John… Pugh,Pugh,Walter MacBeth Cumper,Hodgen and MICHAEL DAUBRAH We present yet another bluffing Cumper to our ever expanding list of total Creatures, captured and perfectly gift wrap by the WMHCHQ, Xmas came early with this one.


We were alerted to the cumpfuckery of Daubrah several weeks ago after he made a comment on a Parachute Regiment facebook page which took the interest of our club members. We took a look at his profile and noted he was giving it massive shit dits to impress his EDL mates and the chicks that he’s hard as nails. He has other history and we are sure you lot will find more 

Being a member of the EDL armed forces division you would have thought he would be able to Walt with Confidence! However, this Plank was not to bright for he was using mostly MOD stock images under the Album heading “1 PARA, THE GOOD DAYS”.


(Note to Michael, you chose the wrong battalion mate. 1 Para have red DZ patches. You chose 3 Para pictures to claim as your own, 3 Para have Green DZ patches)

Other glaring mistakes was using one of the most used HALO pictures by Walts, That of the Pathfinders whichyou can see on the screen shots provided. Yep that’s it they are PF not SAS.


mic d
He claimed to have joined 1 Para SFSG in April 1997 and left in 2001, wow, considering the SFSG was not officially formed until 2006 with the first announcement of 1 Para new role in 2004.


Yep you sound right Pucker gen, No Wah mate.

So being the sneaky buggers we are, we set up a classic Honey trap in order to capture Michael in all his glory, and he did not disappoint as you can see from the screen shots. He beets up Bootnecks as well!

Michael was desperate to meet “our Girl” with the classic cumper line “you can trust me” just after sending a picture of his 1 Para tattoo.



So for shits n giggles we decided to mount a surveillance operation to capture the moment and for that all important “Money shot”. With our Trigger set in place, our girl directed Daubrah to the target loction. once the A1 complete. the Sting was sprung, You can see the colour drain from his face once we sent the link to his Come on down. It was as if Ron Jeremy himself had just knocked out his man fat all over his face, Just before Daubrah decides to run off to the bog, knocking his leg and leaving his pint and a very large Pinot Grigio he bought our girl. He must have thought it was going to be his lucky night! His Anti Surveillance training was not great either.







This part is where our Honey trap arranged to meet him for a date.



Film footage of the money shot can be seen here.