A few days ago Marks picture of his medals was posted on several military facebook pages and soon the photo was sent to this page by a member claiming to personally to have known Mark during his time. Here are the opening post.

Hi Mate
There is a picture on I`m Ex Military not a Civilian from a guy called Mark Allen. I knew him when working for control risks. He was sacked after it was found out he lied in his CV. Total walter mitty and he never mentioned owning an MC to me. Im sure he would have mentioned such a thing!

Having viewed the picture of the medals where Mark claims ” Finally got my medals back from being framed smile emoticon” we started a CC1 to see if the posts highlighting Marks error was just that, a grammatical error and to make sure we was not being sucked in to a dispute between a former soldier and Mark.

Soon PMs came flooding in from people who knew him and from various ranks within the WRF.

Here are a select few.

“His tales of army life where legendary in dolgellau, when “Saving Private Ryan” came out I expected him to be on the beach ”

“Served with him his entire career, this guy is different class, claimed to have elbow cancer at one point, had compassionatte leave in two different companies for his father dying, fired 42 milan missiles all k kills, legendary status for bullshit, he has only ever been issued the NI medal, and if you read the comments box he answers a comment about the MC saying he only done what had to be done, this man is a complete xxxx”

“Mark Allen was a former corporal in my regiment !! The Royal Welch Fusiliers !!
He got brown lettered years ago and started working on the circuit as a small arms weapons instructor… He didn’t even do junior Brecon. !!! Now he is saying all those medals are his !! It’s complete lies and a disgrace to all my mates that got killed on tour”

“I see he’s not changed at all then!!” Gutted he’s one of ours, but like I told the lads I’ve spoken to..A Walt is a Walt, and this was no great shock to us unfortunately!”

“He’s done a couple of NI tours, cried out of doing Bosnia so got on Rear Party ,his career in the RWF was littered with lies.He did win an Army rugby cup winners medal, but other then the NI. He was never awarded anything else”

“yeah, i worked with him at the British Embassy in Baghdad between****- ****, led us to believe he had done iraq and afghan and was a WO2”

“F****** lying ****. He worked for a firm doin BG shit in iraq or afgan wen he got out. Must b about 2002. He was RP staff then Sigs plt. Failed every course goin.
Propper mupoet but a good rugby player.
Can do more diggin around if required.”

“Mark Allen actually told everyone in the Bn that he was suffering from cancer at one stage, when he wasn’t!!!! That is a measure of the bloke.
I believe he was also caught out on the circuit having submitted ‘Walting’ CV’s, etc. think he was outed by others that knew him. Absolute born liar, and this is how he was always referred to in the Battalion.”

“I worked with him in Iraq, he was in a nice office job within the green zone. He said he was an ex WO. He landed a cushy job in the private secutrity sector walting his CV, but was later found out”

“He got a security job with Control risks group, it’s believed that he copied the CV of a mate from the Bn, who ended up as a capt(ex ranker). This would’ve included his mates posting as Csgt at Brecon, RQMS, etc, this came to light when he was an Ops manager out there, and some lads who knew him told the bosses his CV was a fairytale.”

Soon we was contacted by Mark himself.

Mark James Allen
Oct 31st 6:47pm
Please remove this post now I’ve said I was sorry for making the mistake and also apoligised to all the ex RWF members

The post on the page, “The Walter Mitty Hunters Club HQ”:
The Walter Mitty Hunters Club HQ (October 30, 2014): Mark James Allen……. Come on down your bloating Confession awaits.

“The Walter Mitty Hunters Club HQ
Oct 31st 7:05
Mark your medals went on several FB pages long before us. However, we can help you stop it here. we have a good record or dropping these things once people just fess up to the truth or provide and “open” explination. one of your old CSMs has been in contact along with others who knew you! We have checked the MC against your name and it cannot be found on any records.

Mark James Allen
Oct 31st, 8:21pm
The NI medal is mine of course my grandfather had a different name my mothers surname of which out of respect I don’t want to bring into this, I have never said I was a Wo2 at all the circuit if you have worked it is very small so why lie about your rank to anyone

Mark James Allen
Oct 31st, 8:35pm
There are two other medals that are mine also , but I swear on my mothers grave I have never said I was a Wo2

Mark James Allen
Oct 31st, 8:37pm
You know I’m keeping all these texts and will go further with this if I need to I do know the law and what your doing is a form of metal torture that people don’t take kindly to these days
You will have probably guessed I’m a couple of hours in front of you by now and you’ve spoilt a good night with friends and family. I’ve told the truth about the medals and I’m sorry for the genuine mistake, I’ve told you what medals I have now can you please drop this or I will contact the relevant people to take this further , and I do know people who can find out where you are from, from your IP address.

For a quite as few Hours Mark would not let on which of the three medals were his. So not to bore you with the cat n mouse posts here it is!

Mark James Allen
Nov 1st, 7:05am
The NI medal, the queens jubilee , and the one to its right are mine ,, the rest are families and as I have said I don’t want to name them as they are both deceased, can you at least respect that?
The 3rd on is a medal given to me from the private security company for my work in Iraq. I left in 2005.

We then got a few of the clubs medals spotters to ID the medals and offer their view on Marks explanation . Most if not all came back with this

Medal spotter 1
Top row, L -R: General (or Campaign) Service Medal, with clasp. Presumably for Northern Ireland given that it is placed before the Gulf Medal.
Gulf Medal.
NATO Medal (Kosovo Ribbon).
Operational Service Medal (Sierra Leone Ribbon).
UN Medal – Ribbon does not match any UN Medal ribbon issued.
Operational Service Medal – Afghanistan.

Centre row: USA Afghanistan Campaign Medal.
Queen’s Golden Jubilee Medal 2002.
Iraq Reconstruction Service Medal.

Bottom Single Medal: Military Cross – Unable to see the central royal cypher, but the size of the gap between the cross and the suspension arm.
it’s a copy.

Medal spotter 2
I find it strange his Grandad only earned a MC ? Instituted in 1914 as a gallantry in the field during wartime, surely he would have been issued other ‘wartime’ medals ? Each MC winner can be found online
So his cousin served in Iraq for first award, Afghanistan also, but never served at all on Op Telic ? I find that strange too Centre row: USA Afghanistan Campaign Medal, what’s he doing with that?

Medal spotter 3
Obviously bought as UN Bosnia is court mounted already (doesn’t get issued that way) and there’s three I don’t know. Why is diamond jubilee missing (unless left before issued) and I’m surprised there is no Telic if he’s been away that often as most people went there. Also, I’m sure they would be fully court mounted if they were his and not individually hung like this. Looks like it’s come straight out of their packets. Suspicious indeed

Medal spotter 4
You don’t mount medals separate like that! If he earnt them they would all be together as that’s over 300 quid’s worth of mounting there! Alarm bells ringing!

Medal Spotter 5
Why has he not separated the medals in order of who was awarded what? His grandfather would have more medals than just an MC and by looking at he rest which he claims are his cousins, where is his cousins GSM from NI? All those Tours and manages to miss NI, very suspect excuse! There’re not court mounted either and hate to say it, but the MC looks like its an eBay fake!

We then posted the results and the claims by Mark that the MC was his grandfathers to all the people who replied to our CC1. From everyone the reply was rapid and resounding. Bollox! at no time has he ever mentioned a member of his family having won an MC. Mark and with all the tales he’s told would have been shouting this from the roof tops!

We posted all this to Mark, but for some reason after reading it he would not reply back!

Summing up
Mark could have put this to bed quite quickly. The opportunity was there, yet he attempted to spin a yarn around the situation claiming he did not want to give the other names, Why,? Because he knows people could check those names out. He made no attempt to distinguish what was his from the rest and changed his story twice. Mark gave another excuse to a poster on (I`m Ex Military not a Civilian, see screen shot)

Mark James Allen 13:06
My medals, as I have explained some are mine, some my deceased brothers and some three my grandfathers”



Of course there will be those who support him for being a good rugby player. He may have served,but this makes the story of Bloating so much worse than full on never served Walts. Mark should have known better of the insult to those who had sacrificed so much! In the comments box under the picture of Marks medals there are 18 comments. one of the comments Marks reply’s to a comments about the MC and his Reply? “I was just doing what needed to be done” He has since deleted it. Screen shot captured by a member and will be posted soon!

Verdict Bloater.