Stuie Hills slow and very painful WMHCHQ demise into a one way trip to ridicule started months ago when we were alerted to a photo of a chap called Stuie Hill brandishing a Pump action water rifle and sporting some rather large Tattoos of SF parachute wings and the flaming sword of damocles cap badge of the SAS on his shoulder.


At first we thought this could be a cunning plan by some sod just to get us “walt-moist” at the sight of such tattoos.

But no, He was pucker


At first Stuies profile were as open as a 70s female Porn stars cat flap and after screen capturing the goods, we got to work and with the WMHCHQ tentacles spaning far and wide began the intelligence gartering process and soon the wheels slowly come off Stuies Hill bloating.


As well as the normal Halo and google archive pictures one being of 22 SAS in Iraq, used to enhance his bloating to the unsuspecting, two screen shots posted 17 June 2014 grabbed our attention. Where he posted


“RIP to some good friends and colleges from 23 Regiment, who did not beat the clock”

and again in another screen shot on the same day



“Hard day for me as I was given the nod for this run but didn’t go.

See link httpa//…/Sarah-Bryant-woman-soldier-killed-Afg…

Only one problem with this. He was never there!

The incident in question took place June 2008 and Stuie Hill had not been a member of 23 SAS and had not even attended Week one until Aug 2008 and withdrew on Weekend Two.

He was offered a recourse but never showed again and discharged himself from the TAs end of 09.

It was also confirmed by people on the ground in Afghan at the time of the incident, including the Multiple Comd and friends of the KIA, that Stuie Hill was not there or known to them, which is just unforgivable and just as bad as Keith Miles who uses a similar situation to bloat his career.

Stuie even used a pay statement to further enhance the illusion, just like Mark Allen another sas walt.


Once we had the intelligence and analyzed the data and turned it into evidence, we posted a simple request to Stuie. “have heard of the WMHCHQ?” along with a link. within an hour he had cleaned his facebook page of all traces of bloating, but ignored us hoping we had not managed to find out the facts.


Now Stuie Hill had served, be it in the 1 PWO, He had applied for 23 SAS which is commendable, but this has been totally and utterly nullified by the rest of the fantasy and using such a situation, just o impress his mates.

Verdict…………….an utter disrespectful Wankspangle of a Bloater.


Up date. Stuie is now trying to get his walting taken down by reporting our page. There is only one outcome, you go on our www page.