Mike Buss

Ding Ding get your tickets for the fun buss and enjoy the cumper-ride though Swindon town
From James Shortt to Andy Raz Reid . We have heard them all, “I was Hacked” “ It a jealous business ex partner” or, the classic of classic waltertomfoolery “I was at a fancy Dress party guv”

Mike Buss was flagged up to us not long after we fully exposed Richard Lee from Spartan race. Lee was bloating his brief service history to advertise to any media outlet his product, Problem for Lee as now with Buss, there are normally more than a few who will vaguely remember them.

Some Comments out of the 70 odd, who all said the very same. Please note we also checked his number out which we have via our contacts in the right place’s.


he was a coy 1 platoon but no one remembers him after we left Dover in 95 when went to palace barracks NI and we definitely without a doubt positively did not have anyone blown up


M8 he was a fanny in battalion made a living from blagging silly civvies, full of shit, he was not blown up he was not special forces more like a mess woller m8, he failed army PTi course he worked in the gym as pti but had to be chaperoned I qualified pti.


He only served for 4-5yrs tops. Not the 10 years he claims.
He did an all arms PTI course, but was never PT Corp. He left as a Rifleman, not a corporal like as he makes out.
If he had been PT Corp he wouldn’t have made sergeant

He did not do P Company or pass basic para course so the wings he wears on his smock are ….he didn’t earn.

As for his claims he was blown up. 2 RGJ were not in the area where the bomb went off. I’ve asked lads that were in at that time about the ‘explosion’ and a Green Jacket being hurt. no one was ever hurt in a blast.

I know personally people currently serving with what was 1st Bn Light Infantry and yet again no one has heard of the bombing.
As for going the Hereford route… bollocks too.


Mike Buss was A Coy 2 RGJ 92 to 96 as (Butch) says he was an A coy biff, he did have ambitions as a PTI, he did get medically discharged (but not from blast injuries) he stayed at palace with 2LI I think for another year before discharge. None of our guys were at Thepeval when the two car bombs went off. He never did P Coy and Never did SAS.


SAS claims IN THE PRESS. A no time did Buss correct these inaccurate references to his unit . A journalist will not print such a thing unless he was told so by the person he is interviewing. The electronic version of the articles can be changed after one call to the editor, but for some reason Buss allowed them to ssay……We wonder why?



Feb 2005

Jan 05

June 06

Buss was never a member of UK Special Forces or for that matter had ever worked with them on a professional footing. (No Record)


Buss has never completed the Basic Para Course at RAF Brize Norton. (No record)

Here are two conversations with Buss. Enjoy !

Conversation one started 19 April

19/04/2014 12:55

That Armed Forces Day Bad Lads Army thing sounds good! I presume you take girls too!!??
Do you have a date yet?
I run my marathons for Francis House Children’s Hospice though, so sponsorship could be tricky for me….Would you accept an entry fee instead??

Mike Buss
19/04/2014 13:03
Mike Buss
Hi yes to all the above, I’m looking at minimum of £50 per person for the 3 days
I will make this hell!
Do you have any mate that would do this?
I’m thinking I won’t get many interested because most people know my background

19/04/2014 13:12

Oh yikes! LOL!
I would be interested, yeah. Some fun training a bit different. I can post on my wall to see if any more nutters are interested!
If May, I can’t do the weekend of May 16 – 18.

Mike Buss
19/04/2014 13:21
Mike Buss
My background is 10 years in the army
A recruit training instructor
5yrs of combat experience
And have served with SAS
I aim to kill everyone on this I kid you not
I am a nasty bastard!

19/04/2014 13:22

Dying could be inconvenient, as I have some rather nice races entered for this summer!
I’m not a very fast runner……I couldn’t keep up with fast 20 year old lads…..But I can plod forever…..

Mike Buss
19/04/2014 13:23
Mike Buss
Lol get recruiting then lol if I get 10 people then it will work though 20 would be great

19/04/2014 13:26

I need a date! Def can’t do the Hardcastle weekend as I’ve entered….

Mike Buss
19/04/2014 13:26
Mike Buss
How about 30th May to 1st June?

19/04/2014 13:30

Arhhhhh! Nope…..Enduroman 100 miler……

Mike Buss
19/04/2014 13:36
Mike Buss
Looking to do more of these if popular

19/04/2014 13:44

Are you def set on that date? If I got some confirmed for the week before would you do that date instead?
I might find a few people……Doing the first one of something like this is always the best!

Mike Buss
19/04/2014 13:49
Mike Buss
Maybe as I’m free and could do both dates

19/04/2014 14:17

Ok….I will ask around! Def can’t do end weekend as Enduroman 100 my qualifier for The Hill ultra.

20 April

20/04/2014 06:21

You def sticking with June 13 – 15? Or are you waiting to see if you get 10 saying ok first?
I’ll def enter that date.

20 April
Mike Buss
20/04/2014 11:20
Mike Buss
I will just do the later one to load up on numbers

20/04/2014 13:13

Cool. How do I enter….??

Mike Buss
20/04/2014 15:47
Mike Buss
Will be setting up a Facebook event tomorrow

21/04/2014 22:31

Oh my goodness…..WHAT is going on with that Swindon page?

Mike Buss
21/04/2014 23:08
Mike Buss
I say I’m a nasty bastard as part of an act, I’m supposed to be this nasty Sgt major a scared man
I wasn’t even that in the army
I was but it was all an act you shout at a recruit to get the best out of them
Inside I was laughing my head off
I have a small group of people out to destroy me because they failed in taking my gym
It’s a long story
If I tried to rape a 16yr old girl would still be allowed to work with kids and work closely with the youth offending team?
Today has made me very ill I have PTSD
I’ve just been carried out of my gym and driven home
I’m not in a great place
22/04/2014 00:35
Mike Buss
Justin horrocks entered a race long ago
We cancelled started giving back money and he got abusive to the point one of my team quit in fear
I called the police got a harassment order on him and refused to pay him for damage done by the threats he made
I’ve been in the public eye for years was a very well known ultra athlete big sponsors and over 40 world records
I got a kit of trolls and one reason I quite
I was getting TV deals offered and could have been a celebrity but I looked at the shit I got at z list celeb world and thought if I did become a proper celeb my personal life would be hell so I quit

(Just now)


Do you recall our conversations on April 19? You were setting up a Bad Lads bootcamp for Armed Forces day & you were discussing dates & I was interested in coming.
You settled on June 14 -15. I know I was talking to you personally & not a hacker. I have kept our conversation. (snippet enclosed)
You claimed to have been in the SAS.
This is not true.

If people have set you up over these fraud allegations I hope the police & the courts will get you justice. If you are innocent I’m confident the justice system will find the truth.

And if your PTSD is bad, get real help, which I know isn’t always easy to get.
Lots of people have mental health issues, it’s not an excuse to lie to your customers.

Mike Buss
I’ve not had a conversation with you as far as I’m concerned you are another one of these trolls
I have no conversation history in my archives
Goodbye, blocked
Sent from Highworth, England

Conversation Two started Tuesday

13/05/2014 00:58

You might be interested in this video of you, sent to the Walter Mitty Hunters HQ, after they heard you were pretending you were in the sas, with 10 years serving, wearing para wings and making out you were a corporal too, and blown up. (screen shots of you boasting this in Facebook messages have been posted in public, bringing out people who say you are lying)

Someone who has served has just posted the following…..
(Please reply if this is all untrue, as you should be allowed to have your say.
If this witch hunt is all a lie I urge you to speak out, because the truth will ALWAYS come out and you must speak out.)

“” He only served for 4-5yrs tops. Not the 10 years he claims.
He did an all arms PTI course, but was never PT Corp. He left as a Rifleman, not a corporal like he makes out.
If he had been PT Corp he wouldn’t have made sergeant anyway.
He did NOT do P Company so the wings he wears on his smock are FAKE….he didn’t earn.
As for his claims he was blown up. 2 RGJ were not in the area where the bomb went off. I’ve asked lads that were in at that time about the ‘explosion’ and a Green Jacket being hurt and they don’t remember it.
I know personally people currently serving with what was 1st Bn Light Infantry and yet again no one has heard of the bombing.
As for going the Hereford route….I can only assume that is bollocks too.
Another rumour I’ve heard is he ran off with lots of sponsorship money from Fitness First in West Swindon, this was just before he started up at the South Marston country club gym.””

Mike Buss
13/05/2014 18:05
Mike Buss
I’ve had my Facebook account hacked at some stage in the past and some posts on my page have started things that are untrue, it’s only just coming to light that this has been happening
Are you admin on this page? This is a witch hunt yes and I can give plenty of evidence


14/05/2014 02:19

I know your Twitter was hacked for sure, so I know hacking happens.
But there’s just so much that doesn’t add up.
I personally think you HAVE done some good things for fundraising etc, but have now fucked it up by lying about stuff & always losing your temper & going nuts & being abusive.
If you are innocent you need to fucking calm down!
Which I know is hard if you do read lies about yourself.
No, I’m not admin of anything.
Just following with interest.
Look at the video at the top of this page.
You can’t say THAT is a hacked Facebook.

You are clearly displaying para wings when you have never done P Coy and saying you were in a bombing in different places…..Coming from YOUR mouth.
If I had evidence you were telling the truth I’d back you up.
But I reckon you’ve told lies about a lot of stuff, though I don’t doubt there have been lies about you too.
You need to post your red book.
Scan it and post in a message to the Walter Mitty Hunters HQ.
Then your serving history at least won’t be questioned.
No-one believes you were blown up now, as you keep giving different dates.

You have told people you were SAS as well as having passed P Company, and it’s just not true.
You can prove it IS true by showing your red book, including where and when this bombing happened.
There ARE people that support you, and best thing is just come clean, because all is not lost if you just answer all allegations.
If you are innocent you CAN prove it.
So let’s see the evidence.
The only side I’m on is the truth.
If this is all a witch hunt and all a lie I would have your back.
I’ve nothing against you, why would I?
But to be honest, a LOT you have said just doesn’t add up.
Don’t ruin all the good you have done. All is not lost.
Just stop bullshitting, because the truth WILL come out. And best YOU bring it out rather than the Sun newspaper.
There is clear proof you have lied about your serving history as far as I’m concerned, and the Walter Mitty HQ will get to the bottom of it.
So what is the exact truth of your serving history?
Why wear P Coy wings?
Why tell people your were SAS!!!??
You were a Rifleman not a Corporal.
And didn’t serve 10 years.
These things didn’t come from a hacker. They came from you personally.
I genuinely hate bullies and trolls. But I hate walts a whole lot more.

Mike Buss
14/05/2014 12:48
Mike Buss
I have no idea who you are and I trust totally no one
In my regular military career I served with 3 units and not only 2RGJ
They were in Germany when the bomb went off I believe as I never left NI
I ended up serving most my time in NI
I never said I was a victim of the bomb in NIHQ
My hearing was subsequently damaged and the doctors told me it was due to recent explosion and I’d only ever been near one explosion
So at the time I had no idea I was a casualty so now I have a war pension because of this that I was medically discharged
You don’t know me or anything about my career!
I also served with 3 TA Units in my time
And yes someone has hacked into my twitter
Someone was hacking into my linked in as I was checking it 2 days ago as I got a pop up alert from my email about email address and password change
My email was hacked
And yes it is looking like I can trace my Facebook being hacked back at least to august last year where we are now looking at comments that are supposed to be from me mouthing at people and making various claims that were missed in day to day use of my Facebook as why would I have thought my account was hacked, someone was logging in periodically over a number of months making comments and due to the heavy traffic my Facebook has they slipped through unseen till now!
We have proof this has been happening in a number of ways including I was teaching classes when comments from me went up
That I was out in the field with no signal and yet I was posting not from a mobile device but a computer

Mike Buss
14/05/2014 12:48
Mike Buss
We have scrolled back as much as we can to screen shot comments and claims that aren’t true and have handed these over to the police
I’ve not seen the latest video as I’ve not enough signal, what ever it is it’s bullshit and I will be taking action after found innocent
So pages like shout out and Walter and others are being monitored and if anything goes up we will speak civil action and where possible criminal action


14/05/2014 16:58

The video is of YOU! YOU wearing para wings. And YOU stating you were blown up. Your mouth doing the speaking. Not a facebook hack.
I hate bullies and am only interested in the truth.
If I knew you were telling the truth I would have your back.
I only believe what I can prove is true. I don’t just believe stuff people say with no proof.
But you have said endless different things to different people.
You told someone you were in the SAS from this account at the same time as posting on the same facebook telling people about armed forces day.
It was definitely you! Though i dont doubt you have been hacked at times and fake profiles made.
But YOU told people you were SAS. And you are wearing para wings.
And you never earned those wings.
And tell different stories to different people re where you were blown up….and now say you weren’t!!

Mike Buss
14/05/2014 17:30
Mike Buss
I never stated from this account I was in the SAS
And I’ve seen one comment on my wall about this and at the same time I was teaching a circuit card
The beauty of Facebook is there is date time trails
There are a number of other private messages and comments on my wall that appear at times I’m teaching
And came from a PC or laptop
And not a mobile device
So someone has gained access to my account and gone in on several occasions pretending to be me
I am very serious in that if any of this is used against me to trash my name then I will take legal action and where possible criminal action
There is a witch hunt set up against me by a former business partner and he’s attacked me for 9months
I have PTSD I’ve tried to hide it for years I was ashamed of it for years but more recently with the attacks I’ve had no option to come out about this
I wish I could prove certain stuff with my red book but the police took that when my house was raided
They took alsorts of stuff that I have no idea why
I’m accused of taking tens of thousands of £s from H4H and none of this is true


14/05/2014 22:29

Yes you did!
You were online that whole evening discussing dates for a bootcamp weekend for swindon armed forces day.
Because I was online at the same time discussing which date this would be with someone who was advertising your event for you, as i was interested in it too.
I was interested in the event but the date kept changing, so I was in touch with someone advertising the event that whole evening in a marathon group, trying to get more people to enter.
You posted on your own wall at the same time many times that evening asking who wanted to do a weekend bootcamp for armed forces day.
At the same time as sending messages saying you were in the SAS.
It was certainly you and you werent instructing at the time.
I can give you the exact time and date you made this comment about the SAS and you weren’t instructing. You were online for hours going on and on asking who wanted to do your new weekend camp in june.
Now I am satisfied totally you are a lying walt re the SAS claim.
And why are you wearing para wings on your smock??
If you didn’t steal any money then you have nothing to fear. Innocent until proven guilty. So don’t worry about that.

Mike Buss
14/05/2014 22:33
Mike Buss
I was organising a bad lads army style bootcamp but at no stage did I say I was SAS or call it an SAS event
I have added recently more secure means to my Facebook which anytime there is a message or an update on my Facebook I get emailed to stop this hacking or at least limit it

14/05/2014 22:40

Just checked back on the marathon group where my friend was advertising the event for you. It was April 19.
You were online for hours posting about 4 status updates asking for people to enter. The posts were public as I saw them myself.
I was very interested and wanting to know which date you were choosing.
My friend was fighting your corner. We had both seen the stuff in shout out swindon and it just looked like trolling, so we ignored it and helped promote your event.
You never said in public it was anything to do with the SAS but sent a message saying you were, at exactly the same time as your numerous posts on your wall that same evening asking for people to join up. The agreed date was june 14/15 in the end.
It was you for sure. Why would a hacker spend an evening promoting your new event!!!
You lost a supporter with your lies.
I believe your account may well have been hacked at some point, but NOT the night you were organising the bootcamp and sending messages saying you were SAS!
Mike, we aren’t daft! We were SUPPORTING you!

14/05/2014 23:07

……………ps………..I will get you a full screen shot of your conversation with them saying you were SAS and promoting the bootcamp and will send it you, they aren’t online until Saturday though. So i will message it you then.
Why would a hacker spend the afternoon hacking your account helping you promote your event!
It was the afternoon of april 19 and we helped advertise it for you in a marathon facebook group, and you posted and messaged several times that afternoon changing dates. You weren’t doing a class april 19 between 1 and 4pm

Mike Buss
14/05/2014 23:27
Mike Buss
Why would a hacker spend any time on me unless there was something going on an ulterior motive
I’ve no idea who you really are
No I’ve locked down my accounts that non of this will happen again with out suspicion raised
Like I said I don’t know who you are so to let you know what I know would be very stupid of me but it has all been handed over to the police
And we have escalated this all the way to chief inspector level
So anyone posting what they might think I have said in a way that will end up defamation of character and slanderous these people need to know we will go after them
If you have screen shots of these messages and comments then I’d like to have them to add to my folder of evidence of hacking and other troll like issues

Mike Buss
14/05/2014 23:32
Mike Buss
You have no idea how big a case this is turning into or how complex
I’m not mentioning any names of suspicions I am having to be very careful of what I say to anyone
The main person behind this is like no one I’ve ever met and made a full on mission to discredit me
He phoned Guiness world records to try and discredit my world records then went all over Facebook saying I’d lied about world records
Only the moron didn’t realise or work out that I’ve never said or implied I’ve ever broken a Guiness world record
I broke world records from various endurance world record books and have trophies and certificates to prove it

Mike Buss
14/05/2014 23:34
Mike Buss
He set up 3 people from his gym onto my direct debit system and made me look like I had fraudulently stolen his gym members details
But it got proven my system was hacked and that ip addresses went back to his gym but no proof of who did it as he’s got several employees
So it went no where
Why would someone spend so much time to destroy a person?
I’ve no idea!

Mike Buss
14/05/2014 23:35
Mike Buss
He is however an IT Comunications specialist contractor
So before people who have no idea what is happening and jumping on this witch hunt without the facts should seriously back off because I will take legal action against and comments made publicly about me and if it fits I will push for criminal charges also



So you never spent the afternoon of april 19th discussing setting up a bad lads style bootcamp? That was an imposter inside your account setting up a bootcamp for swindon armed forces day? For a whole afternoon, with posts in the evening too??
I rather think not!
I’m Martin Albert Fletcher, a mate of someone who was interested in the bootcamp who asked if i wanted to come, so we advertised it in a marathon facebook group to see if we could find more people.
The date agreed was june 14/15. So that wasn’t you!??
If someone set up a fake account and/or hacked yours and posted something threatening impersonating you, then sure, the police could, if they wanted, check the real IP where it came from.
But you posted about being in the SAS to my friend. That has nothing to do with hacking. It was you.
The police aren’t daft. If this cunt has set you up, he won’t get away with it.
But that doesn’t change the fact you walted about the SAS!
I’ve never posted anything about you. I’m just asking about the bootcamp and why you claimed you were SAS!

Mike Buss
Mike Buss
He is getting away with it
He is a very clever man
He’s accused me of many things including other fraud claims and it was very real it looked like I set up and used peoples bank details when I didn’t


But the police are more clever.
Trust me on that. If he set you up they will find out.
You think he’s smarter than the police? If he’s set you up they WILL find out.
The Mail on Sunday are doing a story on you.
They have asked me directly how much money you stole.
I said I had no idea & the police are investigating the fact you may have been set up.
You need to trust the police. If you didn’t steal that money they WILL uncover a set up.
Just the same as they will find out if you did.
Look, I know PTSD is shit, but it doesn’t give you the right to display fake para wings or make claims of being special forces.
And your different versions of the bombing make you look a bit silly.
You are on a video speaking saying you were walking past a car on PATROL in 96 and bomb went off.
Then again speaking saying it was a car bomb inside the camp at Lisburn in 98, not 96.
Two totally different versions.
Answer my questions. Why the walt claims and different versions of the bombing.
It’s not hard, just answer! The truth is easy.

Mike Buss
Mike Buss
I’ve not said I was walking past a car
It was on camp
And this guy is clever and I don’t trust the police


Your website states you were walking past an IRA car bomb.
You give 2 different dates. Actually, 3, as another time you give yet another date.
You don’t know what year you were nearly blown up?
I don’t trust the police either. But unless this guy is one of them, they have no reason to be corrupt.
Why are you telling people you were SAS?
Why are you displaying para wings?
What date did you pass P Coy? How many jumps, dates please.


message two
I ask again –
So you never spent the afternoon of april 19th discussing setting up a bad lads style bootcamp? That was an imposter inside your account setting up a bootcamp for swindon armed forces day? For a whole afternoon, with posts in the evening too??
Telling potential customer you were SAS.

message 3
From your website
“”served most of his career as an Army Physical Training Instructor, but he was eventually medically discharged after standing close to an IRA Car Bomb””
I’m not even convinced you were a PTI. Where did you serve as a PTI?
You were never a corporal as you claim.
And served maybe 5 years, not 10.


message 4
When exactly did you do P coy and go to brize?

You cannot reply to this conversation. (HE BLOCKED ME WITHOUT ANSWERING!!!!!)

Of course he had to pretend we never had the conversation, as that would be admitting he was bloating as an ex SAS. soldier
Even though he was sent a screen shot of the conversation!
Once he knew he had been rumbled he used the old chest nut right out of the books of Andy Rz Reid (My account was hacked!)
our girl was clearly talking to him, not a hacker!
He was also at the time posting on his wall & also messaging others keeping them informed about a new money making event. So hardly a vindictive hacker or business rival …..again yet another ploy used by bloaters and walts once caught out (read up on James Shortt, mega walt)


, served a short while in the RGJ was never promoted to CPL
never para or SAS
Never involved in any direct combat or IED incident in NI.
No soldier from his unit were ever KIA
He was never a recruit instructor or a qualified PTI.
It was all a lie to beef up his service career for personal gain

Verdict …………..WHAT A CUMPER!

We will leave the last words for Mike Buss.

Mike Buss
14/05/2014 03:55
Look you snivlling wetwipe, i’m fucking sick of people banging on asking me this. You havent served what do you know, i’ve seen things you could never imagine. I’m not well but i still put on bargain community fitness where i make no profit. I owe money on mortgage and all because i charge so low, so if you dont believe all where i served go and fuck yourself you are a troll and i will give you all what you deserve when i clear my name, i;m coming for the lot of you and sooner that you think.


Up date

You daily WALTER MITTY OF THE YEAR 2015 reminder. The gift that will not stop giving Mike Buss. Now claiming to be writing for punlications…..Yes you read it right first time punlications! 🙂 Follow the link.

“Mike has put his knowledge of the middle east, religion and military history to write about topics directly and indirectly connected to ISIS. This has even seen interest from organisations such as the Police Special Branch Counter Terrorism Prevention Unit, where Mike has been asked to help at grass roots level to talk with vunerable at risk groups within the muslim community who could and are showing interest in going out to the middle east to fight for ISIS

Since 2014 Mike has switched his main focus of writing to the middle east and ISIS where his passion of helping & informing people has been to write about everything with no topics off limits in the matter of the so called group called ISIS.”


Update 2017

The purveyor of Pork Pies is at it again.

After several attempt at courting the media from walting as a journalist to claiming he was going to syria to fight Isis (if you could donate him money to go…..he bottled it in the the end) Buss managed to get his attention seeking sub normal heed on Channel 5 . ‘On benefits: Could work, Should work’. 

Despite advertising  himself as glamour photographer and attempting to raise money again he claims  he only eats one meal a day,  Those chins tell a different story