Mark Armstrong.


At first we thought this could be a wind up. Please send to any 2 Para pages Deleted account after he found out we was asking.

He is also yet another personal traininer


From the tip off

“Hi a mate has asked me about this guy.This individual was admin discharged out of my Bty in 2001. He has completed only 1 n half tours of Bosnia to my knowledge. He says he is 4 Para, but he is wearing a 2 Para DZ? I’m sure he is a Walter Mity!

NI – was not his first tour even if he did do the tour.
Bosnia – yes, 98 + admin discharge halfway through 2000.
Kosovo – ? Not to my knowledge
Sierra Leon – not TA 4Para of which he thinks he is?
Afghanistan – possible if he is serving?
Golden jubilee – did not qualify as he joined in 1998 under 18!

He says he’s 4 para, but was admin discharged out of the army…!!!!mmmmm! Me thinks Walter Mity!!!!”

After this we went a looking and asked a fair few members of both 4 and 2 Para as he is mostly seen sporting a 2 Para lanyard.

You will note from the pictures his rank changes from Tom To Full screw and sniper to PTI.


Here are a select few of the reply’s.

1.” I was 2 para 1996 2006 and I can assure you he wasn’t in sierra Leone and doesn’t look familiar at all! But I’ll do some digging”

2. “I’ve asked the 2para booked on this course I’m on about this mark. 10 year screw never heard, never seen.
Me and the other lance jack, both 2010 onwards in the reg, same detail. Never heard,never seen. All those medals and only made it to lance jack,already that gets the alarm bells ringing”

3. “2 PARA, 92-08. I went to SL as a part of the 2 PARA OP. No recollection of this fella there or from any other time I spent in Bn !”

4. “I was 4 Para attached to 2 for H14 dont know him. He’s got Walt written all over him! Shame if he served previously, no need!”

5. “I was 2 para B coy 5+6 plt 1999-2006. sorry pal I dont recognise him at all or his name although he’s clearly wearing a 2 para lanyard”

We could go on but you get the idea.

NO Para records

NO P Coy records

Happy for Mark to explain why.



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