During our investigations with Jan T we noticed some unit rivalry banter going on between Jan and one Yama Jadran.



At first we did not pay to much to it until it turned out Jan was a total bullshitter of Cumper proportions, not seen since the battle of Cumper on Cumper bullshit hill during the famous boot fair dual of the “Puker gen as used by the SAS” Mess Tins sale.. So the questions started to fly, How could a 12 year and four month served member of the Parachute Regiment not call Cumper on Jan, So we did a little digging. “as you do” and could not help but find it strange a Paratrooper with 12 years service had no pictures of himself other than stock images and two taken from a serving member of the Parachute Regiment. One Yama attempts to suggest he is in, Sadly for Yama a very well known member of that battalion could name all the chaps in the frame…… Yama was not one of them, So this closed the gap to only two battalions 1 and 3 Para that he was claiming to be with.


The only pictures of him wearing the Maroon Machine were taken outside of a pub and one… well we will let you decide for yourself.

We noted Yama had joined most of the Parachute Regiment oriented facebook pages yet had no Para reg mutual’s so to speak off.

What was clear Yama was eager to suggest to all who visited his social networking pages and not just facebook as you can see from the links, that he was the real deal!

We then stared to make a few calls to our contacts in the right places and low and behold nothing under Yama Jadran could be found…anywhere!

We then sent a PM to Yama informed him about Jan and asked him a very simple question that all members of the Parachute Regiment would only be to happy to answer in quick time. Pride in your right to wear the Maroon Machine is a fiercely guarded right and something any member of the regiment would not act in the way our Yama did. does a runner and goes off the facebook radar at the very same time as Jan. Quicker than a CUMPER in a pie shop!


Once we gave Yama the come-on down, All the Walt anti Cumper Hunter SOPs were there and, in spades!

The Cumper SOP set into motion “DDRD” or Delete, Deny, Refuse and Detract. with the classic “I don’t need to prove myself to anyone guv” and the even more classic “I don’t want to brake my Per sec” Funny that one as Yama was not so shy before we started asking questions. In fact he loved bigging himself up and his affiliation with the Reg.

So far only close work mates over the 28 hours since we named Yama have come forwards to defend him, with such quotes as ” He’s the real deal you got it wrong with Yama, he knows the lingo, Sadly none had ever served with Yama in the Parachute Regiment and since, Thursday 16,120 read our “Do you Yama ” Request and last night over 6,500 people saw our second “do you know Yama” request and guess what, not one Reg bloke claimed him as a mucker! This even more strange considering he claimed to have served for over 12 years in the Parachute Regiment.

What we don’t understand, is if he was Para reg why could he not just put the whole thing to bed much sooner.

We will add we do this to expose Cumpers, we are not in some sort of competition to out do or beat another club or web site as there is a serious side to this and we go out of our way to give these people a fighting chance.
We don’t go on hear-say or a small snippet of information, we dig deep! Yama could have joined Depot Para and like Mike Golden could even have a letter to prove it to his mates, but like Mike…..he just never got to the important parts. If he had. Why let it get to this point?



dt commercial fishing

2011 – 2012 (1 year)

parachute regiment
british army
Government Agency; 10,001+ employees; Military industry

February 1992 – May 2004 (12 years 4 months)

Yamas fubar account


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