Meet Aiden Giles a former member of the Household Cavalry who went AWOL twice, once to avoid being sent to the Afghan frontline and further compounded his bloating by lying about his heroism to get a highly-sought after charity home.

Giles hideous bloating came to light after the Walter Mitty Hunters Club were inundated with PMs from angry members of the HCR who all claimed he never deployed anywhere in his entire short career. This were after he was seen on TV’s DIY SOS with presenter Nick Knowles and was even given special veteran’s accommodation on the basis of his bloating.

We then instigated an investigation into his sick claims and discovered he was in fact lying his fat arse off on national TV.

Over 30 members of the his unit reported him after being disgusted at watching him on TV claiming PTSD and not being able to talk about the events in Afghanistan that lead to it. Well he wouldn’t be able to would he, as he never deployed once, so how did you get PTSD from Afghan Aiden?

See Giles acting abilites here

Not content with Kowlsy. He even told the national press he had served in Afghanistan with the Cavalry but became homeless when he left the Army in 2009. So what’s the score with your mums at Zante where you used to run away to?

Soon after we started asking questions some of the press got wind and later pulled their online page’s to avoid embarrassment once they became fully aware of the his lies.

But forgot this one with a Giles and a Corrie star

The Daily Telegraph

Manchester evening news

As you can see and read in the links the 27-year-old former Trooper in the Household Cavalry is heard clearly claiming he suffers PTSD from a tour of Afghanistan, although is unable to talk about the events that caused the condition. “It’s horrible,” he says. “I wish I could just be the person I was when I first joined the Army but that will never happen”
Giles was given help by the charity Walking With The Wounded and is believed to be

asking other soldiers for help becoming a sniffer dog handler, claiming he’s got no money.

Giles took part on Knowles’ TV programme as a volunteer helping to build the veterans

accommodation block in Newton Heath gaining a home there last month.

The homes are built in “veterans street” or Canada Street in East Manchester, once run

down homes freshened up with £1 million in funding to pay for renovation.

The work was backed by the Duke of Cambridge and Prince Harry as well as hundreds of volunteers – to transform empty properties into homes for former service personnel and a support centre run by the military charities Walking With the Wounded and the Royal British Legion.

At the time Giles said: “I volunteered on the DIY SOS build and gained confidence every day from the experience.

“When they said I would get accommodation on the street I cried. It’s good to have that pride back in me to shine again.” I bet you feel proud now Giles!

Presenter Knowles – who had no idea Giles was lying about his wartime exploits-said: “Aiden personifies what we are trying to do.

“Aiden has had some difficulty since leaving the armed forces and has struggled with PTSD.”

Some comments from people who knew him plus a screen shot from his page where he was AWOL in Oct 2007 and still on the run.

“Not known to have deployed, not known to have been in a traumatic situation, not known to have been physically injured in service. Is known to have gone AWOL twice during his short service though…Others who knew him and of his lies! The comments below are just few from the 30 odd, ranging from Trooper to Officer ranks”.

“I’ve now spoke to nearly all the troop and we are 100 % he never left cerimonial never went to afghan or any other op he was AWOL most of his short career and we think he was done for another offence and went AWOL again before he was discharged”

“He was in for a couple of years the went AWOL for nearly a year to zante came back when he needed money I tried steering him on the right track sent him to Windsor to our training wing as a stable guard basically swept the stables groomed horses it’s the same camp as in combermere bks but not !! the armoured Regt. He then went AWOL again”.

“I think we had Him kicked out ? But he could still be on record as AWOL
I lost track of him as I then deployed to afghan the same deployment he claims to have been on.”

“He did a runner before we deployed to Afghan and was never seen again. My boss said he was admin discharged while still on the run so they could get rid of an admin nightmare. I don’t think he was ever charged for it or if he ever was caught”

We all for looking out for those who are in need, but this creature blagged his way into a much sort after home, using Lies and the misery of PTSD which many an ex servicemen and Women suffer from. He did not need to lie!


However.what the Charity is not aware of is that Aide Giles works on the Doors as a bouncer in at Bohoimian lounge in staylebridge and the company he works for is MSS security based in Manchester…. not only is he head door man he is also on the security team for football games so earning quite a bit and not the broken ex soldier down on his luck he has been making out to be to the charity.


Are the SIA aware of his so called PTSD?



Verdict……………… of the worst Bloaters ever!

DIY SOS veteran’s house given to ex-soldier who lied about fighting in Afghanistan

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