Like a crocodile submerged in a watering hole waiting for hapless prey to stop by for a drink, the Walter Cumper hunters wait patiently – and usually not for very long. Down to the water’s edge to slake his thirst steps Mr Steve “England” (if that’s his real name) to be more precise. A right Walter Cumper!!


We was tipped off about Steve a few weeks ago and he was not a hard one to crack, his pathological fantasies of military daring do and recognition into an entire alternative career. Steve had served in the army, just not 2 Para any Parachute Regiment or even qualified as a military parachutist. Things just did not add up to the amount of BS he was coming out with.

There was not much need to go that deep in out investigations as a classic comment made by Steve had us all spitting our coffee over the Keyboard after he was asked if he completed his training jumps on “Weston on the Green” To which our Steve replied. “Na I did it at Brize Norton” lol CLASSIC!!!!

The Screen captures speak volums




Steve wants to decide what Battalion he was with as the photo was of 3 Para during Exercise Joint Warrior, taken not that long ago.

Not known by any members of 2 Para or 4 Para
Never served in the Parachute Regiment.
Never Passed P Coy
Never passed his Basic Parachute Course

Verdict…..Bloater but What a Cumper!!

Just when he thought it was safe to Cumper