Meet Karl Ireland

Likes to hang around impressionable kids holding Airsoft replicas and blanks, dressing up as Lawrence of Arabia or more like Lawrence of A labia. Loves to re-gail his tails of daring do behind the lines with 21 SAS and so and so forth….but he cant tell you about it 😉


However try not to use screen grabs suggesting it is you on a Basic Para course or exiting on O2. Little hint 21 do not do HALO courses or jump with the rig those SBS guys are wearing just about to emplane 🙂



Further cringing tales

He attempted to do Fan Dance last summer for charity and only got to the top of Pen y Fan,took some photos then walked down claiming he had hurt his knee because it wasn’t the proper SF route.
Little did he know the guy organising it was ex SAS.
The guy told him to f*ck off and go back to his ‘airsoft’ buddies. 🙂

No Para Records

No one within the small SAS community know him.



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