James Bond, Jason Borne, Jack Bauer and Austin Powers, but then there is the best of the best. Daniel John Barnsley


He is the ultimate secret agent because he refuses to play by the rules, has no qualms about torturing anyone or even himself and can kill a person with a book or the standard issue specual secret coat hanger supplied by Q. “Please being it back in one piece Barnsley” ! What more could you want?

Enjoy the screen shots, We asked M if he were Gen and he said “What a Cumper”

The Tip off

Dan barnsley /barnes. Facebook Barny Barny. If even his real name.(05/04/84) is a bogus mi5 agent/SF veteran. He is an habitual liar. He claims of being one of two men in the world who could do the job he does . He’s had extensive training in Hereford and London to carry out assassinations Iraq and Afghanistan. He claimed to have served with the REME and Intelligence corp.


His bullshit goes beyond most peoples imagination. He’s told lies to obtain money and trust. He’s used the most disgusting and outrageous tactics to convince women of his secret life. Even goes to extremes of telling people he was captured and tortured by the Taliban for 3 weeks. He’s arranged calls to be made from his supposed Mi5/GCHQ boss to strengthen the deception. At present he’s said to be in Pakistan.

He’s terrified and tricked girls into believing breaking their silence will somehow put him and them in serious danger, but on the other hand has had them believing that he has fellow agents operating in the area, watching and protecting them. People will think these girls were just naive and gullible. To some extent that may be true, but essentially he prays on vulnerable people and he’s clearly taken advantage of this, he even made the one I know sign a fake copy of the Official Secrets Act.