Welcome to the world of Steven McCann
This chap has been spotted and challenged before by member of 3 Para and SAMA82, and funny old thing, some of the guys in the photo which McCann claims he is in have never heard or seen him BEFORE. Several members challenged him  over his claims.
Here is one example
The guy he says he is in the photo served in my platoon, the anti tank platoon 3 Para, we were attached to B Company for this tour. Looked at his photo and do not know him for sure. 100%

‘I don’t know who you are, however, you never served with me or was in this photo that you have used, I am warning you, get it removed and stop your pretence in being a something you never were.

That photo contains some the best blokes i have ever known,  many are not with us today some being lost a year after this photo was taken.

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In the Photo MacCann claims he is in the 4th row. However, TWMHCHQ was able to get our “walt moist” hands on the list of names that accompanied the bottom of the coy photo. Yep you guessed it. His name is not on there…..anywhere! So why would he claim this?
Up until we posted our COME ON DOWN McCann still had the same photos and continued to walt it up like a Polaroid picture to his friends, so it were obvious he did not give a  hoot even though he had been PM’d by several of 3 Para back in Dec 15, yet went into walt SOPs taking down his photos quicker than a quick thing. But not this one https://www.facebook.com/steve.mccann.90281/photos
He did try to bluff, but this were a cuff to tough!
For security reasons we cannot publish the names from the photo.
No P Coy Records
No Para Record
No MID Gazetted
No SA medal recorded
No McCann on the photo