The walt who got away…………………….nearly!

Yet another Bloater in a never ending tail of Cumpery and despair. Meet Kevin Allum. Kevin was flagged up a few years ago after he made a piss poor effort in trying to convince some members of the Ex-Airborne forces community that he was none other than Dinger from Bavo Two Zero fame. A few people who knew the real Dinger had a word in his shell like and he soon did a mag to grid. Never to be seen again or so we thought!

A tip off was sent to us a few weeks ago and as you can see in the pictures of a sprightly fellow at his wedding, held only last month, complete with baggy No2 of SNCO in 2Para ad more medals than the North Korean Military potted sports team. In fact had Ide Armean been around he would have gone crackers at the thought someone was cutting around with more rows than him.

What a ledged we thought and someone with his military prowess wold be well known in the ranks of 2 Para.

So as per SOPs we got chatting to Kev and from the screen shots you can read the classic one liners, right out of the Tony Cumper book of “1001 Cuntcumpery Bloatarge” Tonys one stop shop of hints and nose tappers to impress and astound at formal gatherings. Priced £10.99 at WH Smiths and all leading book stores.

After Kevin dropped his best stuff to our man and asked if he could remember a random name we made up (which he did), we went off to cross reference with all the means at our disposal.
Kevin was checked against the 2 Para Orbat for Op Corporate = He not on there
Checked against Para Records = He’s never been on the course.
Checked with well-connected members of 2 Para who were at Goose Green. Not one knew him!

We then went back to Kevin with our findings and politely informed him we could not find him on all the data we had checked. Kevin then claimed he was known by another name back then. Kevin Taylor.
Soooo we went back and checked again. Guess what. Nothing, not a sausage!

Kevin then after we gave him the bad news decided it was high time to block and take his Bloating down.

Kev had served. Just not in Para Reg and not on the operations he claimed to have served with!

Kevin Allum

I am sorry phil I really cant place you, where you 1 RA and if so when.

Our Man

Kevin I was at first 1 RA then I moved to 2 Para and was a signaler. I was told you was at GG in 82
do you remember Dave Wright?

Kevin hello

Kevin Allum

keep trying to place you , I know a simmo dale simkins

Our Man
Was you at Goose Green?

Our Man
Hi Kev did you get my last?


Our Man

Kev why only wink, I take it you was not at Goose Green then?

Our Man

Kevin I will cut to the chase. Your name and under the name you claim to be known by back then. (Kevin Tylor) was checked against the formation orbat of 2 Para Battle group in 1982. In fact you are not on the SAMA lists what so ever. Your name does not come up. Well established members of the Battalion were asked about you and no one knows of you! four CSMs from 2 Para Support Company who were in post at the time you claim to have served do not know you.

You was given a bluff name of a CSM two weeks ago and you claimed to have known him. Your name was checked against P Coy and RAF Brize Norton parachute course reco

rds. Again under the name you claim to have been known under at the time. your not there. No one by that name or names on the WO and Sgt mess register either. Your are not on the Op Barras orbat or Iraq and Afgan for that matter. Why have you been claiming to be ex 2 Para down south when you have not?

Pirbright records for the All Arms sniper course were checked and again your not on their formation role. You No 2 uniform has four rows of medals. you would officially be the most decorated soldier in the British army for your time served, yet you are not known. You are about to be exposed by the Walter Mitty Hunters club. However, you have a chance to stop this by a simply admitting to walting unless you have an explanation! Over to you Kev. Follow the link, you know what we do and why.


Kev do you understand what has been posted?

Verdict…………….What A bloating Cumper!

update 2018

WALT ALERT… Kevin Allum, walting again says he was in 2 Para and on parade without any wings— what! Also 27 medals, yes 27, everything from NI, Afghan and Falklands and 5… yes 5 from Kosovo!!) Apparently he runs the Abbots Langley Vets Support Group and was on the FBL stand at Abbots Langley today. I’ve yet to check that side out. Said he did a year in the Royal Anglians first. Can anybody put any further light on this obvious Walt or possibly go and have a little word with him!