Never a Para but he wants you to think he was. We will let the convo and pictures tell the story



/21/03/2014 05:51 walt plant

Hi dude

How are things. Still working the doors

Simon Jennings21/03/2014 05:56

No mate, retired, 2 yrs ago, lol

/21/03/2014 05:58 walt plant

Sorry to hear that. Mind you it’s getting hectic these days

Simon Jennings21/03/2014 06:39

Had 24 years at it, I do miss it thro, but hey family comes first

/21/03/2014 07:37 walt plant

Know what you mean been to the 69 lately

Simon Jennings21/03/2014 08:35

No, it’s a shit hole lol

/21/03/2014 11:15 walt plant


/21/03/2014 16:03 walt plant

I never knew you was in the army mate

Simon Jennings21/03/2014 16:06

Many years ago back 24 years back, lol, look at the pictures when I was slimmer, that was then, lol, to much beer and fine dining.

/21/03/2014 16:53 walt plant

It all comes to us some day mate. Bet you was a right nutter in the paras! Do you miss it?

Simon Jennings21/03/2014 17:13

Not really, same shit different day really, just miss my mates, it’s true what they same its a brotherhood, but once a PARA always a PARA, one old saying is para’s don’t die they just regroup hell, lol

/21/03/2014 18:05 walt plant

Lol I remember you lot when I was based a Moscow bks. Nutters. I would have liked to have had a shot at it but it’s the heights that would get me. How could out of a working plane I don’t know. Is it true the G forces make up go up a bit when your para chute opens

21/03/2014 18:26 Simon Jennings

It grabs you by the bollocks mate, rips you by the bollocks mate, you balls ends up in your throat and if you haven’t got a strong neck, your head nearly ends up at the DZ before the rest of your body and your kit, lol, no it’s not that bad, it a total buzz mate, your first jump is hard you shit bricks, but before you know it, your’be hit your DZ mate, but after you first time it’s again And again, night jumps are worse but a totally different experience, lol, only problems with it all is stagging on to your RZ after, but hey happy days at RZ, ride back in the Pinkie. Lol

21/03/2014 18:29 Simon Jennings

Meant to put RV mate, Fuckin predictive text it’s wank, lol

/21/03/2014 18:36 walt plant

Lol I take it the RV is where you land. I never know you could jump at night that must be sceary! Was it high up

Simon Jennings21/03/2014 18:36 Simon Jennings

Windspeed is your enemy mate, it’s on green mate, when on go, if you delay, you fuck up

Simon Jennings21/03/2014 18:43 Simon Jennings

5000 to 6000 ft, usely, night drops aren’t to bad I suppose, on count and the horizon, before you know your on the ground, just hot to remember you training, but it comes natural after a couple of drops, also depends on your DZ area, terrain, etc, lol


21/03/2014 18:49 Simon Jennings

Sent you a friend request, got to shoot matey, chat later, tea time lol

/21/03/2014 19:01 Walt plant

Ok mate laters