The walt is strong with Luke. No, not Skywalker from Tatooine, but Luke Harrison who claims to have been in the SAS and Diplomatic Protection, survived countless incursions behind Enemy lines and received the Conspicuous Gallantry Cross ta boot and now has PTSD. What a guy! However,


A few checks via our trusted contacts and from people who served with Luke Harrison, paint a picture not so heroic.
First the Checks.

Contacts within the SF world confirm no Luke Harrison has ever attended UKSF selection, In fact he could not even manage at BFT over a box of Bournville selection going by his past Fablon Biff Chitt shenanigans, according to one still serving member of 2 Marcian.

As you can see from the pictures, Luke is sporting a set of SFBPC wings nicknamed the (BBC) “Blue Badge of Courage”. Awarded to those who have completed the UKSF Basic Parachute Course at RAF Brize Norton. To have been allowed to get on this course, he would have been required to first pass the Hills Phase of UKSF selection and get himself badged, then loaded on the course. Well, we already know it never took place, but to be 100% sure we checked and this Luke Harrison never set foot in the Hanger of No1 PTS, Not even for the weigh in!



Conspicuous Gallantry Cross, By simply checking the London Gazette, show no record of him receiving it or any other Gallantry Award.

As for the rest of theBloating. Here’s are two examples of posts from Lukes former members of 2 Mercian after our CC1….And there were quite a few!

“He struggled to get to the dizzy heights of downgraded pte. I can tell you now that the rig he has got on is complete bullshit. Blade wings? Never , and the ribbons he has got on are also the work of fiction. What a complete melt. He would have done NI, maybe omagh 2000-2001, or pos south Armagh 2003. He may have also done Kabul in 2004-2005. So all the rest are complete shit. I even know he struggled to join the army as he had a drugs background. All in all a complete waste of skin.”

“I recognise him. He was a long time sicky bluffing cunt as I remember,why he’s wearing wings and that I don’t know,them ribbons are absolute bollocks. ”

Verdict………..He’s earned his BBC now,,,,,,,,,,,,what a Bluffing Bloating Cumper!