This CRUMPER is one of a kind. Ladies and gentlemen.. Stuart Doyle. He is self claimed ex Irish guards who has seen combat in 4 conflict zones??? Not only has he never been in conflict he states that he has been shot, blown up, stabbed and now suffers with PTSD.
He now claims that he is a top class body guard working with celebrity’s all over the country. despite having his licence suspended. 
 From sources on the other side (CP) his claims that £40,000 worth of training is “impossible and just bollox” .
On top of that Stuart is not the most professional of Close Protection Officers by announcing on social media who his principles are. We are sure raising standards in the Close protection industry would love this chump!
Late entry for Walt of the year but we trust your judgment to vote accordingly
1st Battalion Irish Guards, British Army sep 97-Aug 03.
Hostile experience Northen Ireland, Bosnia, Iraq.  
Specialist in weapons and tactics who provides training and demonstrations for British army soldier/officers at the infantry battle school in brecon. 
He played enemy casualty for the infantry battle school in Brecon on contract from a security company. He does not provide training in so far as instruction in any form to trained troops!
This is the picture he says was him in Iraq 2003. In osprey? Yep its It not him and the real gent in the picture along with a few other Micks would like to chat to him about it.
The Tip off
Every one gets sucked into his web of deception but I literally can’t take no more. Few months back he was working in beacon playing enemy and was acting as a casualty. With the make up, full works. He put a picture up On Here showing an abdominal wound and lied about it saying it was real?? How disrespectful to injured mean and women like. He claims to have killed men in combat? He’s never been in combat but every one gets drawn on. He also claims to have PTSD!!! Again disrespecting the ex and serving men and women that are affected by this.
The Investigation
We then sent out a request for those in 1 Irish Guards between the dates he claims on his linkedin account to have served between. It was not long to establish that Stuart was Bloating to the max as not one member of the Regiment knew him. With the Irish Guards being so close knit you would have thought that at least one would, But no.  
Then his deployment claims were ripped apart.
If he joined in Sep 97, he would not have deployed to NI. Last Micks deployed on Op Banner were No 4 Coy attached to 1 Welsh Guards for their S.Armagh tour Mar-Sep 97. Micks deployed to Kosovo in 1999 but did not deploy to Bosnia. The Micks were in Iraq. The tour was in Apr 03 so i doubt he would have deployed, 4 months prior to his release date.
Stuart then sent us a PM, this was after first blocking us when we first posted our come on down.
He used his other facebook profile and sent what can only be described as Bloatwank backpeddle.
yet when asked a simple “open question” Tell us about your time in 1st Irish Guards?  he avoided and would not go there.
1 copy
He then blocked us again. Then unblocked us, sent a name of someone who employed him who were never in the Irish Guards, then blocked us again..As you can see from the screen shots. You would have thought he could have easily put us in our place and proved he were puker Gen, but he could not or would not. why is that!
It turns out he was outed two weeks prior by other former Irish Guards SNCO of that time on a closed facebook page to which he had gained entry, He did a runner from that page after….strange that.
A few of the many people who just did not know him…and there were plenty of them!
We then had his records checked and it turns out hes a little fibber. No record of serving with the Irish Guards, no operational history or awards so why say you were and give a number that came up as a blank to his claims…………………………There is more 😉
Verdict ………………………………....WHAT A CUMPER !