Meet Beau Plantard or His real name John Pugh.

We have had our eye this fella for a while after several tip offs and just needed for him to brake cover as he is a very devious type of slippery bloater !
First of all he was a gunner in 14 Regt RA at Larkhill, for a short while. However, he is not listed on any records as being Military Parachute trained nor earned any medals. He was never in 7 RHA or in the Pathfinder platoon.
Despite serving only on the UK mainland. He tells women that he is ex 22 SAS and has been blown up in NI as well as ultra secret missions for the government, in that he has infiltrated Iran and checked out their nuclear facilities. So it was his fault than. Tony all is forgiven! He also told one lady that he was 23 SAS (as their RSM) at different times of course, in between his tours with the FFL. Busy boy!
He did do the re enactment parachute Pathfinders course in Holland at Teque so he could jump a round canopy…..once. We are told the cheque bounced and he did a runner. Like he did from an Army surplus store.
Watch out for him He is a con man and owes several women money, from a few hundred to several thousands of pounds . People from all spectrums of the military community would dearly like to speak to him.

Oh and here he is!

If any other ladys would like to come forwards to add their two pence worth PM us in confidence 😉