A few weeks ago we were alerted to a typical dating scam frequently used to lure the unsuspecting to parting with their cash, Using the old chest nut. “You have to pay for my flight and leave pass if I am to get to see you”.Lucky her!

So our girl managed to hook up with him using Badoo and after a few days he was saying he loved her and wanted to be with her. However and bugger it. She had to pay for his flight from west Africa though as he didn’t have access to his money. She started going along with it, even giving him a WMHCHQ sting mobile. (Top secret number don’t asked ;)) He then gave her his details and our girl followed the instructions by emailing the admin to see what she would get back. She wrote that she need a link to pay for his flight.

A second fake account was set up and he was basically saying the same to this fake person. He sent pictures to tempt our girl, changing the name on the card for the fake and honey trap. Plank!

Email to commander_chandleriix@mail.com

Dear commander. I am writing to you to request that kensbrock felker be allowed to have a flight to come to the UK. And request that he leaves the USA army as we are due to get married and needs to be here with us and his children. Can you please let me know what the next step is for me to pay for his flight to return. Thank you very much. Rhonda.

Sent from Commander Chandleriix

For the leave requested for the officer Sgt Kensbock felker, I have looked into the records of the troopers in my unit and see he is entitled to R&R leave been on a 12-month order and considering operational requirements. Please note that the approval for leave and time off base must not be exceeded, all procedure for him to be able to get to you would be taken into full consideration once the full payment for flight and Base fee is been paid. Here’s the outline of the fees needed to be paid to complete approval of the 90-day R&R leave.
Ticket-Exchange fees…………650 pounds
Base fare……………………………120 pounds
Total fee……………………………..770 pounds
You are advice to make a full payment on this. The ticket exchange fee is the cost of flight from CAMP to any of our A PODs that is near to you in your country.
Here’s the available address to make payment Name : OGunsola Pamilerin Country : Nigeria Zip : 234

You will be paying through money gram or western union which ever is close to you I would give the serg (Kensbock felker), everything on the leave incase you get confused about the payment, also forward the payment information to him after making payment(which is the Mtcn or reference number and payment information) as he would get back to me.
Thanks Com. Chandler M. I
Sent from army camp.

Our Girl who was not taken in by this or his his charm as seen in the texts decided to play with him for a little while, even asking him if he could prove his love for her by making a Doctor Spock Vulcan V hand gesture because she is such a Star Trek fan. Funny but he just sent pictures of him claiming he had just been wounded on patrol, possibly was not a fan.
“Its Walting Jim, but not as we know it”:)

Once the pictures were inspected it became clear to the most basic that some were subject to johnny aged 3 photo shop and a bad effort they were too! The main crop of phots are stolen from some unsuspecting US servicemans FB page

A quick search on the Internet and the soldier holding the picture is of sgt Tommy Rieman.. The others we are yet to ID. Please send to our friends over the pond, they may know him and will need to alert him.

His Mobile number is. 234 810 085 9349. His name on badoo is Kensbock. just in case you would like to help him get some RnR 😉

The charmer then made a massive mistake. He left a voice message. An African accent trying badly to speak like a Texan Ranger who’s just shat himself while on his pony!

Lady’s keep your eyes peeled, and lads, please try not to send spam to that email address 🙂