Meet Dave Fudge.

but first

According to the Urban Dictionary a fudge packer is :-

1) Someone who indulges in anal sex, normally a gay male, but not always so.
2) A machine used by Cadbury’s to put bars of Fudge into boxes for distribution
3) The opperator of the above machine.
I’m a fudge packer, I pack fudge in boxes.

Hi im Dave Fudge and Pack lies on a CV to fool the unsuspecting in parting with their cash for fitness top rate training for those wanting to join the Armed Forces, based on my “9” years in the Parachute Regiment…………….only one tiny little snag. He never made it past TA Para recuit basic at white City so he tried his hand with 7 Rifles in 2009. In other words big fat Internet fibber and Obtaining services by deception in the mix!



So here you go and take a look at Daves own words on his own web page.

Are you looking to join the British Forces? Whether Royal Navy, Royal Air Force or British Army, KOKORO Fitness can make sure you have the fitness and mindset to pass the selection tests

Dave Fudge spent 9 years in The Parachute Regiment fighting in conflict zones such as Northern Ireland and Bosnia, as well as being a current member of 4 Para (The Parachute Regiment Army Reserve Battalion)

Ensuring you are in the best physical and mental shape is crucial when going through selection. KOKORO Fitness focuses on tailored military style fitness programs and nutritional advice to make sure you are ready to tackle the challenges ahead………………..Only thing Dave Fudge, you need to have passed the bloody course yourself

Obviously we made our checks via contacts and checked out his page. The normal Walt suggestive Airborne affiliation screen grab photos along with Parachute regiment likes. We noted his passed the RAF selection with flying colors in 2011. He never mentioned that in his Bio



No P Coy Records.

No Parachute course Record.

Never a qualified member of the Parachute Regiment.

No Operational Deployment history!

Verdict Fudge Packing Cumper!

If the BMF would like to confirm if he is an instructor pleases PM us