Keith Wolves Miles


Said he served with the British Army 6 J…uly 1994 to 21 March 2004, with the rank of CSM

He says 10 years with RMP (also served with SAS)
N.I bosnia, kosovo, iraq, afghanistan

The Truth. Never deployed and served in 3 PWRR in the Band. Oh dear Keith !

On his wall he wrote
13th October 2012 Midnight
i just wish my PTSD would leave me and go away!! i want my life back ok so please!!!!

Helen Smith Where would you go back too?
Keith Wolves Miles my life ok b4 PTSD

Helen Smith Where was that life?
Keith Wolves Miles
13th October 2012 …. 01.00 hrs
i fucking give up ok! i had some1 try and tell me that they know wat war is like!! well i been to NI, bosina, kosovo, iraq and afghan ok so come say noy! commet ok??

Notice the photo (right) Keith is seen clearly wearing three (3) medals and the photo below right he has six/seven (6/7) … strange don’t you think.


What is wrong Keith is that you parade around outside the ASDA store in Wolverhampton wearing medals that you are not entitled to, what is wrong Keith is saying that you suffer from PTSD and wearing medals you have not be awarded.

What a Cumper.

Update 20/11/2017

Keith Miles at it again on the Telly, Inside the Ambulance, on Watch