Oyez, Oyez, Oyez! Please meet Anthony Church, the official Town Crier for the City of Oxford and appointed and paid for by the City’s council.


He’s also the Crier for Banbury, Thame and Wallingford. Mr Church was appointed the Crier of Oxford in 2007 and informed the media that he was chosen for the role because not only was he a former prison officer, but a Sgt Major! He also was the holder of the British Empire and The Imperial Service Medal (A LS&GC medal for civil servants).
During his time out and about Anthony hardly ever wore these medals, which is unusual for it is the tradition that Town Criers do. Perhaps he did not want anyone looking at them too closely.

His web page

In this piece on the BBC he says that he is an ex RSM note he is not wearing his medals this time.


During the happy day that Prince George came into the world Anthony can be seen on You Tube announcing this historic date. And he feels that it’s such an important date that he decides to wear his medals and put the intials after his name. He also decides to put on a South Atlantic medal 82 for the first time!

This is the start of his down fall!


Anthony now feels that a BEM is not enough as some of his fellow Town Criers are picking up MBE’s for their work, which they do for no fee at all for their local communities and charities, so Mr Church decided to move the letters about and hey presto upgrades to an MBE. And whilst he’s on ebay purchasing an MBE he purchases a GSM with NI Bar.

Anthony has a contract with Holland and Holland to open stores around the country. If you scroll through the photo’s you will see a couple of pics of him with his smartly mounted medals:


Now Anthony stops wearing his ISM and wears these 3 medals (very badly it has to be added) more and more. He opens shops, Christmas Fares and even goes to a WW1 remembrance event in Thame wearing them. Sometimes he even forgets what order he did first Falklands, NI. as the medals swap about .

Time for a phone call! When confronted Anthony wanted to know who we had been speaking to. He was then very rude after we asked about his alleged service in the Falklands war.

He put the phone down on us. Oh dear!

We call again and Anthony then admits he had never served in the Armed Forces, Something we had already found out. We ask why he felt the need to wear the medals. His excuse was he wanted to show respect to the Armed Forces.That old chestnut πŸ™‚ He felt he had done no wrong!

We asked why he made out to be a 22 year served WO in the RCT. No Comment

We asked why had he not taken off the title of MBE and BEM off his web page and why he was still using it when he was never awarded them, even when he had been instructed by the Palace to not use them.

Oh yes even the Queen knows he is a complete CUMPER!!

What a



If you have a picture of the Prime Minister with Mr Church then please send it our way πŸ™‚
http://www.oxfordmail.co.uk/news/11249243.A_double_delight_as_crowds_flock_to_two_day_spectacle/?ref=var_0 Taken last year: http://tonybrett.mycouncillor.org.uk/files/2013/12/christmas-market.jpg http://oxfordshireguardian.co.uk/calls-to-better-promote-council-run-town-fair/ http://www.cheshirewestandchester.gov.uk/microsites/chester_renaissance/a_changing_city/project_archive/world_invitational_town_crier/anthony_church.aspx

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