Meet Craig Palmer

We at the WMHC-HQ are normally infested with requests to investigate those who dream of jumping from a C130 from 2050 million feet on a black ops mission to Mars or even deniable Ops on the orders of Adolf Hitler to secretly board the Death Star and capture or Kill grand moth tarkin dressed in the latest “genuine SAS ebay fashion with their bezzy mate Fiji Bob. So it was a welcome surprise to get a suspected Cumper from those chaps who live under the sea. No not spongebob squarepants but a salty walty submariner known as Craig Palmer.

One many tip offs
“Claimed all sorts of service within submarines which has proved to be false….but the sickest thing is he claimed he was injured by shrapnel in the fatal shooting onboard hms astute in 2011. he went on to friend the victims widow and even used her name in a news feature”


So we sent one our very attractive young lady’s to express her admiration of Craig. (please note, our Honey traps are used to chatting up suspected Para Reg so we got her to change from Maroon Reg top, Barber jacket, Ronhills and silver shadows.. stilettos if classy, to a nice Navy Blue ball gown. However, It was plain to see by his actions that he knew the game was up as he banned our chick within seconds.



Facts about Craig from people who know him, from the Royal Navy text book of English so please translate.

He is a failed UC 4 years ago and dropped out half way through not even earnt his dolphins or a bomber pin!

Failed SMQ dry, then kicked out in part 2 as a skimmer. Claimed he went outside in 2012 and earned his bomber pin on vigilant….utter bullshit as Vig was in refit when he was in the mob. The sick fuck even claimed he was injured

Been arrested in Barrow Dockyard for using the RN uniform to gain access when not serving.

Walting to the local papers

“Craig Palmer, 24, is organising a fundraising night in aid of the Royal Navy and Royal Marines Charity.
Mr Palmer, who served onboard HMS Vigilant, said he was inspired to organise the event after his experiences serving in the forces and after seeing the support the charity provided to the family of Ian Molyneux, who died after being shot onboard HMS Astute in 2011”

You might just find him lurking here


We say……..WHAT A “SUB” CUMPER!!!
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