Carl Saunders

TWMHCHQ Of badly-shaped berets and walts that never fails to yield an annual crop of idiots and Carl Saunders is finger licking good for an outing.

Carl has got the Tshirts to prove he was Para and SAS, just has no records to back it up, A Grade A chod!! and If there’s one thing the ‘Maroon Machine’ dislike ‘with fries to go’ is fat piss-takers basking in the reflected glory of their regiment and the whole airborne family.
If only he followed in his Great Great Uncle Colonel Sanders foot steps. 
No P Coy record
No Para record
No one knows in in the Para Battalions
What a Cumper
Update 26/11/2017

After tell tales that he lost his right foot in a Syria it turns out it’s from stepping on scissors. He has moved on to his next victim who We expect he will mug off both with lies and for money

update Dec 2018

Still walting to get work

An old walting favourite still at it. Several claims.

Told one he was 2rifles..told another team member 4 rifles..

Told female on a security team and another male 2para.

Told another female two para and worked in SF.

Even RAF Regiment and was blown up in Afghan. Wow such an unlucky guy as he gets blown up all over the world. What a bomb magnet

When due diligence checks are done and our page pops up he claims it’s all lies spread by his ex ( that old chest nut) 😂