Welcome to dating and facebook walt, Gordon Henderson or Majorhenderson7815 as he likes to tell the ladys while spinning shit dits about being away on operations for 6 month with big angry dogs.

Looking after 120 men and their equipment. However, if true and going by the picture he claims is of him and his pedigree chum having done 18 years from 25 Aug 1994 to 25 June 2011 he will need to have a word in the colour man’s shell like for indenting for M81 General Purpose Pattern US clothing. The plum! Charge him and Feed him to Pigs errol. 


Gordon started to chat about his time and how mega he is in a 48 Patten “Doss Bag”, but once asked about his photos, quickly blocked the poor lady who we are told was very moist as the prospect of bagging a Major with the dashing looks of the Milk Tray man and the body of He man. Hold back lady’s, we think he’s taken and you will possibly only get a half eaten box of Chew sticks on your pillow  However we at the WMHCHQ were only moist for the smell of WALT.


We looked further into the world of Gordon and again he claimed to have joined the Army in 1994 with a nice photo of him staging on. Oh dear yet another stores blunder. The Storeman was not Mike buss by chance? As this time Gordon is dressed like an RAF Regiment Gunner. A quick google image search and you find the place were Gordon stole the picture from, As seen here


As you can see from the various screen shots the man, he not RAF material, who as we all know are notoriously well groomed and smell nice! This chap however looks like a tramp. In fact a plank who has never served a day in the real world armed forces and never awarded a queens commission.

Not only guilty of dating cumpfuckery, but of not doing his basic re-search in order to at least get his kit right so he could walt with confidence!