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We exposed this cumper after he first appeared on a news program about being a paratrooper suffering with PTSD.

He was visiting schools in full Blues with medals and talking to kids about his time in the paras and how had killed people and watched his best mates die in action.

now living in redditch Birmingham rather Preston where we last had him nailed.

He’s recently split from his wife so talks to women a lot and gives it big licks about being a Para.


He never was a Para. He never attempted P Coy or passed the Military Basic Para course despite the fake certificates on his wall.

It never ends. https://www.facebook.com/501261976579581/photos/a.502407906464988.109363.501261976579581/502414103131035/?type=3&theater

So Eddie after his massive crying back peddle to the press, is now claiming he was a para due to being badged Para despite not passing P Coy. Confused . Com. He then went crying to his local rag for being exposed http://www.lep.co.uk/news/local/veteran-tells-of-online-hate-campaign-1-5377299

Known as Eddie to his friends, Mr Edwards, who has a four year old son and 16-month-old daughter, says he joined the Territorial Army in 1995 as part of the REME regiment before becoming part of the regular Army the following year.

He joined the 1 WFR regiment before applying for transfer to the Paras – P Company – in 1999.

But before he got a chance to do the training, he badly damaged his ankle and knee on an assault course, ending his dream.

After years of operations and recuperation, he rejected the chance of a medical discharge and joined the Royal Logistics Corps in 2003, serving on tours of Iraq with the 5GS Medical Regiment before leaving the Army in 2007.

online apology, he said: “To all members of the WMHC, I am sorry if I have offended you in any way. I was not Para reg and I did not sit BPC (basic parachute course) or P Coy.”

Mr Edwards claims when he appeared on the BBC, in a programme about PTSD, he told them he had told them he had served alongside 2 Para in Northern Ireland and 3 Para in Kosovo, but never said he had been part of the regiment.

He also claims the uniform was bought for him as a gift by one of his senior officers, in readiness for him completing P Coy. He said he wore the £1,000 uniform for his wedding day, at his wife’s request and at a Preston school where he spoke to pupils about PTSD.

And he owns various pieces of Parachute Regiment memorabilia in memory of two of his friends, who were in the regiment and lost their lives.

update 13/11/2018

He’s back at it the Little Bloater and still making out to be Para Reg. How very sad