Meet Bloater of Ryan MacDonald. We will let the screen shots do the talking on this one.other than one post take from our old page.


“Hi it’s regarding this Ryan Macdonald guy! He has been parading at 106 Sidcup Detachment ACF as a Para/PTI (that’s where most of his pics have been taken) He is NOT a member of ACF either but offered to ‘help out until he decided to join ACF or Reserve Para’
He left 106 after they became suspicious and asked too many questions. He told them he had already started training with TA Paras. Not been seen since.”


Not known at 3 Para or by even any of the PTI’s based there.

No Parachute recorded histroy.

No P Coy pass.

Oh and 3000ft jump. oh please Ryan. However for the record no GQ360 records !

Verdict………………what a Blaoting Cumper!