Welcome to the World of Alan Willcox. He is Airborne for life you know! We were alerted to Alan’s shenanigans last year after he pop up on the Cumper Rader. This after a few 2 Para lads had questioned him after some rather odd posts surfaced from Alan. When Alan was asked what battalion he was with, his answer had even the hardest of Paratroopers squirming.
Alan – Paras 2 mate, replied Alan.
After Alan provided the first Answer, and after said real Paratrooper composed himself and changed his strides, the killer question was posed.
What Company mate?
Alan – Oh I was the one and only 20 Company pal, you know the Geezers.
Soon after Alan was being given the low down on his cumpery, like a Belt fed Javelin to which Alan decided to do a Facebook type of E&E Escape and Evasion. Pity he failed the Tactical Questioning phase. However, not before we managed to capture his honking claims on his profile.


We waited a while for Alan To re-surface but alas we could only find his Amazon account and some news clipping about someone burning his post. Yes, he is in a wheelchair, but we do not discriminate here and we don’t condone the offence being reported. Oh but who’s wearing that Para Reg top in the video? Clue is in one of the screen shots. Look at the reflection 😉 Oh and the rack has change!



Verdict…Not known to anyone in paras 3 The Geezers of Paras 2 or Paras 49. We even asked 22 Bath and Shower unit..Result?
What a Cumper