Meet Jay Jones from swansea 

Who joined a facebook group giving it big licks and shit dits about being a member of 3 Para
whilst using pictures that are clearly not him or of 3 Para for that matter, look at the DZ in just one,That’s for 13 air assault RLC
 Soon it became clear he was a full of poo and once challenged over his service  he did the normal Walt SOP and did a tactical facebook withdrawal from the group.  His mug was passed around  via closed Parachute Regiment facebook groups and aimed mostly at those who joined in 1999 onwards, yet again as with most of these creatures who do one after being asked the simplest of questions. Yep not one person knows or knew of this Wankspangle..well not this Jay Jones that’s for sure or the other three Airborne suggestive profiles he keeps.

Jayson Jones (Jay)



Jayson Jones (jay jones)
and just plain Jay Jones
Each one claiming or suggesting to be 3 Para at Aldershot yet not one person knows him.