Oh well yet another walt who will not learn or change his ways. Carlos Gotti re-surfaced yet again trying to gain genuine veterans trust with fake IDs. The Walter Mitty Hunters club HQ posted his latest scam and Carlos soon hit the facebook whinge button in order to get the offending fake IDs and his con hidden. Sorry Carlos or what ever you are calling yourself now. You just made it on to our blog page 😉






Also known as Karle Daine, Karle Daine-Westmacott and Carlos Gotti. Fraud, bullshitter and violent mother-drubber. Claims: Military Medal, Queen’s Gallantry Medal, Parachute Regiment, Royal Marines,SAS, Territorial Army – just about everything including the ACC. Nicked by plod and known to the MoD as in Int Nuisance. Best avoided. Known haunts: Sheffield, Stockport, Marple and the Northamptonarea.

Read up more on this link  http://www.arrse.co.uk/wiki/Karle_Halliday


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