Meet Raymond Julius of the paraShute Regiment A light weight in the field of human Cumpery when compared to the like of Church, Richard Lee or even Tony Cumper himself, but a Cumper all the same.


We was flooded with requests to look into Raymondo and after one look of the Crap Tat and having picked ourselves of the floor we went about doing our checks.

Quite an easy one too! First mistake as you can see from the Screen shots were the cracking tattoo and his walls plastered with Ebay Para Reg memorabilia. Its Parachute Raymond, Not ParaShute! Now he could be forgiven for just being a fuckwit with Tat. However, he was also using stolen pictures of real Parachute Regiment soldiers from the Falklands war, claiming he was in the picture with his mates of 2 Para. Problem for this cumper is the picture were of 3 Para Members, not 2 Para.

The person he is claiming to be looks nothing like Raymondo and He looks nothing like the “Mad Jap Taff ” 😉

Now since learning he had been rumbled Raymondo in true Cumper back peddle style took off the walting photos and claims and proceeded to plaster his wall with family pictures and cartoons. This could be after reading comments from some people that he was a family man and doing no harm.

Lets just remember Five hundred EX Paratroopers marched on Downing Street last year in a bid to persuade David Cameron to give a gallantry medal to a soldier who died in a ferocious battle during the Falklands War. Corporal Stewart McLaughlin was only 27 when he was killed by En fire after leading a succession of charges towards Argentine machine-gun and sniper posts during the Battle of Mount Longdon in June 1982.

255 British military personnel, and three Falkland Islanders died during the hostilities in a place this creature had nothing to do with! Many more still suffer the horrors of that war.

He insults their memory with his lies! And why does he do it? Just to up his ego.

Checks done and found wanting! No History of a Parachute Course, No History of passing P COY. No attachment to the Parachute or ParaShute Regiment. No UKSF service!