Eddie skyline Edwards



We exposed this cumper after he first appeared on a news program about being a paratrooper suffering with PTSD. He was visiting schools in full Blues with medals and talking to kids about his time in the paras.


He never was a Para. He never attempted P Coy or passed the Military Basic Para course despite the fake certificates on his wall.

It never ends. https://www.facebook.com/501261976579581/photos/a.502407906464988.109363.501261976579581/502414103131035/?type=3&theater

So Eddie after his massive crying back peddle to the press, is now claiming he was a para due to being badged Para despite not passing P Coy. Confused . Com. He then went crying to his local rag for being exposed http://www.lep.co.uk/news/local/veteran-tells-of-online-hate-campaign-1-5377299