Club members since we started looking at the so called Charity “Support the Heroes” a right can of worms opened, with several other charity’s all from the same area, the same practices and who are linked in some way to promotion companies and all started to pop up on the radar and more worryingly in every major shopping centre around the UK.

We are gathering more evidence on a daily basis and will update this blog when new info arrives. A pattern is emerging!


 Several questions have been put to Support the Heroes and although their current trend of deleting questions had stopped, they changed tac and posted up a rather carefully worded statement, yet still holding back on the most relevant of answers and using what could only be described as sock puppets and people with a vested reason to insult and harass posters questions. Something smelled fishy and we were not talking about the Contents of Baldricks underpants.


This is from a poster who hit the nail on the head!

“This is actually a longstanding type of scam unfortunately. They latch onto a worthy cause like disabled children (or wounded veterans) and sell these raffle tickets. They operate loosely and at face value within the law, having a business address, website, showing what supposed money does and where it goes. However, let’s say each ticket is £2, the actual individual sellers “on the ground” get £1 and the other £1 goes up the chain.

Now let’s say there is 4,5,6… 20 teams in city centres across the country for example, the one person in charge of a set amount of teams gets all the profits minus the “daily wage”. The small percentage then goes to actual charity and the rest lines their pockets, which in fact is often a very large sum. With a little scratch under the surface highly illegal activities can be uncovered, with a small amount of work by police, and this actually links to serious organised crime”
Read this link and you see just how devious this lot are.

So lets begin with how it works at the grass roots. but first  We refer to the people who work for these so called charity’s as simply “sellers”. They are not Charity workers as they do not work for charity in our eyes! 

How it starts  

They start off by setting up business account normally a promotions company, using the same addresses such as

20-22 Wenlock Road, this is a virtual office address which is also used by Britain First, Jayda Fransen, Jim Dowson…What a shocker!


Willow Glen Dowbridge Kirkham Preston Lancashire. A favorite used by Mr Bernard Keith Chadwick 

Note the word “Promotions” such as:-
Dove Promotions Ltd
Roman Elite Promotions Ltd
First Promotions Ltd
Prize Promotions Ltd
Local VIP Ltd 
Pro Funding Ltd
To name but a few These company’s normally have a limited life span before being DISSOLVED
A few months before a new company is started,and as one is dissolved for various reasons, just as another becomes active. 
For example
DAEHUNG TRADING CO., LTD was incorporated on 11th november 2015 if they apply to strike it off before 10th nov 2016 then they avoid tax of any kind and it will only cost them £10 to do it. what a scam!!

A charity is then set up with a very basic web page, The new Charity will first need to generate 5 K (Like Mark Wallace claimed he was trying to do)  in order set up as a registered charity. This legitimises them because they have a charity registration number to prove it, so they must genuine, Right?

Mark Wallace selling the wristbands in Liverpool city centre

Mark Wallace selling the wristbands in Liverpool city centre

With this registration number they can apply as a legitimate charity and set up a stall in a shopping centre or super market.Paid for by the promotions company.
Most tend to set up in shopping malls as they don’t have to deal with the local council, permits etc for chugging on the street.
The Shopping Centre manager has no reason to think there is any skullduggery as they have a  legitimate charity reference number so they must be Genuine, and they want to Support the Heroes…Right? 
In the same fashion a Company folds and a new starts, (normally due to being investigated or court action) a new Forces Charity is created, Normally with the word
Hero inserted, for example:-
Support the Heroes
Support our Heroes
Afghan Heroes
Our Local Heroes
To name but a few and the list is growing.
Quote from Commander Stephen Head, lead on charity fraud for the Association of Chief Police Officers, ‘In terms of cases relating to armed forces and veterans charities, of those that we see, the largest number by a long way relate to people who have got names similar to Help For Heroes.’
The number of cases has leapt from two in 2012 to 29 last year.

Read the bottom line

What’s on display
The Sellers will dress as close as they can to look like soldiers. Most will claim some forces background, with a few being caught out WALTING that they ex this and that. They are normally  wearing combat trousers along with a Green top. Union Jacks on the back and posters of members of the Armed forces mostly British but in the case of one poster from Our Local Heroes they used a US soldier from the Vietnam to advertise that they support British Soldier…you just could not make it up!
Several serving members of the Armed Forces have reported that they have never been asked by MOD or by the Charity’s mentioned in this blog for permission to use their image when promoting a charity in the streets, which is a copy write infringement  in its self as most of the pictures are MOD stock images. 
Their Modus Operandi
Most people have reported of an aggressive selling approach to get people to part with their money and as much as possible. With sellers shouting  “support our soldiers” Support our Heroes”  or Support the Troops* At times members of the public have had their path deliberately blocked by these sellers who go on to put more pressure by asking if they don’t or why don’t they support our troops, in other words shaming them in public to cough up. 
Those that stop by to put money in a bucket are then “encouraged”  to by a raffle ticket and not waist it on the bucket. more on those tickets in a second.   
Then there are the writs band. Which cost around 30p to make. These are sold at £3 with an offer of two for £5. “Its all for Charity guv”
They will mostly target female old aged pensioners knowing they would have or had a loved one in the Armed forces so are more susceptible in donating money and in some cases easy to pressurise.

They will then try to get you to buy more then just one SKILLS PIZE DRAW ticket Some have reported to WMHCHQ that sellers became quite agitated if you only bought £10 worth of tickets and some felt they were in a bartering match with the sellers trying to get to you part with £100, same gave £50 for tickets just to get away.
One odd thing reported. When serving members in uniform have approached them or walked passed their stall, the sellers became very shy and withdraw to their table…..Why is that?  They also don’t like their photo being taken…why is that?

“SKILLS DRAWS” Ticket sales

We never knew Guv……Honest!


To get around public gambling laws they sell raffle tickets but call them “SKILLS PRIZE DRAWS” this way they cheat the system further by claiming its a competition based on skill and not luck . Most sell the tickets at £2:50 each with only 50 P going to charity.
Their sellers are on commission to sell as many tickets as possible, so the sellers put pressure on you to by more then just one, particularly old people, and at times use humiliation at those who pass their stands without buying a ticket, by shouting that they don’t support our troops at the top of their voices.
Read all about it in more detail here
Do the sellers know what they are doing?
This is a statement made by an ex seller on the 11/12/2015  when confronted on his stand by an ex member of the Armed forces. He is one of 1st Knight Military Charity sellers,  which is run by Pro Funding Ltd, but they fail to tell you that on their web page!.
“We sell tickets for £2.50 each. I get £1.00 per ticket then 20% of the remaining £1.50 goes to a charity (which he couldn’t tell who benefits from it). The other 80% of the £1.50 goes to my boss in Blackpool”. He  then said “its his job and how can we survive if I don’t profit from it”
Soon after the WMHCHQ were flooded with posts from people who used to work for these fake charity’s, who subsequently resigned after learning the truth.
This is one example of an ex employees experience working for Our Local Heroes. Also run from Blackpool,how strange, that place again!
 ” I was unfortunate enough to work for one of these types of companies selling raffle tickets to raise money for charities. After a few days my alarm bells went off when I looked at the companies profits and couldn’t get an answer when i asked how much the ‘charity’ received. In the end i found out it was less than 10% went to charity, the rest was wages and profits.

These places are pretty much Pyramid schemes, they require you to sell 50 tickets a day, you need to sell 250 in a week to get ‘promoted’ to a team leader. This means that if you have a bad day, you could have to work super late or even on weekends. I worked with people who bought tickets themselves with their own money to get their numbers! 

I was told I would have to work unpaid overtime and work 7 days a week (which was illegal in the country I was in), when I told them it was not legal them threatened to have me fired and said i’d have no chance of promotion unless i did as they said, I told them that was also illegal… The day after I quit and sadly found out that their salary system was bogus and was actually 100% commission based on tickets sold.
I contacted a union, they got their lawyers on the company and after 6 months i finally got paid for the work i’d done, the company got closed down and the manager got thrown in jail!Be aware, pretty much ALL of the ticket sellers are part of conglomerate companies, so NEVER buy any tickets from these people on the streets regardless of what charity they say they are from”
Who do they help then?
Several case workers for SSAFA have contacted us all claiming that when they personally approached the likes of Support the Heroes and Our local Heroes that either the phone was put down on them after establishing who they were and what they were calling for and letters with official SSAFA heading were ignored.
Individual cases of  ex soldiers asking for direct help only to have had the very same response.
 “Supporting out troops right”  
Now you would have thought Support  the Heroes would have no problems with this after all
This is a link to their financial statement. They gave all the money they received in direct donations to other charities (about £21, 000) but also received around £50,000 in gift aid which has remained in their accounts. Very sneaky!
The Trustees and links and Support the Heroes Trustee Mrs Pauline Elizabeth White……………………. come on down!
First of all Tony Chadwick is the main player in the Chadwick 
family for these scams. Owner of Prize Promotions Limited and Targeted Management Limited.
Targeted Management Limited:  Tony Chadwick's company is working 
with both Support The Heroes and Our Local Heroes Foundation.
Which beggars the question Why are all these people linked in business and several other defunct charity’s and promotion company’s.
Bernard Keith CHADWICK
Then follow the trail.

Support The Heroes active (Fundraising) Limited Current Directors Mrs Pauline Elizabeth White
Support The Heroes trustee (Fundraising) Limited  Ms Pamela Margaret Carruthers
Bullet Project Limited active Current directors Mrs Pauline Elizabeth White and Mr Bernard Keith Chadwick
Dovelow Limited active Current Directors Mr Bernard Keith Chadwick and Ms Pamela Margaret Carruthers
Northern Projects Limited active Ms Pamela Margaret Carruthers 
Lucian Properties Limited active Directors Mr Bernard Keith Chadwick and Ms Pamela Margaret Carruthers
Prize Promotions Limited “adverse info” Current director Mr Anthony Simon Chadwick…/07829587/prize-promotions-limited
The list goes on
What can be done,
1.  Write to your MP. print out this blog and send it along with a letter of protest over the lack of control measures and the current loop holes being exploited by these so called Charity’s.
Highlight how these scams are taking much needed funds from the real organisations like the Royal British Legion and SSAFA who are  set up with one sole intent, to help the Armed forces.
Highlight how these charity’s use images of the Armed forces to con people into believing they are helping the armed forces when in fact their sole intent is to help the director of the promotion companies pocket.
2.  If you see them in Shopping malls or super markets send an email explaining your concerns as above to the manager of the mall.
3. if they are blocking your path or attempt to belittle by shouting at you in the street for not buying a ticket, report them to the police for harassment.
4. If you see sellers trying to get pensioners to buy tickets. Walk up and inform them exactly what the so called charityis up to.    


Dan Flaskey, head of policy at the Institute of Fundraising, said under law, all fundraisers who make a personal request for money are required to make some form of solicitation statement, which outlines that not all the money will be going directly to the charity.

They are not expected to declare how much of the cash they receive, but should declare what the charity receives.

What seems less clear, however, is how prominently they should publish this information. In this case, the fact 20pc was going to the charity was not being mentioned by the staff unless they were asked. It was not on any of the banners or on the tickets, but could be found in a letter in the back of a folder on the desk.

Mr Flaskey explained that the institute’s role was to ensure charities were aware of the guidelines and carrying out best practice, but that any complaints around alleged breaches would be determined by the Fundraising Standards Board.

He added: “There is no set guidance which says that 50p in a £1 going to a collection firm is okay, but 70p, for instance, isn’t.”

Report them to

If there is one thing to take away from all this, its this. 1294929362

This Gentlemen is a 90 your old Vet. An ex Commando. He volunteers to raise much needed funds for Veterans.  He does not pester people, He does not shout at them if they pass by. He has no target to reach and is not on commission. He just want to do his Bit to help and does it with dignity.



30 Meters away and well placed inside the warm and a busy section of the shopping mall are these. Sucking the much needed funds from the real charity’s!


We will be updating this blog with more information.