Welcome to yet another hilarious ride on the Cumpfuckery bus with your diver for the day Laird Christopher Lloyd Vmsm. Christophers.
His pictures have been doing the rounds for quite some time on several pages,
and it would have been easy to just post his pictures and bust a rib.
However, we like to deliver prime rib cage busting, bladder gushing Cumpers in their full glory.

So before you have a read and in particular his comments to the Honey Trap, “Im special forces you know” go and strap a nappy on first as shits and giggles are about to commence.

The WMHCHQ team have taken a few hits with this one so we are going
to spare you the mucky bits like what he wanted to do to our Honey trap as it made us violently sick and shit ourselves to the point of bursting blood vessels in our nose which resulted in a stay in A&E.

The nurse looked puzzled when told the Cumper did it šŸ™‚ Oh Honey Trap is currently receiving mental health counseling.
So let the screen shots do the talking but we are sure a few members of 1 Para who did jump on the Bridge To Far film will know a tad more about it than our Christopher!
Checks done, No record of being Parachute Regiment, No record of being 22 Special Air Service.

What a Cumper
Of course as all walts know, and will tell you when challenged, those records are held in a specual safe hidden underneath Prince Philips old porn stash!