Andy Wills
Like Cadbury roses Walt’s are there for shearing and nothing can be closer to the truth than Sgt Andy Willis from the SFSG from 1991 to 2004 Or so he would like you all to think by his Album aptly titled “ME”
Reported to us and other like minded groups and so the hunt was on.

Ops SFSG Andy you need to check your facts as the SFSG was formed officially on 3 April 2006. 

Our Andy, martial arts and cage fighting bullshitter would not comment so we thought we would pick the best quote from Andy’s thought provoking posts.

“i want to feel love again. i want so mutch to be with a lovelly girl that i can spoil. im a good person despite the way i look. is their anyone out there that wants a good romantic man?”The best is to come and It gets worse. He believes his tattoos have special powers that help his destiny well that’s what he told our girl who was grooming him…Sorry Chatting to him on line. Full text to be reviled soon in an abridged, cringe-inducing extract from the dialogue that occurred on a chatroom. Stay tuned!

Not known by the Parachute Regiment
Not known by P Coy or Para Records

Verdict, What a complete and utter PRIZE Cumper

 Update 13/02/2016
This plank is still up to his old tricks of suggestion under yet another user name. Andy Pepper Willis