Hello Steven “Mugwi” Stevenson


First the tip off
Hello there .I know this chap in my home town and claimed he served with the 1st Batt RRf from 2000/2007 and got discharged with PTSD after Afghan. He said he has done 6 tours ,Bosnia, op Telic,and op Herrick and had the Medals to prove .Which are copies from E bay. I got him checked out through contacts and he got binned during basic training.

His name at the time was Steven Tomlinson know known as Steven Stevenson. Wears 3 medals not in receipt of War pension etc and is creaming money of people saying he is awaiting his army disability pension, which I know is a load of waffle. He is skimming innocent people with his bullshit and unfortunately pulling the wool over peoples eyes. Not sure where he has been hiding those 7 years.


So we looked him up and made some checks with time served members and not one out of over 50 members of the RRF knew him or had heard of him which is strange considering he claimed to have made Lance Jack. After he has was given a few facts about the RRF, he went into Cumper hide mode by deleting his photos wearing uniform complete with Lance Jack and his self made framed plaque of service which he claimed was his discharge certificate and replaced them with loads of him wearing sun glasses. Must be a Top Gun Cumper

From members in the RRF between those dates he claimed to have served

Here are a few members of the
He’s a Walter Mitty .1 RRF tour of Bosnia was 1995/6 and 1 RRF never bid a operation Herrick tour till 2011 ask him where wa hes based for op Telic tours and what was 1 RRF job in Iraq .I was in the intelligence cell for over 10 years so I know every operation 1 RRf did .Get him to name the RSM for his tours and what company he served. I dont know him!

The battalion was in celle Germany between 2000 and 2007. Went to Canada then we got deployed on Telic 1 a small group of lads only 2 platoons went on COP course then deployed to Kosovo in 2004. After that we went back to Canada then re deployed on Telic 7. We’re I left the army. I don’t remember this lad being in my battalion. I served in Z company. W company recce platoon and was attached to Y company. The battalion went to Bosnia around 95 so he never went there I can’t remember anyone going to afghan apart from 2 RRF and non of our lads went with them. My number is 25118801 so he would have joined the battalion around the same time as me.

I served with 1 RRF during that time, and we did the following op tours, 6 month tour South Armagh, Bosnia as UN then NATO, OP Telic in 2003 and Telic 7 in 2007 he could well have 3 medals but I’ve never heard of the name and he certainly wasn’t in 1 RRF, plus he’s not wearing a fusiliers rank slide or Regimental stable belt as we would do as standard working dress

I have never heard of this guy in 2000 the battalion were on a 6 month tour of northern Ireland . I have asked numerous old friends most of them are still serving and no one knows of him . For him to do what he had said ie telic and Bosnia/Kosovo he would of had to been in W support coy that was 2003/2004 like I say I have spoken to good friends and know one has ever heard of him . If you need any more info just pm me happy to expose this fraud

We have had over 50 replies and not one person knows him. He is also lying about his pension payout as if he was invalided out of the Army with PTSD he would have received his pension within at the very least 30 days after discharge.

After checks made, he did do his 14 weeks intake but got binned for being unsuitable under Queens Regulations 1975 Paragraph 9.414 Services no longer required.

What a cumper

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