He sits & begs on the streets of Chester. He wants people to believe he is an ex servicemen down on his luck by wearing full combats is  & says he’s homeless. He shamelessly takes money and food from good decent people on the suggestion he’s a Homeless veteran. This is the reason he wears full combat uniform.



 So what sob story did Judson tell him!

Like this creature
Just that Judson is being more sly and claiming to be busking not begging.

 He’s been witnessed mistreating his poor dog on many occasions, yet local authorities & animals welfare organisations seem to be doing nothing.

This needs to STOP. Christmas is coming & he will be more prevalent on our streets conning hard working people & elderly out of their hard earned wages or pensions.


He used to reel off Iraq, Afghanistan, Bosnia and Northern Ireland war stories of wow and of being blown up as you stop to talk to him. He has now become wise since we exposed him and is wary of what he now claims.

Name Paul Williams he States that his army number is 25005715, When asked he can’t remember when he served, cant remember who he served with and anyone one in the regiment with. States that is name when joined up was Paul Williams changed his name to Paul Judson.

He is not a Veteran!  He only served 9 days in the Junior leaders Regt at Sir John Moore Barracks Shorncliffe Army Camp until sacking it in the early 90s. He had never entered Adult service. He uses the Army number issued to him for his 9 day stint in the Boy service!  On this basis he has manged to pull the wool over the eyes of the local authorities.

He sometimes lives in a house in  Sealand rd where he househshares with another, if he is not sponging of his mother. cheeky git is also believed to have a flat in Ellesmere port which he rents out.

Cheshire Police have been dealing with this man to a point but seam unwilling to encourage Judson to stop wearing military uniform in public. This would be a simple solution. No one is offended by him begging or bluff busking. Its the suggestion that hye is trying to portray that is offensive!


If you see him, report him.


Judson has since changed his tac and gone mixed dress walt along with dispensing with the orange clay bluff  he used to fool people that he were busking and now uses a Rolf Harris style Stylophone complete with a light and compact travel battery.

Repott him to the environmental section of the county for noise pollution. hazardous materials on the public right of way and obstruction.

Sadly the Police and local press got it so wrong and have only taken his word and only ask if his number is an issued army number.
Update ..
More evidence of this individual conning the public.