoid the issue with what we can only call word play, was this.
“Why get married wearing a uniform tailored with that rank and those medals and Sword to which you were not awarded or had earned, why could you not simply wear what you had earned. a proud ex Coldstream Guardsman with GSM NI ?”


“I just wanted to because I liked it, I’m not breaking the law”

We then moved onto the subject of his SAS service which some members claim he would quietly suggest he was regular 22 SAS with a tap of the nose and the odd suggestive line during a conversation.

Again we had already checked and found he was only on untrained strength of SAS (V) 21 TA, which means he was never a qualified member of the SAS. He failed. Now, this is not a dig for failing but for trying to carry on the guise to those not in the know that he was a fully qualified Blade by parading publicly with the beret and wings to which he was not awarded on completing the required standard! Soldiers have died attempting UKSF selection, regular and TA.

Please note there is a vast difference to being ISSUED at the stores and being AWARED at the end on the course having passed ALL of the required tests and courses.
If you Google James Shortt you will see he too was on untrained strength at 21 SAS Artists at Chelsea Bks, failed Selection, but was allowed to wear the ISSUED beret while working in an administration role within the Squadron until he could attempt the tests again. James Shortt never did, Like Shortt Howard worked in the armory and helped in the stores, But never passed the required tests and soon left, but it never stopped him taking a few posing photos with other members and using them to suggest to those not in the know he was fully badged.

James Shortt managed it for a long time and like Howard Varney had even managed to get his name in the regimental magazine which was then used to add weight to the deception.

Again we asked Howard the simple question to which again he attempted to avoid with word play and used the word Issued a lot.

WMHC-HQ why wear a Beret and Wings in public that you was never officially awarded on completing the required standards?

Howards reply

One thing that you don’t know about the SAS reserve of the 70’s -80’s is that unless you are attached you were allowed to wear the beige beret and winged dagger as it was issued to you. My continuation training finished whilst I was half way through my para course, I’ve never worn wings but I can wear the beret as it was issued to me!

(Please note) he claimed to have passed the course, but then changed his mind once we informed him we had checked his name out at Brize, However, even if he turned up for one day, his name would have still been on the records as having attended, but RTU’ed.

He never attended and we deliberately failed to mention during our conversation that we had the screen shots of him clearly wearing SF Wings to which he was never awarded. unless he issued them to himself in the stores that is 🙂

Fact is we had already checked via our contacts prior to asking him!

1) He has never been a member of 22

2) He failed 23 and 21 selection in the early eighties.

3) He is shown on their strength on paper for his time but never BADGED but was permitted to wear the beret for a short period while under untrained strength to work in the stores.
This was at unit discretion due to the low numbers at the time Varney was a member.

4) He was never loaded onto the SF (v) Basic Parachute Course at No 1 PTS, despite claiming he was on the course, Again had he passed the required level he would have stepped into the glorious Hanger at Brize and left with a set of wings which you can clearly see in the photos he had self awarded and pinned to his jacket for joe public to see ! .

Mr Walter Howard Varnay, You are a Bloater!.
Still deluded and posting his suggested photos of being a fully badged Trooper.